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  1. Word has it that I get the honor of welcoming our humble crew to St. Louis in 2019 for the next workshop. I relocated to St. Louis about two years ago (born and raised here, but gone for 30 years), and already know all the chocolatiers and culinary school staff, so this should be fun. At this point I'd love to hear your thoughts on a few things: 1. Dates. Typically in May. Often there are conflicts like the NRA convention and weddings. The facility may drive this answer but I'd like to hear what you all would prefer. 2. Content. What would you like to see covered and what maybe hasn't worked so well in the past? 3. Here in town we have Rick Jordan and Nathaniel Reid in addition to a bunch of casino chefs and other artisanal chocolatiers. Christopher Elbow is across the state (5 hours). No question, just throwing that out. 4. Does anyone live nearby who can help with planning, or even if not close can support the planning from afar? I know that when Ruth and I worked on Vegas neither of us were on-site, but Ruth made a few trips so the work can be done from anywhere. 5. Any must or absolutely nots from previous events? As always I hope we have a great mix of new and old, experienced and novice. St Louis is central, and being a secondary airport you can normally get really cheap flights!
  2. I agree - while it could be taped, it would be so challenging, versus having a partial plug set inside - spray white, then go about your business. I will note that I am moving fastidiously away from using white (titanium dioxide). in FRANCE.
  3. Since some of y'all are looking at airports, keep in mind that Mid America Airport (BLV) is just as close to downtown as Lambert International. Allegient Air flies into there super cheaply!
  4. One of the things people don't know is that a vast amount of high-caliber culture and entertainment is free in St Louis. Almost all of the museums (including the zoo) is free. Special exhibits cost but general admission is free. It has to do with the historic donation of the land that houses most of them, and the stipulations that fees not be charged.
  5. I'm attempting to identify wines that were grown in the 1800s in the US. My guess is that Elvira, Muench and Labrusca don't exist anymore, but I'm wondering if they might not have evolved into something else. So my question is which is the best book for finding historic varietals and potentially tracking them to a current grape? Is the World Atlas the best source?
  6. I'm heading to Chicago next week for an r&d trip to Smyth, and wondering where we should go for cocktails - not just bars, but possibly restaurants doing amazing things. They need to have all sorts of vials and squirt bottles and mason jars full of house-made stuff that goes into their cocktails. Thoughts?
  7. I'm going to start marketing the event locally to pastry chefs and students, so if you've been sitting on registering, now is your time.
  8. I am obsessing over Onyx. Their black salt mocha with oat milk (my preferred option) is simply the best mocha I've ever had!
  9. gfron1

