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  1. I am finding I am getting more skeeved out by textures. I may come to a point that I go 100% vegetarian because if I have a bite of a protein that is the wrong texture to me, I start to feel a gag reflex and it puts me off the rest of it. At this point I don't eat beef, pork, or lamb. I eat poultry, fish, and shellfish (average 2x a week). Crispy bug, like chapulines, I would try, since I already eat soft shelled crab. If I had to survive in the wilderness I would guess instinct would over-ride aversion. I hope not to test that.
  2. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast courtesy of Whole Foods on the way to the office. Half pint of raspberries (not pictured) and seeded wheat bagel with goat cheese spread and heirloom tomato.
  3. Their website does not indicate that they are stocked at Shoprite (NJ) but I feel like I have seen this. It must have been a different brand with similar packaging. I agree that the micro rice usually has a weird flavor, so if this becomes available, I will give it a shot. DH is lacking in kitchen skills and this would be useful.
  4. BeeZee

    Food after Dental Work

    I pulled a crown off couple of months ago eating red Swedish fish. It was loose, apparently. I have prominent tori (those bony parts which stick into the recessed area under the tongue) and although my dentist is a woman with fairly small hands, I often wind up swollen and bruised (visible on the outside) after having any crown repairs. I'm also resistant to Novicaine (as is my Dad) so I get a LOT of shots, which doesn't help the bruising issue. The only thing I eat after is yogurt, anything too liquid tends to dribble out of my mouth.
  5. Hmmm, out of curiousity, I wonder if you specified Kosher diet if the food would be any better, because it would likely come from an offsite facility. Of course, it would probably still lack salt, and you’d be denied a cheese snack!
  6. Couple of years ago I made Cosmopolitan cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, leftovers kept well!
  7. When we get dragon fruit here, it is often disappointing, beautiful but tasteless. I will assume you have better fruit at the source? Or perhaps it is the nature of this fruit, all looks?
  8. Unless I'm grilling the corn for a recipe where I want to make sure it stays more tender, I grill it completely shucked, I like that caramelized flavor that you get on the edge of the niblets!
  9. Bet someone handy - I'm looking at you, @dcarch - could rig something up with a hand planer - then you'd avoid the dreaded "unitasker" tool!
  10. BeeZee


    Picked up a melon at Wegmans tday, it was called Lemon Drop Melon. Size and skin similar to canteloupe, flesh and seeds like honeydew. It tastes like honeydew with a lemon spritz, pretty tasty, although I probably prefer regular honeydew.
  11. BeeZee

    2019 Farmers Markets

    5 large tomatoes, $5 from the farm who sets up a table at my YMCA on Saturday mornings. They had giant scallions, eggplants, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes (red and yellow), beets, potatoes, basil, ground cherries, and some other things I am forgetting.
  12. BeeZee

    Lunch 2019

    toasted wheat bagel, open face. One half hummous with ET bagel seasoning sprinkled on top, the other with cream cheese. Need to replenish my tomato supply, hoping the co-workers start bringing their overage in to the office soon...
  13. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2019

    Jewish Soul Food.🥰
  14. This, what @Orbit suggested. I don’t do take out, but I observe people in my office, and the biggest man gets the most extra condiment packs thrown in with his order.
  15. BeeZee

    Dinner 2019

    Have a bunch of veg in the fridge so I will be making a thai-inspired slaw, maybe some fridge pickle english cuke slices. Prepping other veg for the grill later...sweet potato, corn, summer squash. Marinating chicken breasts.
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