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  1. Hi Everyone

    Wondering if anyone has a Caramel Banana bread. My partner is currently addicted to the Starbucks Caramel Banana bread and we want to make our own.. but i no recipe for it nor could i find one on google.

    Im not a big baker and the few banana breads i have tried making have come out like cake rather than dense like i think a banana bread should be. So ok im looking for 2 things really LOL

    1. A Banana bread recipe that is dense

    2. A Caramel banana bread recipe or how to turn a normal banana bread recipe into Caramel banana bread


    Kath =)

  2. An update on the bouquet of basil on my window sill.  Last evening when I was adding more sprigs to it, I noticed that two of the older stems have rooted.  Now I'm wondering if it would be possible to grow them hydroponically through the winter.  I know the commercial growers do this, but might there be a simple way to do this in you kitchen?

    pat w

    I have actually made two new plants by doing this with basil.. just wait a while till they sprout some more shoots and plant =) I now have basil coming out of my ears .. my brother drops buy to steal some instead of buying some when he needs it =)

  3. Ohh all these wonderful ideas.. *adds them to her list* hehe and i just looked at my plants *sigh... so many new ones growing LOL *

    Keep the recipes coming guys im up for trying alot of this.

    have to go buy some bottles/jars this weekend.. we had a clean up not long ago and threw out all old jars *sigh*

  4. I have made this hot sauce several times with great success-

    "Agent Orange"

    The fruitiness of the peppers really comes out in this one.  To prevent yourself from choking too badly on the fumes, wait a while after you puree it in the blender.  The fumes will dissipate somewhat.  Or just consider it an opportunity to clean out your sinus cavities.  If you put it through a food mill, you can get a really smooth sauce that can be used drop by drop if you have a sensitivity to hot food.

    Edited to say that I have canned this recipe in two half-pint jars and it keeps its color and flavor for quite a while.

    Ohhhhh Agent Orange now THAT sounds dangerous but good LMAO *wonders if she could get a bottle posted to america for her friend Tug after she makes this*

  5. You can pickle them ........this take the heat away so your left with flavor.

    How do i go about pickling them.. im not really up on all this stuff.. tug has slowly been getting me more into cooking.. i still tend to use alot of jars :P so fresh is still not my thing really.. so i got no idea on the pickling.. but which to learn =)

    Or take the seeds out, cut them in pieces , add a little oil to a pan and sautee them with a little sugar and salt and/or tomatoes until soft .

    Ohh i shall have to try this out =)

  6. My cousin, who lived in SoCal and had a habanero plant (tree?) at the time, once told me a story about making habanero bread. Apparently, the recipe called for pureeing the peppers before combining them with the dough. Well, he (or his wife, I forget) missed the part about pureeing them with water. This resulted in creating a capsaicin aerosol in the blender, which was released when the lid was removed. Both of them had to evacuate the house, suffering symptoms much like that of people hit with pepper spray.

    Also, he brought some of the peppers with him when he visited once. I took the tiniest nibble off the very tip of one (small enough that I certainly got no pith or seeds), and my mouth was on fire for at least a half-hour.

    Although i shouldnt laugh.. my partner justin and i did while reading this.. Also because the fact the first time i used the chili before knowing what i had.. i had made basically a spanish omlette and had included some of the chili.. well lets say i have NO idea what the omlette tasted like LOL.. i couldnt feel my lips im pretty sure my nose was numb, it wasnt pretty LMAO

  7. I actually do my corn beef in the microwave turns out perfect takes about 45 mins all up depending on your microwave and how big your beef is etc

    I only ever rinse my beef under water before placing it in the casserole dish

    this is for a 1.5kilo piece of corned beef

    3 Litre casserole dish,

    put in the Corned Beef,

    50mls White Vinegar,

    1 small onion peeled and chopped,

    2 small bay leaves,

    about 12 black peppercorns ( i tend to just chuck)

    40grams brown sugar

    and 450mls water

    Cook on High for 10 mins

    Turn the meat over cook for another 5 mins

    reduce microwave to Medium Low and cook for 15mins

    turn meat cook for another 15 mins

    Done =)

  8. Hi Everyone =)

    Well after eatting one of my nice new chili's off my chili plant and having already realised they weren't the mild ones the label they had from the garden centre said, I mentioned this to my best friend Tug (who also posts here :P) and she was like well what do they look like.. so i explained.. she showed me a picture and yep they looked like mine.. and well they were habaneros..yes the hottest chili's ever

    Now i was ready for a batch of mild chilis that if i couldnt use them all could share with my brother who is a chili freak, but well even he doesnt want that many.

    My question is.. anyone have any recipes for either preserving them till i can use them, recipes i can use them in that may dull the HEAT.. or just recipes of any kinda LMAO

    I have about 30 chilis sitting here to use, thats after giving some away.. and then there are about another 20 on the (2) plants i have waiting to rippen and well there are more flowers.. so some more will be arriving soon LMAO

    HELP!!! :P

    gallery_42182_2410_90155.jpg<-- thats just 5 of my chilis LMAO :P

  9. Poop shoot. Texture/contents I would gather depends on what the little guy ate lately.

    Can I ask why you shell & devein after cooking? I never heard of that. Is it better?

    I guess it would depend on how you were planning to eat them. Myself im not much for hot prawns. I like my prawns as they are.. so i would either buy them already cooked with the shells still on or buy them and cook them with the shells on.. then peel, devein and eat =) and no i didnt eat like a kilo of prawns on my own the other day really

    *hides all evidence*

    And personally i find it easier to deshell and devein a prawn that is cooked than an uncooked...


  10. Ummmm....I just don't know what to say.... :blink: But your description was quite accurate!  :raz:  :biggrin:

    It actually looks pretty good.  I'd have liked it on a baguette.  What's in it?

    It was 2 eggs, dash of milk, salt, pepper, chives from my little garden, grated cheese and chopped up mushroom. IT was all the mushrooms fault.. i made it the other day and it didnt look like cat barf.. its because i added the mushies. i swear :P

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