    Best wine book for varietal research

    This is all really interesting. Thank you @teonzo and @Kerry Beal
  10. gfron1

    Best wine book for varietal research

    Any tips on vineyards that use them? That's a great lead for me!
  11. Now that y'all are past Valentines and switching over to Easter, its time to get some dialogue going about what folks want to do at the workshop. We're three months away and you'll want to get your room booked. Here's all the details: ---------------- Event Dates: May 18-19, 2019 St. Louis, MO Forest Park Community College Hospitality Building Hotel: Marriott Courtyard St Louis Downtown West, 2340 Market Street at Jefferson St. Louis MO 63103 Book your group rate for Egullet Chocolate & Confection Workshop. Guests may also call Marriott Reservations @ 866.661.8954 and reference the Egullet Workshop group rate at Courtyard St. Louis Downtown West. Airports: St. Louis Lambert (STL) is the major airport; The regional airport across the river is MidAmerica St. Louis (BLV) and is serviced by Allegient Airlines. Registration Links: Paypal.me link or Venmo link. To ensure your space in the workshop I will need your payment no later than April 12, 2019. Master Class SOLD OUT: Friday, May 17 at Kakāō Chocolate in Maplewood. The morning session will focus on confections (Marshmallow, caramel, toffee and pate de fruit). The afternoon session will continue those sessions and add on 3-D molding (they do a brisk 3-D business). The shop is surrounded by great restaurants so we'll step out as a group for lunch with everyone covering their own meal. The full day of Master Class is $50 and will be limited to the first 15 to register. The owner, Brian Pelletier, will set up two or three stations for us to break into small groups and allow for intensive hands-on activity. This class will be great for anyone wanting to see a mid-sized operation that has been very successful. See their website for an idea of their work. Official Dinner: Saturday, May 18 at The Chocolate Pig. As soon as I finalize payment details I will add it here. *Note that details are subject to change. We have two key chocolatiers in town in the midst of major professional changes and so if either is able to participate we're going to grab them!
  12. Pretty much all of my professional life has been documented in these forums so it just makes sense that the next phase be documented as well. I started cooking professionally about 8 years ago when my small (but mighty) gourmet grocery morphed into a successful restaurant in Silver City, NM. This past summer I closed the Curious Kumquat and moved to St. Louis, which is where I'm born and raised. I've been working to open a new restaurant here in town ever since landed, and in the next few weeks we hope to have wrangled investors to sign a lease on a building, with an expected opening date of July of 2017. Over the course of these upcoming months I'd like to share... •Investor recruitment and terms •Staff recruitment, pay and training •Facility identification, renovation and equipping •Operational budget preparation •Marketing •Adjustment of my philosophy and practices from a one-man show in a remote community to a multi-person operation in a major city I would love to have questions and requests guide my posts. I expect to post once per week but knowing how my mind likes to dart around I wouldn't be surprised if I post more frequently. In the meantime, I'm off to Orlando for a dinner I'm cooking this weekend in support of my cookbook. I hope y'all enjoy!
  13. And for the young at heart - the City Museum - I think it's the best museum in the country and possibly the greatest eccentric story I've ever heard.
  14. Dinner only. We're going to be supplying a coffee shop two doors down with some of our food from Squatters Cafe, but that won't happen until June or July.
  15. We're about four weeks to completion.
  16. Has anyone taken one of Andrey's classes. I know they've been mentioned in the How Do They Do That thread, but I can't remember if anyone has taken a course. I'm curious because he continues to do methods that are groundbreaking. Not cheap for an online course, but I'm interested in taking his praline course. I just watched his free tempering class and it was good, nothing special but good enough to allay my fears that the Russian to English translation or camerawork might make the class not worthwhile. Thnx.
  17. Is there anyone who is driving in for this event who has a Fuji sprayer? I have a compressor, but we want to demo the sprayer if someone can bring one with them.
  18. Thanks to Kerry for pointing me to this topic. I live literally a half mile to these guys, and learned about Sensient when I was scouting tours for the upcoming chocolate and confections workshop. They made it clear to me that they didn't play with small players, but I am interested, and if there is some momentum then we can buy their kilos and split it up at the workshop (and mail it to others).
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    natural food coloring

    I was exploring us being able to visit during the workshop but all he could say is - how big is your company? He wasn't interested in a small group like us.
  20. gfron1

    natural food coloring

    In my digging a while back I stumbled on a major company that's based right here in St. Louis! Sensient. I haven't used them yet but I'm going to reach out shortly.
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    Oat Milk

    Very odd. So this morning I needed to make a fresh batch and I was out of my local oats. I used Quaker Old Fashioned and followed the same steps I outlined above. Everything looked normal, but I let my coffee sit longer than normal and the coffee and oat milk separated. A quick stir and they were back together again but I had never had that happen with my local oats. I don't get that at all.
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    Oat Milk

    I put mine in the blender, blend for a second, stop, another second, stop, and a third second, stop. I want texture so it strains out. If you emulsify then you have shmoosh which doesn't strain so well.
  23. Yes, we have another 15-20 spots for the main workshop, and it iw $175 for the weekend.
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    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Savour has online videos, and again, I believe you have demonstrated a level of skill that would suggest you could grow from unsupervised classes. Ecole is the other that I know many people have participated. They too have on-site, but also video.