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  1. Glad you found the thread Becca! Its never far from my mind, but I just can't get into chocolate right now. That daquoise looks great! I saw your white cake a second ago...you have a nice decorative touch.
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    Huh...thanks. I'll have to give it a try. I was thinking the shredded halva might be nices in between layers of a spice or caramel cake.
  3. This thread just hit 1000 replies - sorry, simple pleasures in life.
  4. 1001 Replies!!!! Woo hoo! (unless someone beat me to it)
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    Fry pans

    Big Boy Dan has it right. I swear by Swiss Diamond if you can get them. Metal utensil safe. Dishwasher safe. Lifetime waranty. These things are light but indestructible. Most have glass tops with vents - and a really nice thick lip to seal the pan. Price is comparable. Industrial diamond coated on the inside and out.
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    I just bought Macabim's Flaky Halva. Its so much better than the brick's of halva (I haven't tried homeade yet). My question is that the box says for baking. What does that mean - how would you use it in baking? Thanks
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    Confections! (2006-2012)

    Kerry, that is hilarious. Now we might have to create a thread for absurd desserts!
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    I made too much of <blank>

    Every October I do it...buy a whole bag (bushel) of green chiles to roast. Then I spend hours upon hours skinning them and de-seeding them. Then I re-pack them for use for the rest of the year. By the time October rolls around again, I start the whole process over by pitching about 3/4 of the previous bushel...I just never learn. But there is NOTHING like the aroma of roasting green chiles.
  9. This should be fun - I hope you can take pictures for us. I'm not sure if you can get avocados, but guacamole is easy and one of the best foods on the planet A mole would be fun as well. If you can use eggs, flan would be good.
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    alanamoana - thanks for noticing. Its become a point of contention in our house since I can't stop buying/finding plates for desserts. Those are bamboo coasters that we now carry in our store-only because I wanted them for desserts The sesame crisps aren't tuilles. They were a recipe in the last Pastry Art & Design. If I remember correctly (I can share the recipe if anyone wants it, but its in a magazine so I'd prefer not to post it for copyright reasons), you mix a small amount of milk, lechitin, and glucose. Bring that to a boil, then pour over sesame seeds, flour and sugar. I add black sesame seeds for effect. Then spread, freeze. Bake. For the wavy effect, after they baked, I let them set up a bit, then scored them and draped the parchment paper that they were on over a rolling pin to harden. I had an unusally humid day so they didn't crisp up on Sunday, but they held long enough for photos. If you want the recipe just PM me and I'll get it to you. Thanks for the compliments. ~Rob
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    For a Chinese dinner last night I made a mango mousse with a sesame crisp
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    Shoo-Fly Potatoes?

    And now I'm curious because there is, of course, shoo fly pie, and a quick google search gave me shoo fly cake. So what does "shoo fly" imply?
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    All about tofu

    If there were ever a thread that demanded pics...this would be it! I want pics of the possibly lethal tofu. I want pics of the test subject before, during, and after tasting. And if you end up in the hospital, then definitely, pics would be expected!
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    How to make a sandwich

    There are some threads on EGullet that are best left to develop with time - such as this one! All I have to add is let's not confuse things by talking about turkey wraps...too hard to write that recipe.
  15. I'm throwing an Australian-themed cheese party next Saturday where everyone is asked to bring Australian or New Zealand traditional foods...problem is...I don't know quite what those foods might be. Thoughts? I will be providing grilling foods - they are bringing sides and desserts. Thanks
  16. I just couldn't bring myself to try it. There was too much good food and drink that I didn't want to spoil things Maybe I'll get a bottle and Take One for the (egullet) Team!
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    Top ten pastry chef Criteria!

    I'll take it one step further.... I really enjoy the magazine and enjoy trying to decipher the recipes as a non-professional. However, what I see is an advertising outlet. It reminds me of the wine mags that tout certain wines, but in fact, they are positive reviews of advertiser promoted wines. I look at the pics of the chefs in the magazine and often they have hats and jackets emblazoned with the logos of companies advertising in the magazine. No, this takes nothing away from their accomplishments - no one questions their abilities and artistry. But refer back to the previous comments about publicists, and consider who pays for the magazine ["we" do now that it is subscription-based ], but that may play into their decisions. [For purposes of full disclosure...This is pure speculation by a former Show Me Stater, and I now come from a state that is sure aliens exist!]
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    Confections! (2006-2012)

    I didn't think making marshmallows was that difficult - the challenge is presentation. I see how beautiful some of the pics in the marshmallow thread are, and will be looking into better ways to cut and present.
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Gauva curd on toasted cashew shortbread...
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    Confections! (2006-2012)

    I went through all of my curry powders and found the one that smelled like it would go well in a sweet. The SWAD/Raja Foods brand is mostly Chicago area and East coast (and my store in New Mexico). I took 2 big Tablespoons of the mild Madras curry, added another 1 T of tumeric (hoping to get that great color) and mixed them with 2 Tablespoons of the syrup that was heating on the stove. By the way, I used the very first recipe mentioned on this thread, minus the vanilla. So with the syrup and powders I made a paste, which I added at the very beginning of the whipping process. I added a coconut tuille strip because the dark chocolate was too dark, and I hope that will tame them somewhat. I'm bringing them to an event tonight. The scraps received rave reviews.
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    Confections! (2006-2012)

    Those look great, and the flavour must be amazing. I love curry with chocolate. I take candied ginger, roll in garam masala and dip in bittersweet. What combination of spices did you use for the curry? ←
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Very powerfully. I smelled all of the various mixes in my cupboard to find the one that scented to be the best for a sweet. The SWAD mix, which we use for an everyday curry, wasn't too harsh, but had a nice sweet perfume to it. So it very much came through but in a great way. I can't say enough how good it tasted.
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    Confections! (2006-2012)

    Curry marshmallows dipped in 82% Sharffen Berger
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    Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Curry Marshmallows in 82% Sharffen Berger!
  25. After ignoring this thread for months because I didn't feel up for obsessing over something new, I finally jumped into marshmallows. Tonight I made curry marshmallows dipped in 82% Sharffen Berger. Here's my step-by-step. First whipping it. I used about 2 T. of mild Madras Curry (SWAD brand): and then it started thickening up... Dumped them out of the pan... And after it set up for a few hours, I started cutting... and cutting... then dipped them... They were fantastics - I'll serve them to guests tomorrow. I would go with 65% chocolate next time. Thanks for obliging me with all these pics, but these were really fun and now I'm psyched to play around more...green tea, etc.