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    Yakitori bar

    Hiroyuki, I just got home to San Francisco after a month long trip in Japan. We had the most delicous Yakitori in an old place in Nagoya that served parts of the chicken that a lot of people would never even think of eating. Skin, cartilage, rare hearts, & gizzards. They also prepared quail eggs, whole baby partridge, and chicken sashimi. We spent Obon in a village quite close to you (Sumon) and had a wonderful time with all the relatives eating many different Niigata speciaties
  2. I've been thinking about trying a DIY trick cigar afficionados have been using for years. A brick of rockwool soaked with a 50/50 mix of propylene glycol and distilled water should keep the humidity at a very stabile 71-72%. Has anyone tried this in their curing chambers?
  3. Just came back from a month long trip in Japan. Had many wonderful food experiences including this whale sashimi in an old fashioned izukaya. I felt just a tinge of guilt until I tasted it.
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