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  1. Gilt.....the best amuse...changes hour to hour
  2. I love when pics are posted, I think it gives great insight to what the chef is all about.
  3. This is a crazy discussion. I am going to make an effort to eat at Avenues.
  4. I base my statement on the fact that I have been eating in fine dining restuarants for about 15 years. City to city, country to country, etc....the pictures are not second rate.....I think it captures exactly what you will get at Avenues. Based on all PR about the chef, I expected better looking food. Taste of course is the most important , but if you are going to bring an artistic aesthetic to the cuisine it better look as good as it will taste. My point being, it probably tastes like it looks.
  5. gaya


    Gilt does not use the Thermomix for anything out of the ordinary. Foie royales, purees, ice creams, tuiles/croquants, ect...... There are 47 seats in dining room. 20 cooks/ 3 Sous chefs.
  6. No disrespect to anyone. I am sure the food and experience that Chef Bowles presents is amazing. But from those pictures I would expect the food/dishes are not techniquely sound, flavors mudled, proteins over cooked, under seasoned, etc.....The beef is over cooked, rouget was not nicely butchered.....
  7. From those pictures the food looks sloppy......
  8. I had planned a trip to Paris in August, but several restaurants I wanted to eat are closed. Pierre Gagnaire July28-August 27 Les Ambassedeurs August 5- September 4 Any other restaurants open/ closed dates would be great info.
  9. gaya


    I will say that Paul's food is much more disciplined then at Atlas. There are times were it will seem cluster, lost, over zealous, but 90% of the time it very the creations are amazing. As far as the equiptment goes, there are not that many "toys" if you will. I know he has a Thermomix, and Paco, and several polyscience circulators.
  10. gaya


    Why do you want to see the kitchen TAN?
  11. gaya


    One of the best experiences in NYC!
  12. Did any one catch The Mancow Muller show this morning? He had the pleasure of talking to Alderman Joesph Moore. Gale Gand was also a quest. This was hilarious. Alderman Moore sounded like an idiot. He had none of his facts right about the production of Foie Gras. Mancow was calling him an idiot as well. Gale Gand bought the question "What is next Chicken, Veal, all animal products?" This is an important point to all the Chefs in Chicago. Stop and think the effect this is going to have on you, consumer, business! If you don't act now we will be serving nothing but organic vegetable. It is disgusting that this forum is not at the top of egullet.
  13. I have a question for Nick Kokonas. I don't mean to disrespect or get personal. If I correctly understand you are the financier for Alinea? I am curious when you knew that you wanted to finance a chef and his concept. This question may have been asked and answered in the past; excuse me if the case. With the success of Alinea, are you looking for any other chef/restaurant business oppurtunities? The reason why I ask is that I think Alinea in the short time of its operation, you have put together an amazing business. From the people, the product, the service, the location, the timing, and the planning. It is truley one of the most amazing restaurant I think anywhere! Especially a restaurant of this level, and all of its demands. So have you noticed this success present in any other up & coming chef/s?
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