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  1. Have you guys tried Miura Waffle and Milk bar on 829 Davie Street. They do delicious Savoury and sweet waffle sandwiches. Great for lunch. My Fave is the Korean Bulgogi Waffle Sando.
  2. IMHO i would either go with a community apprenticeship program or just foget culinary school altogether. I for one have went to a culinary school which supposedly great but once i got into the doors i found that as long as you had themoney to pay for it your were in!. As far as connections go, i think that if you were really passionate and persistant you could get into any restaurant or at least die trying. I went to france and just knocked on doors and resulted in a commis posititon and a few stages at some great michelin restaurant. You have to be fearless and it takes alot out of you but its really a question of how much you want it. Although I am currently no in the industry at the moment, (personal reasons) i for one think that the exspensive "top" culinary schools are useless. IMO...
  3. When I was in Italy I was near Venice in a little town called treviso and my friends introduced me to spritz! It made with campri, prosecco, and tonic water topped off with a meaty olive and orange slices. Delicious! i miss drinking it at night outside with my friends.
  4. Pot grates the throat as you swallow like dry parsley. Hashish in brownies goes down much smoother. But that's just what I heard... ← You should try the space cakes in amsterdam o0
  5. S_tran


    I would have to agree with the heinz ketchup because i had just gotten back from travelling throughout europe and trust me it varies from country to country but none of them tasted "right" to me. Although when it comes to belgium fries and mayo reign supreme!
  6. I WAS JUST AT OKTOBERFEST in Munich! lol sorry i just had to say it, needless to say i don't remember much, i only made it to 2 beer tents and passed out after a few steins. One of the best experiences ever! The food around was amazing and the beer so unique. The beers at oktoberfest are not made with any preservatives that is why you dont hangovers from the beer there.
  7. Hello sorry for the late reply, thanks for the info i will try to corroborate the info above and the Maitre D' cuz he speaks english a bit. And yes guts and all, quite fun cuz i get to stay in the fish room while its 32 degrees outside, quite hot.
  8. Hi I was wondering if you guys could translate something for me. What kind of fish are Cabillaud Loup St Pierre and Dorad in english, because i have been fileting an d gutting these fish but i am not very familiar with them. Thanks!
  9. Sorry, can you clarify your statement please? u.e. ← Oh sorry, haha i just meant that the plates that are used in the pics are similar to the ones that thomas keller uses. I was just wondering what specific brand are they. But I also heard that Thomas Keller actually has his own line too. I could be mistaken though
  10. As someone who has grown up going to chinatown on the weekeends to buy groceries with my parents, i understand where you are coming from but personally I doesn't really bother me. It'sll about the experience but i guess in our society where everything in a supermarket now is dusted, sanitized, properly arranged, and methodically placed, it can be hard for some to handle the supermarkets in chinatown, heck even I get grossed out sometimes by the habits of some of the street vendors. hmmm.. not the most hygenic
  11. That is very strange, sharing is always the best part of going to chinese restaurants. After work when my friends and I decide to go out to eat at late night chinese restaurants we always pick something, order some rice and share everything 'family style'. When you share your food you share the memories that come with it. Good times...
  12. Same here. I saw "Kobe Beef" on a menu once, and I asked the waiter, "is that really Kobe Beef?" Waiter, with a trapped look on his face: "actually it's from a ranch in Texas, but they make it the same way that they make Kobe Beef, but they feed it beer instead of sake, and I think it tastes better." "Then it's actually (making exaggerated airquotes) Kobe-style Beef then?" "Uh, yeah." edited for clarity. ← I'm not too sure about this but I think that the breed of cattle used is actually called Wagyu beef and it can only be called Kobe beef if it comes from Kobe, Japan. Otherwise, i think that they should have just called it Texas wagyu beef. Correct me if I am wrong. I think people need to understand that before labelling everything as 'Kobe' beef. Also, Kobe beef is the most popularized beef but in Japan there are many other regions in Japan where the beef is equally as good in such places as Maezawa, Yonezawa and Iga.
  13. What is marmite? Is it similar to Vegemite? I've seen it in store but havent had enough courage to try it yet.
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