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  1. I've purchased canned San Marzano at Whole Foods. I'm not saying it's a bargain; I'm just saying that's the only place in my area that I've found it.
  2. It's great to see that there are lots of Laurie Colwin fans out there. I have purchased many copies of Home Cooking and More Home Cooking for friends and family. She reads like an old friend and, I too, adore her Damp Gingerbread recipe. I always laugh at her roasted chicken essay. Several years ago I lost both copies of her books during a flood but, thankfully, I was able to repurchase them. Plus I have found copies on amazon.com. Tonight would be an excellent night to cuddle up under my blankie with these two favorite books.
  3. Washington Avenue, Belleville, NJ close to the Newark border. ← ←
  4. I drove past the construction site last night. It's called the Promenade Shops at Clifton and the builders are Poag, McEwen and The Briad Group. I went onto their website to read what little I could find about the stores that are leasing at this site. So far, just a few clothing stores and a Cosi Sandwich Shop. The sign says something like "distinctive regional shops and restaurants." Saw nothing on their website about a Whole Foods or a TJ coming to this shopping mall. I would love either of them since we don't have them in this area (with the exception of the WF in West Orange and a TJs in Florham Park). The construction site is quite large so there will be a fair amount of stores available to lease. Stopped in at Stew Leonard's on the way out. They had a large selection of wines...almost overwhelming. Prices are comparable to Total Wines in West Orange. M.D.
  5. I ordered the 8 qt aubergine Staub and received it in under 2 days. I couldn't believe it. The pot is enormous and beautiful. Yes it is heavy but not nearly as hard to lift as I thought it might be. However, that was without food in it. We shall see. It really is quite lovely. M.D.
  6. I'll take Holsten's over Applegate any day of the week! *** Agreed! Have you ever tried their Black Rasberry ice cream?!
  7. I don't want to wait until October 2006. I'm a terrible Waiter. I used to peak into my Christmas Gifts before the big day! Anyway, like the other posters mentioned, I also stopped by the other evening to take a look at the Old Pathmark. Yes, it is completely gutted and they've removed 1/4 of the roof too! Let's hope for an early opening! M.D.
  8. Update! Update! Construction has begun on the West Orange Whole Foods sight! As of last week, renovations on the old Pathmark began and if they stick to schedule (which, goodness knows, THAT never happens) they could feasibly be open late July 2006. M.D.
  9. I drive by the West Orange location every day. The Whole Foods "Coming Soon" sign has been up for about a week. It will definitely take over the old Path Mark spot next to KMart. I stopped by the vacant store and looked in. Nothing has been done as of today's date so I can't even imagine it opening by July 2006 but I surely hope it does!! I go to the Montclair WFs and as you know, parking is tough and it's a small store to maneuver around. The old PathMark store is huge so I'm hoping the square footage in the new West Orange location will stay huge.
  10. Franklin Steak House in Nutley, NJ......And if you want a really great hamburger, try their sirloin steak burger. Excellent. (My only criticism...they have to do something about the cigarette smoke.)
  11. My two favorite Montclair restaurants are: Giotto's and Corso 98. Both are excellent. Giotto's has a parking issue but I adore their food. As with all Montclair restaurant please BYOB. Enjoy your meal!
  12. Richie Cecere's by the Walnut St. train station is open on Monday. It's a little pricy, but they serve some good food. Also open on Monday (I'm pretty sure, but give a call) The Little Saigon 19 Elm Street Montclair, NJ 07042 (973) 783-3914 Very good Vietnamese food at equally affordable prices. Rich Cecere's is a smoker's paradise so if you're heavily into smoke and noise...that's the place for you. ←
  13. HI! How about Montclair CharBroil on Valley Road in Montclair. They have a good burger, great, friendly service and.....it's in Montclair.
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