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  1. recently i have seen few clip in youtube showing people their coffee, and they draw very beautiful picture on it like a love or butterfly etc. i would like to know what are things i need to know before i start to draw the coffee. currently i am using full cream milk(nestle brand), i feel it is not thick enough. is there any books or VCD can teach people how to draw the picture on the coffee.
  2. anyone have any idea how to make a nice strawberry juice. bcos if i straight blend it is not so nice.
  3. hi, i am bored of drinking those watermelon juice,starfruit,guava,orang apple,lemon is there any special fruit that i never drink before can someone recoomand???
  4. anyone mind sharing basic fruit or vege carving skill step by step?or video for sharing.thanks.
  5. yes,during my school time,the bread i make can double it twice,but now the one i do cannot ferment as big as last time.
  6. i got 1 question about yeast and salt, as what i know if yeast and salt mix together will spoil the yeast,make it stop ferment, any idea how to prevent this problem?
  7. currently i looking for a white bread recipe,which are soft and nice smell.
  8. USD5+- per person ingredient cost,i m serving in 100pax tht mean i got USD500 for cost,reason i choosing mexican food because i want to do some special food to the guest. i stay in malaysia. Typical or latest trend one also never mind,as long is delicious mexican food,cos i also haven't tried mexican food before. we need to do Halal food.because we are islamic country,the food that we cook cannot cook with wine,vinegar,pork(especially). i need to pass up my idea before this thursday,i have no idea about mexican food.i suggested do mexican food,so i m incharge on finding the food recipe. thank you very much.
  9. hihi,i need you guys's help again,now i am doing 1 project,it is about introduce food,i need to do a 5~8 course meal,all about mexican's food,hope u all can share me some nice recipe.My budget is USD5 per person can more than that also.
  10. yeah,i get what you mean,don't care what people said,just learn as much as you can,try to change the taste that they like it. everyplace have war,have robber,politic got problem,see whether are you the lucky person won't facing those problem,really thank you very much giving me this advice,because i actually plan to go taiwan at 1st,but my parent says that there is very dangerous,very hard for me to find some reason to make them let me go to taiwan.but now you sharing some pastry school with me,i am interest in UFM n BITC.Make me have more choices to choose where i need to go. Really thank you very much for ur reply...this monday i might go back i go and talk to my parent.hehe...By the way, the UFM's school fee i need to request from them one is it?i only see their products only,but they have say that they have baking school.
  11. yeah,i also head raffles before,from my house to singapore need 1 and half hour only.
  12. haha...thanks for all your reply,i prefer malaysia because don't wanna stay away too far,i have think before go to taiwan furthur pastry,but due to their politic is unstabble and i scare if i go other country furthur study,the malaysian is not used to overseas bakery product,as what i know other country's people world like to have crispy pastry,but most malaysian wouldn't prefer crispy pastry product,even my canadien lecturer also don't know why. i study in taylors college KL.if i go for those proffesional pastry course,do they provide management tools for us also?because i also need to know how to manage 1 business. To Mr NickLam i have 1 question is if i go to thailand furthur study,they teach in english or thailand language...because i know chinese,malaysia and english only. thanks you guys very much for your information,i really appreaciate it.
  13. actually i also plan to go to work for others,my problem is i think that i still haven't reach the level to work for others,cos i am juz learning those basic's thing in my college.i am 19 years old this year. I trained in hotel before,i think i have been to the lousy's one,i cannot learn much thing at there,all their bread is "import" from other shop one,they sell them the dough then they juz need to bake it. haha..that is the reason i come here to ask for help...this forum gather all the food's lover all over the world.hopefully someone can give me some precious idea... 10s for ur reply alanamoana...
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