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  1. A friend just returned from Italy, and the highlight of their trip was "discovering" Delicia Limon. THey couldn't tell me much except that it had a lemon liquor and reminded them of tiramisu. Does anyone have a recipe to share? Thanks
  2. Here we go...I stayed up to do this report because I had at least 20 of the 110 guests say this was the best party they have been to in years. The party was hosted by a local spa that has a courtyard between its styling space and massage space. There was a classical guitarist playing throughout. We started by lighting the grills. Here is our gracious host Mari starting with some sausages: And as stated in this thread, we were sure to burn half of each sausage... And then the guests started bringing their contributions. As expected there was lots of Yellow Tail wine and kiwi fruit (the party was billed as Aussie and Kiwi)... Some were a bit nicer. Here are some cream puffs with kiwi fruit... And then the parade of pavlovas began! First our German guest brought hers... Then the woman in our town with possibly the most impeccable tastes... Then our resident New Zealander's pavlova... Here's a closeup for my EGullet friends who like details! Enough of the pavlova already! How about some more meat. We grilled four different sausages, lamb chops and lamb burgers. Rack was not available in town. We also did a leg of lamb in the oven prior to the party. There were a few odd surprises... How about green chili wine (some New Mexican was bound to do it)... And then there was my creation to really capture the night! A kielbasa with guacamole and kiwi fruit...suprisingly...well...I did eat anyway. And let's not forget the reason for the party - CHEESE. We had four cheeses. None were very special in my book. Roaring Forties Blue by King Island Dairy (the best of the lot). King Island Black Label Cloth Wrapped Cheddar. Superior 2 Year New Zealand Cheddar. And some other cheap cheese. I didn't care for any of them, but we ate around 40 pounds tonight. For the record my favorite Aussie cheese still is the Targo River Blue - great stuff. So that was our evening. Absolutely perfect. Everyone had a great time. The food was perfect and while heavy on the kiwi fruit, was really nice on a hot summer night in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. A final thanks to all of you who made this happen by your suggestions. Rob
  3. Here is my pre-report from the party. The town is abuzz with anticipation (we're a small town, so this is big news). The party is in 2 hours. I'm marinating prawns in one of three things: lime juice, pineapple or coconut milk. All with have various seasonings added at the last minute. I am getting ready to put in my leg of lamb - rack was unavailable. I have lamb burgers using a recipe provided above. And tons of sausage which I'll do my best to burn on one side as recommended in this thread. The 100+ guests will be bringing all sorts of things (unfortunatley I can expect lots and lots of Yellow Tail wine). I've heard of 3 people doing pavlovas! I'm prepared to take many pics and will get them posted tomorrow (or late tonight if I have energy). Thanks again for all of the suggestions and help!
  4. I'm 3rding the chicken idea. In our town the thing to do is provide meals for families that give birth. I've done easily a dozen "feedings" this year and every time, they thank me for not bringing "another casserole." And they can pick at the chicken for a while, and potato wedges are yummy any time!
  5. I would also check Ritrovo. There focus is retail, but they do have some foodservice products.
  6. My store's arrangement with Global has set pricing so you may not find much variance (if any).
  7. Patrick that is absolutely stunning - incredible photo. How big was it - I can't tell if it was large or individual serving?
  8. When I go out, it tends to be for 3-4 days with a backpack (v car), so for me its about high energy and small space/low weight. I typically pack with two key foods. The first is tortillas filled with peanut butter and honey - they can be smooshed in a pack. The other is the Indian MREs. Any Indian market has them - I use SWAD, but they are foil pouch meals (they actually just made them some type of plastic) with very spicy Indian foods. I use these because I can boil water with a tea bag in it. Eat my meal, drink my tea and have no clean up at all. My best hiking meal was when we hauled in the cast iron and chateau briand (sp?), and a bottle of nice wine.
  9. I wanted to let the dust settle before I stepped back in. These are all great suggestions - and thank you so much for the recipe links. I'm going to pass the info on to the guests and I'll be sure to post pics. Thanks Rob
  10. Ablosh - looks great - and I love the pic. Makes me want cheesecake...can I bear to turn on the oven?!
  11. Ablosh - looks great - and I love the pic. Makes me want cheesecake...can I bear to turn on the overn?!
  12. I'm throwing an Australian-themed cheese party next Saturday where everyone is asked to bring Australian or New Zealand traditional foods...problem is...I don't know quite what those foods might be. Thoughts? I will be providing grilling foods - they are bringing sides and desserts. Thanks
  13. Do you use soap? I'm still not using soap, but I use a Mukka-specific sponge. But I'm a little wary of not using soap, because of the milk residue ← Oh my! I'm very sorry to respond so late - I must have missed your question. We have been using soap with no problems. We don't have a dishwasher but I think that would do a great job cleaning.
