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    i think p*ong is a great concept. hopefully, over the next few months, everything about it will be great. it is necessary to note that i ate the veg tasting at per se for lunch. after that, it is difficult to not pick out every flaw in the food at other nice places. immediately before our midnight reservation at p*ong, we stopped at wd-50 for some cocktails and the creamsicle dessert. back to p*ong. besides the 10 course, they are also offer a 3 course tasting for $25. i don't know how many courses we actually ate, as the chef was just sending plates to our table. i didn't get to try some menu items that i had been curious about, but the plates we had were hit and miss. i loved the meyer lemon ice with mascarpone cream, which we recieved as an amuse. unfortunately, this first taste was the highlight of the meal. i ordered the Bangkok margarita, which i loved because of the heat provided by the sprinkling of Aleppo pepper. but there was also an unnecessarily large amount of lime zest dispersed throughout the drink. too much. each plate had some sort of ice cream or sorbet, some with a few too many ice crystals, and the quenelles were larger than they needed to be for a tasting. i thought the flavor of the evoo cake/miso parfait was interesting, but the mango-banana split was a bowl of melting ice cream with slices of bruleed bananas. pichet was there. currently, he is doing everything (production-wise) himself and seems a bit overwhemed. i would recommend going in a few months, when hopefully all the elements are in place.
  2. has anyone been to p*ong, pichet ong's new restaurant yet, or planning to go in the next week? i have a reservation for april 28.
  3. i've also heard good things about buenos aires grill.
  4. some of my favorites are mizuna, z cuisine (zcuisineonline.com), duo. i recently had some really good tapas at the ninth door. i've never been to any of kevin taylor's restauraunts.
  5. i lived in tucson for about 6 months last year while working at canyon ranch. about what part of tucson will you be staying in? i recommend Wildflower. http://www.foxrestaurantconcepts.com/wildflower.html don't miss the awesome desserts made by Spike, one of Tucson's best pastry chefs. it's also in the same shopping center as a very nice gelato place named Frost. http://www.frostgelato.com
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