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  1. Event Dates: May 18-19, 2019

    St. Louis, MO Forest Park Community College Hospitality Building Hotel: Marriott Courtyard St Louis Downtown West, 2340 Market Street at Jefferson  St. Louis  MO  63103 

    Book your group rate for Egullet Chocolate & Confection WorkshopGuests may also call Marriott Reservations @ 866.661.8954 and reference the Egullet Workshop group rate at Courtyard St. Louis Downtown West.

    Airports: St. Louis Lambert (STL) is the major airport; The regional airport across the river is MidAmerica St. Louis (BLV) and is serviced by Allegient Airlines


    Registration Links: Paypal.me link or Venmo link. To ensure your space in the workshop I will need your payment no later than April 12, 2019. 


    Master Class: Friday, May 17 at Kakāō Chocolate in Maplewood. The morning session will focus on confections (Marshmallow, caramel, toffee and pate de fruit). The afternoon session will continue those sessions and add on 3-D molding (they do a brisk 3-D business). The shop is surrounded by great restaurants so we'll step out as a group for lunch with everyone covering their own meal. The full day of Master Class is $50 and will be limited to the first 15 to register. The owner, Brian Pelletier, will set up two or three stations for us to break into small groups and allow for intensive hands-on activity. This class will be great for anyone wanting to see a mid-sized operation that has been very successful. See their website for an idea of their work.


    Official Dinner: Saturday, May 18 at The Chocolate Pig. As soon as I finalize payment details I will add it here.


    *Note that details are subject to change. We have two key chocolatiers in town in the midst of major professional changes and so if either is able to participate we're going to grab them!

  2. Yesterday we got our occupancy permit. Today I'm calling for our health inspection. We are officially set to open on Thursday the 18th. Even though we could open on Sat or Sun of this week I'd rather give my team more practice. Tomorrow night we're doing tasting menu only for friends so all of my new staff can see how Justin (my sous) and I operate, so they can learn how to best support our system.

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  3. I would suggest for consideration that it's not Mexican workers but most cultures outside of the US that place a higher value on the dining experience. In the US we lean toward scarfing down a meal between work or scarfing down a meal while partying hard. My experience in other countries is that meal time is about family and friends, and cooking for f&f is an honor and an opportunity. These are all generalizations that lean toward stereotypes, so take it FWIW. 

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  4. Check out this amazing note I was sent last night:


    My family is in Franklin County. Growing up I foraged, hunted, fished, etc... we hardened. We canned. We lived so much off of the land. My dad,, has been making the best maple syrup you’ll ever taste, about 40 miles from you. He doesn’t sell it because he says selling it cheapens it. I want you to know I am SO EXCITED about what you are doing. Being a super poor kid living off the land I was so embarrassed and felt like an outcast. Seeing you elevate the weeds I ate, making it cool and culinary just means so much to me. If it means so much to me, I cannot imagine what it means to the indigenous people of the region. I can’t wait to eat your food. When I get to Saint Louis next, you’re a destination.



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  5. 1 minute ago, rotuts said:

    did I miss the description of the walnut turnings ?


    will we get a peak at the Menu ?


    thanks for taking so much time out of you busy schedule to share. 

    I'm ignoring your first question...patience.

    We're really, really close on the menu, but I'm holding off because I have a designer doing something really cool that I want to show you all (You do know I show eG things before I show the rest of the world, or say things here I don't say anywhere else?)

    And, I'm happy to do it - eG is my calm place...most of the time.

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  6. Some pics from a family soft opening last night. Our 2-tops under the cookbook library.


    Bar library and aging casks (pawpaw vinegar for now)


    Soon to be used post-dinner lounge.


    Where our custom salt crocks will go if they ever get finished.


    DIning room pre-set.


    Dish storage in dining room.


    Kitchen details - black cutting boards and custom knife racks.


    Table set. It will never be put out like this because we give you what you need when you need it.


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  7. I finally got some cooking done. it's been really difficult with visitors, vendors, tours, screwing purse hooks under the bar, arranging for trash pickup, and on and on and on. I find myself going in earlier and staying later just so I can shut off all electronics and have the building to myself. Last night I was startled by a noise after hours, when I knew the doors were locked, so i grabbed my biggest chef's knife and headed down the hallway being careful not to kill any staff that decided to come back after hours. After going most of the way to the dining room I heard it again, turned with my knife leading the way...only to realize it was the ice maker. I've never had one so i wasn't used to the sound. Its a good thing for the ice maker that it stayed out of my way!


    But in the meantime, I made sweet potato caramel, corn yorkshire pudding, shokupan (Japanese milk bread) and my first round of chocolate (saffron, red bud and pistachio).

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  8. 3 hours ago, FauxPas said:

    @gfron1, I was just looking at the Bulrush website and wondered if the location is Washington Avenue or Washington Blvd? Maybe it's not a big deal but the Home page says Avenue, the location page says Blvd at the top and Avenue below. Also, will you be adding open days/hours to the site? 

    I added some verbage on the location page. We are technically on Blvd, but everyone says Ave, and all that matters is that either through google will get you to us. And I likely won't add hours to the site because the reservation system covers that as does google, facebook and all other social media. We're dinners only. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Smithy said:

    For those who don't understand the reference, here is a picture of the newly-painted wall at @gfron1's soon-to-open restaurant, Bulrush. Fried chicken was part of the work crew's meal.


    I think these chocolates have a gorgeous pattern, just as that wall does!

    Ahhhh...I didn't know how to respond because I couldn't figure out why you tagged me. Now I get it. Just like Willy Wonka, i would lick my wall...but I promise it won't taste good.

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  10. 6 hours ago, curls said:

    Will wait until the Bulrush website is fleshed out with hours and pricing and then we'll get everyone on board with a dinner time.

    Those details are locked in already. Open Thurs-Sun, 5-10. I'll modify the tasting menu seating in the system to accommodate the whole group at once time. The price for the dinner is $100 all inclusive (food, tax and hospitality). Drinks are optional/additional. If anyone prefers the bar, we don't reserve those seats. There are 18 seats at the bar and three 2-tops. The menu at the bar is different and will be around $17-20, with the prices again being all inclusive.

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  11. We'll release our reservation system the middle of next week (anticipated), and we release seats 30 days prior so I will block off the seats so there's not stress around that. If people do cancellations late (more than 48 hours) I can easily release the seats so no worries there either. Our website went live last night.

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  12. 27 minutes ago, Tri2Cook said:

    That looks pretty amazing already. Really happy to see all of this coming together for you, you've certainly put the work in.

    I'm sure you (more than most) can appreciate how I lately think about those early days here on eG before I had ever worked in a restaurant. I do blame Ling, btw, for picking me for the Pastry Challenge well over a decade ago. That's the moment I hold up as the spark.

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