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  1. Oh, guys, I'm ready to eat everything!!!
  2. David Ross Do they really stay for 3 years??? I'm a fruitcake fan Kerry Beal, is there a picture of Phil's White Fruitcake? Looks very yummy!
  3. What about vegetable cake? Like this Thre are mashed potatoes as frosting-icing, and inside there are meat, vegetables, I can't remember what. It is like an idea.
  4. Great thanks, jumanggy and DesertCulinary Joe, yuor new deserts lok so yummy!!!!!!!!!!! I want blueberry cheesecake!
  5. The cake is really gorgeous!!! That's true, I would never eat it (see, they have the shoes on when go at the cake area and there are many others not sanitary things). I think it was made as advetisment I'm wandering how that poured rice krispie treats stand their weight? Interesting, how did thay cover the cake with fondant...
  6. lenabo

    Simple Syrup

    I just keep it in the fridge and it's usually OK for abot month (usually use it within this time)
  7. DesertCulinary, your "Frozen Blackberry-Lemon Chiffon Pie" looks so yummy!!! Can you share a recipe?
  8. Such a great pics, guys!!! I love them all!!!
  9. I try to put all to the cake (after mixind with somr buttercream) - make small detales. Or we can make "The potatoes" - Russian... fansy-cake? When you mix the scraps wth butter, suger, cacao powder and some alcohol. Yf you need a recipie I can translate.
  10. ChocoChris Thanks zpzjessica I studied cake decorating myself with no courses and I say - it is possible! There are plenty of websites about decorating and plenty of books are available.
  11. ChocoChris It this a cake??? Adorable! I looked at the pic trying to understand where did you hide the cake (may be at the other side of the tin?) GREAT! What cake is inside? What filling? Did You use any support (shank) inside? And it was really quite big.
  12. Desiderio Thanks!Yes, probably the problem is in the invert syrop. Anyway my family eats my MM I'l try again!
  13. McAuliflower - looks so great! Oh, I did something wrong with sroberry marshmallo 1. I used homemade extinguished (?) invert syrop with citric acid instead of corn cyrop (and MM is too sour and a bit bitter). 2. And it is was too... fluid may be. I beat it for 25 minutes in the stand mixer and ~ 10 minutes with the hand one. What consistence shoud be befor you pour it on the sheet? For how long you beat it? I'm going to order the corn syrop and do this again couse I feell it should be great!
  14. Guys, please, help! May be it was already discussed here, but it is difficult for me to read so much in English (I tried to find out but with no sucsess). In this great recipe http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r240.html 4 envelopes gelatin - how much in gramms? I was ready to do it (if to be honest I even got good a electric mixer ), but stooped with this quantity of gelatin...
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