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  1. highlight: awesome collection of talent at the presbytere lowlight: juicing almost 200 liters of juice for them
  2. here's my prediction (if it isn't happening already): the same way some people have started "supper clubs" of private, restaurant-like spaces in people's homes...we will soon have "cocktail clubs". that solves all your problems. you can control the list, meet interesting like-minded people, not have to worry about someone ordering vodka, etc etc. No one expects anything except what they are served at these clubs
  3. There is a product on the market called Jeremiah Weed. Mix it with some of that Bong Vodka that is out there and you should have a smokin' good time
  4. The Singleton is a great introduction to single malts. great price. smooth and rich with a sherry finish
  5. i will put in an extremely self-interested plug for Tequila Don Julio...they make a fine 100% blue agave blanco
  6. someone call carlo petrini...this conversation sounds familiar one other snag on free-pouring vs jiggering: the guala cap. you know, that piece of plastic in some imported spirits/liqueurs. screws my pour up every time...
  7. made this tonight. moderately happy with it. Gone a-rye: 2 rye (i used rittenhouse) 1 pimm's #1 cup 1/2 averna 2 dashes regans orange build, cook, strain up. flamed orange peel the rye is definitely the backbone of this drink but the orange and the averna squabble nicely for second place edited: forgot flamed orange
  8. i've been making what i call a "winter spice rum old-fashioned" 2 parts Ron Zacapa 23 .75 winter spice simple (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg) muddle a half orange-moon and a dash of ango bitters add simple, rum, ice stir, savor
  9. one of my favorites is Blair Athol. sherry cask finish, very drinkable and rich. any of the Flora and Fauna series are interesting...
  10. don't know if this is helpful, but my first thought was "habanero". could do a nice margarita with a slight habanero kick...i prefer a 2-1-1 with don julio reposado and agave nectar to taste.
  11. i think the analogy of human milk: cow milk is as revolting as human flesh: cow flesh. i would eat the milk or flesh of a cow because they are animals. i wouldn't eat the milk or flesh of a human because they are, well, humans. i know, i know...humans are animals too. but one of the animals i procreate with and the other i use as a foodsource. end of story for me! edited to note that i am completely pro-breast feeding for age-appropriate humans (ie babies)
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