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  1. I agree with the German restaurant, and also: JOSÉ DE MANCOS WORLD CAFE 145 Grand Ave. - 533-1338 My memory is failing me, but I remember a fantastic little Italian place in Mancos or Dolores. The other place with I haven't had luck finding was a superb wild game restaurant north of the Great Sand Dunes closer to Crestone. They were part of a buffalo ranch and had wonderful meats. Maybe its the Zapata Ranch facility, but I can't guarantee it.
  2. gfron1

    Simmering In Plastic Wrap

    It seems the replies are more associated with impact on taste, so here's my spin. I live in a hippy dippy town and I'm always hearing about the dangers involved in cooking. The two most common fears are aluminum and teflon. Plastics (especially in microwaves) are also a concern. The scientific evidence is lacking as to whether their are reasons to be concerned about heating plastic (Saran Wrap), and most suggest that its use is safe. But as I tell all of my customers, keep researching until you are comfortable with your decision.
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    eGulleters' Plated Desserts

    Beautiful work Nightscotsman!
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    Metromint unsweetened mintwater

    With all the knocking of Metromint, I'll just have to add that it is my hottest selling beverage. Most people drink one and are not won over, but after the second, they're hooked. I'll also say that when I tried it in 2005 at the Fancy Food Show I remember thinking it was too strong, and so we didn't buy any. At this year's show we tried it again, and enjoyed it enough to buy it for the store. Good sales does not equal good taste, but my sense is the company is not getting poor.
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    What defines panko?

    And I'm wondering about "Chinese Panko" that someone recently asked me about which I had never heard of. Is there such a creature or is it just regular Panko? BTW, at my store we sell a nice Japanese Panko (is that redundant?) for $1.85US for 200 g which I feel is a bit pricey.
  6. gfron1

    The Pleasures of Moka

    After a few cleanings, I found that if I immediately filled the top with water and let it sit for a short while, it was much easier to get rid of the milk residue. Love my Mukka Espress! ← I've been using my Mukka for 3 weeks and after I learned the intricacies of not boiling the cappuccino over...I love mine too. I now do a capp every morning and night using our locally roasted beans. And we clean the same - immediately fill with water.
  7. Thanks Elie...this thread has been quiet for too long - I'll be opening my PH book again this week!
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    Not a recipe, but I'm craving the Palapa Azul flavors... "cucumber-chile (pepino con chile) under a palapa in Zihuatanejo. waves softly lapping at your bare heels. promising smells mingling with the salty breeze. fleshy slivers sprinkled with lime and chile piquín..." "mango-chile (mango con chile) a lazy sunday in Coyoacán. succulent smells emanating from all corners of the plaza. lingering by the mango stand to get to the chile, the salt and the lime..." "mexican papaya (papaya) the old road to Acapulco. papaya stands standing side by side. the intense red-orange meat of the fruit shimmering in the sun..."
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Absolutely beautiful!
  10. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Chufi, that looks absolutely wonderful - super moist! I haven't had very good luck with chestnuts so I don't use them much. Clearly I need a trip to Europe to learn the finer points of chesnuts
  11. gfron1

    Dirty Ethnic Markets

    As the owner of a middle class, Caucasian owned-run ethnic market, I can say that there are acceptable and unacceptable issues that you bring up. Dust is a never ending battle in our dusty little town and so we're constantly dusting over 10,000 jars and bottles (not fun work). The dented cans are a losing proposition. Remember, that your local supermarket products are coming from a plant in DesMoines. Ethnic products are travelling much greater distances, and so we often have dented cans. I just received a case of 24 British Heinz beans - all but one was dented. As an owner I can claim them and get my money back but I still won't be able to order any more for a couple of months (to justify shipping costs). This gets at the bigger issue (often covered in Trader Joe's threads). While TJs and other super markets are great for convenience and often price, they are limited in what they can carry - your ethnic and specialty markets can get more obscure items but it comes with a variety of price. So to respond to your initial post - no your not a bigot, and you certainly should have concerns with flies and other filth, but then you just need to draw your own line after that. Rob
  12. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    I've been making most of my cakes in an 9" springform, then I finish them upside down in a 10" springform ala the Orange Exotic cake technique.
  13. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Thanks Sweetside and Patrick. The flowers are really easy to make. Take any fruit - I've done the pineapple a couple of times and the nectarines were a first time which turned out the best. Slice the fruit 1/8" (1-2 mm) thick. Lay out on paper towel for an hour to let dry out. Then coat heavily with powdered sugar. Oven to 200 F. Line sheet with parchment paper, place fruit on the paper, cover with a 2nd sheet of parchment paper and a second tray on top to keep them flat. Bake one hour. Once you take them out, let them air cool for about 10 minutes and then remove them from the paper. Here you can either leave them flat, or I push them into a shot glass to get the flower shape. The nectarines (they may have been plums) I put a few together which was even nicer than the pineapple. I want to try star fruit next which may create a tulip. Anyway, let them sit in the shot glass for as long as you're able - preferably overnight. No science to all of this, just play until they turn out the way you want.
  14. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Pineapple flowers are the treat of the day! For a dear friend's 85th birthday (on Mother's Day) I baked a little cake. It was fun waking up this morning to see how it turned out...I opened the fridge... Then I added my flowers - pineapple and nectarine... Then the finished product! The cake is a basic genoise, filled with passion fruit curd, covered in a vanilla orange bavaroise (my favorite topping) and then with a mango gelee on the top. It felt good to be baking again after such a busy couple of weeks.
  15. gfron1

