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    China 46

    thanks tommy and i respect your opinion. i probably was overreacting, but i still think everyone deserves the same service. more importantly, have you been there in the last 6 weeks and has it gone downhill?
  2. eyedoc

    China 46

    I have eaten here at least two dozen times and the last 3 times I was very disappointed. The food is not as good and the service is much worse. It was not crowded either time. It was my favorite in Bergen county and I'm not happy. Is it because it is the summer? I also resent that he treats non asians differently than asians. Why does he give every asian table seaweed when they walk in and we get fried noodles and duck sauce. Last time I refused the noodles and forgot about the seaweed. It made me very upset when the next people( 20 minutes later) were served the seaweed. same thing when we are given oranges and everyone else gets red bean soup. At least offer it to us after we order ma po tofu, chinese broccoli, and a casserole. It's not like we ordered shrimp in lobster sauce. And after 20 or so visits, he still has never said anything to us. All this would not keep me from returning, as you can see, but the food is not the same. Salt and pepper shrimp and S & P squid were dull, ma po dofu was like from a jar. Even the whole fish was not very meaty. I want to continue to love this place but I can't.
  3. What a fun day. Everything from the familiar to the exotic. More salumi and cheese and olives than I could imagine. Duck breast from D'Artagnian, Gelati from Ciao Bella, Blue cheese and port, very considerste to put the booths next to each other, peri peri from Africa, even the Harry Potter Jelly beans(my son, " That tasted like fart). The serrano ham was a treat and my favorite was the balsamic tasting. Not often you get to try an 80 year old vinegar. Five hours flew by. A foodie's wet dream.
  4. plan b. going to lorenas in maplewood instead
  5. have never been and heard its very good. my 25th anniversary is wednsday and would like to try it. if not, probably cafe panache.
  6. around the corner, or so, from udoms is a large ethnic veggie and fruit store. they have everything. asian, caribbean, latin... its about a block or two north of udoms.
  7. i was there last month. my wife went to the shops and a walked with her for 10 minutes before i went to the casino. i gambled for 15 minutes before she showed up, ready to leave. its another high end mini mall thats empty. and the water show in the back is not the bellagio. none of the restaurants seemed open at that time.
  8. hey zhelder, maybe i saw u there on sunday. we were too tired to cook and we went there for something to eat at home. ended up with a hero and salads. the hero was very disappointing but the salads were good. we have eaten there before and the hero was the first thing that was below par.
  9. just got my first job and i have moved to wicker park in chicago. i am looking for cheap and good places in the vicinity. i have a car and would love to know about some good places, especially ethnic. i come from nyc and will eat almost all types of food. thanks.
  10. the soft tofu place on main st. is called soft tofu. it is set back and has parking in front. it has a small menu, no bbq, and is excellent. order tofu with an add in. i like the oyster or mushroom. add an order of short ribs and tell them how spicy you like it. it is usually filled with korean families and there can be a wait but it goes quickly. when u get there, go to the register and they will give u anumber and menu. u order first and when u are seated, the food come quickly.
  11. i saw a dominican place is opening on cedar lane in teaneck. not what i expected in teaneck but something different. also saw a new japanese place is opening on kkm road in river edge. we will see.
  12. after a year of procrastinating i finally ate here last nite. it is far superior to the other indian restaurants in bergen county. a bit pricier, but not expensive and certainly worth it. much better than the ones in teaneck and preferable to the one in hackensack on main street. tuesday nite and most tables were taken at 8pm. but there was no wait and the owner was very nice. we had lamb saag which was very tasty and correctly spiced. the lamb was a little tough but ok. we asked for a vegetable kourma, not on menu, and it was excellent. the portions were larger than i expected. the naan was just ok but the onion kulcha was outstanding. i certainly will be back.
  13. north american lobster has been closed now for about 6 months, thank god. it was terrible. there is a sign in the window announcing the coming soon of city marketplace and i wondered if anyone knew what that was.
  14. i passed by today and saw a sign for this place. is it a food place? does anyone know?
  15. PLEASE give us some specific Indian places to try on Oak Tree Road...I, too, live in West Orange and would love som advice...Thanks in advance... ←
  16. amazing. you snooze, you lose! i've been reading about this place but just havent been able to get there this summer. i guess i'll have to continue going to astoria for my taco fix when i'm on the GCP. and I needed epizote and anchos too.
  17. Hey, my reply was posted! Long time listener, first time caller. Thanks for having me and I hope to add my 2 cents more often.
  18. I must say, I agree with both of you. Lotus cafe is 5 minutes from where I live and I hadn't been there in 5 years. It was always just OK, not bad but nothing special. And China 17 was just as close and much better. When it closed, I hated having to drive to China 46 but there really is no good chinese food closer. When I saw Jason's photos a few months ago, I went back and ordered those dishes. And they were outstanding. And looking around the restaurant, the standard Chinese fare looked just passable. So thanks for the heads up Jason and jwjojo, its a very selective menu for good options.
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