  14. There was a bit more than the shriveled basil leaf. It had mushrooms and green onion in mushroom sauce. Have you ever noticed how all the good stuff stays on the bottom of the pan when you make dishes like this...It is one of the reasons I adore chefs in Asian restaurants. It tasted...well...okay, but nothing I would make again. At home when we have a meal like this we say Bon Appeshit.
  15. It seemed like a good idea...a nice Thai meal on a hot summer night. But then, something went wrong...terribly wrong. And note that it was so hot that my spouse was wearing nothing but boxers (you can see the red flowered shorts in the top picture) at the dinner table. I thought it looked like ThaiKraut.
  16. Sugar overload! Sounds like my type of event Here is my favorite afternoon tea snack: Olive Oil Crisps/Tortas and here's a totally random and untested recipe from the web. Another thought, however. You mentioned that they asked you to do desserts because of previous experiences with what you have done...might want to not stray from your previous successes too much. Have fun with it!
  17. As always I tried some new techniques tonight which weren't perfectly executed, but boy were they a nice change of pace for a summer dessert... From the most recent Pastry's Best magazine: Saffron Pear Mousse and Hibiscus Gelee. The base is a carmelized feuilletage (I used puff pastry which I thought was the same...but now I don't think so), topped with saffron pear balls, then a Sesame Crust (I added black sesame seeds to mine which was a nice variation, Pear mousse (super yummy), and finally Hibiscus gelee (which didn't set up - I'm just starting to use gelatin sheets and haven't quite got them down yet). The gelee (which was more of a sauce) was the hit, as was the mousse which was so creamy. Anyway...here it is: If anyone else has made this recipe and had success, I'd love to talk...
  18. How fun are those s'mores! Great job boots
  19. gfron1

    KFC Famous Bowls

    I saw the commercial for the first time last night (we don't watch TV but we saw it on a tape of a show someone sent us). We were so disgusted by the concept, and burst out laughing that someone came up with the idea. Now, truth be told, there was a time in my life that I loved "gloppy" (and occassionally still do), but I don't think I could stomach a Famous Bowl. Clearly this will be a huge success for KFC.
  20. Got some pics? ← Since it was my first attempt, they were not worth photographing, but now that I understand what I'm doing better, I'll definitely try again and put more effort into presentation. I'm happy/sad to say that I ate 8 on the first day and the other 4 for breakfast...I'm such a glutton. BTW, I really wanted to add blackberries to the recipe, but didn't to stay true to the recipe this time. I think they would be wonderful in your tarts.
  21. Maybe overexposed but looks great Patrick. I made Filipe's Portuguese Custard Tarts which at every stage I thought was going to be a failure and turned out deliciously.
  22. I agree with the German restaurant, and also: JOSÉ DE MANCOS WORLD CAFE 145 Grand Ave. - 533-1338 My memory is failing me, but I remember a fantastic little Italian place in Mancos or Dolores. The other place with I haven't had luck finding was a superb wild game restaurant north of the Great Sand Dunes closer to Crestone. They were part of a buffalo ranch and had wonderful meats. Maybe its the Zapata Ranch facility, but I can't guarantee it.
  23. It seems the replies are more associated with impact on taste, so here's my spin. I live in a hippy dippy town and I'm always hearing about the dangers involved in cooking. The two most common fears are aluminum and teflon. Plastics (especially in microwaves) are also a concern. The scientific evidence is lacking as to whether their are reasons to be concerned about heating plastic (Saran Wrap), and most suggest that its use is safe. But as I tell all of my customers, keep researching until you are comfortable with your decision.
  24. Beautiful work Nightscotsman!
  25. With all the knocking of Metromint, I'll just have to add that it is my hottest selling beverage. Most people drink one and are not won over, but after the second, they're hooked. I'll also say that when I tried it in 2005 at the Fancy Food Show I remember thinking it was too strong, and so we didn't buy any. At this year's show we tried it again, and enjoyed it enough to buy it for the store. Good sales does not equal good taste, but my sense is the company is not getting poor.
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