    Teaching my very first cooking class

    In response to your response to the response...whenever I've done sushi classes, I always have everything pre-cut, BUT I too wanted them to have the opportunity to do their own cutting. So, I had everything that I need pre-cut and gave them some token cutting opportunities. The first time I did a class I cut in front of them (as they cut) and found that it was way too much to manage. Have those magical bowls of pre-cut under the table ready to magically appear just like on TV - waalah! Have fun!
  16. I suggest "worst" This thread makes me laugh harder than anything else!
  17. I've been trying to find a source for stainless steel manual coffee and meat grinders - preferably the manufacturer not a retailer...any leads are appreciated.
  18. Thank you for these suggestions...I'll let you know if anything exciting comes of it all.
  19. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    I made the rhubarb dessert that was made for the President of China - here are my comments in that thread. I wasn't happy with the plating or photo, but it tasted pretty good.
  20. Tonight I finally made my attempt. I followed the recipe exactly but didn't have what I would consider results worthy of the President of China. I used individual dessert rings (3" diameter x 2" depth). I think maybe the recipe called for 2" rings because my doubled recipe made 9 instead of 12. I did fill each with 1/2 C. of batter. My cake was much less refined than I would have expected - it was more in the texture of a cornbread. It also took nearly 35 minutes to bake instead of 15 (I am at 6,000' altitude). I brought them in to share with my office staff - most are Hispanic, non-adventurous eaters (always a good cynical test crowd for me). They agreed that the texture was not great. They also thought it wasn't sweet enough - I usually bring them ultra chocolate desserts. My spouse, who isn't a sweet fan (how did he end up with me?!) liked them because of the lack of sweetness. Minor details: I dressed the plate with a rhubarb and sugar reduction (with a spot of butter). I topped them with the melted apricot preserves - mine were Cortas because they are minimally processed - usually very good, but sweet. And finally, for the life of me I couldn't plate them in a way that I was happy with...but here they are:
  21. This thread was a savior for me yesterday! I haven't been to Vegas since the Patisserie was opened, and I have been drooling over the pictures in this thread for quite a while. A friend just went to Vegas for a conference and I asked him to stop by and get me something. I told him specifically to get the Exotic based on the pics - but they were out, so using this thread I found a few alternatives - all of which were available and are now on their way back to New Mexico as we speak! Thanks to everyone who posted on this thread!
  22. I did a month long climbing expedition in Huaraz ( a few hours north of Lima), and I lived in Chifas - you could get a huge plate of fried rice for $1US or something more elaborate for no more than $3US. The restaurants in the mountain towns were very rudimentary but always fast and good.
  23. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Your photos never cease to amaze me. Fantastic Patrick.
  24. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    The mango did come through loud and clear. I was worried initially worried that the curd would be too mild, which is one reason I added the orange (which I chose over lemon because I was afraid lemon would be too strong and overpower the mango). This all depends, of course, on which mango and which oranges. My oranges were very sweet, and not biting at all, so the flavor blended well with the mango. === Now, in general, my apologies to the regulars of this thread. I had no idea that my pic would generate such interest. Had I anticipated the interest I would have been much more explicit up front, thus saving us from so many posts. So thank you for being patient, and moreso to everyone for being excited about this dessert - it was really yummy - the only major change I will do next time is make a pistachio shortbread for the base and save the pistachio paste for the flower decorations.
  25. gfron1

    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    No, I didn't bake it at all - it was a gummy base that had some crumbliness because of the extra pistachios that I added - noted in a previous post.