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  1. kbuzbee

    Nubian coffee

    Now you tell me! I just poured a 10 pound bag of Domino into the Probat! Argh! (just kidding) Sounds very interesting. And AMEN on your comments on ALL coffee producing countries. Ken
  2. Owen, you're getting a GS3??? I'll be over. Ken
  3. Well, Lonnie, it seems to me that what you're saying is the unit is implied and to be correct usage it must be easily understood/not easy confused?? I'm not sure I agree with that but to address the above.... a rice would be a grain of rice, a soup (if used as 'I'm going to buy a soup') would be a bowl of soup, except perhaps at the grocery where it might mean a can, and a spaghetti would be a dry spaghetti noodle.... at least to me So if you said them to me you would be correct since I would understand them.... Hmmmmm Ken
  4. Having heard so much about Vivace (and living in Cleveland where I can't just hop in the car and go try them) I decided the best I could do right now was order some beans and try them in the La Pavoni. I wanted them to be primo fresh so I asked for the $17 shipping (for 1 pound of coffee) for second day air. Well they roasted it on Wed but shipped it Thursday (and UPS will hold it over the weekend) so I'll get it Monday afternoon and get a nice pull off my week old stale coffee (shipped express) this coming Tuesday... Lovely. I sent them a note saying I was pretty disappointed at this. It was ignored (I guess people in Cleveland don't even rate a reply). Overall I'm already disappointed. I'll see Tuesday whether the coffee has any life left in it........ I have serious doubts. Ken
  5. A La Marzocco?? Wow, how cool. Okay, a little jealous.... Ken
  6. Depends how you mean. My Bamix will froth cold milk just fine but I assume you mean a steam wand that is part of the espresso machine??? 1. Don't use skim milk. Whole milk or better. 2. Start with the tip right on the milk (in a fairly narrow vessel) 3. As the milk getts small fine bubbles on top, lower the wand into the milk. 4. slowly move it up and down until the milk gets to ~140f There are more detailed threads on CoffeeGeek but that should get you started Ken
  7. Not really the point. The company may be wonderful but the name was, perhaps, imprudently chosen. Ken
  8. You're right, too funny. Makes you wonder. Maybe going for the Mr. Wizard thing?? Dunno. Ken
  9. .... you mean just before "brewing", right??? ;-) (ducking) Great write up, Owen. And Rebecca! Awsome! A true coffee geek indeed. Sounds like my kitchen. Have you tried the Brikka?? I love that thing. Just can't get away from my LaPavoni long enough to really appreciate it. Ken Daybreak Coffee Company
  10. Sorry Ya-Roo, I made the assumption that the huge marketing campaign waged by these things had them defined in everyone's mind by now (The Dunkin Donuts guy even promoted them on the Today Show recently). My bad. As Jason says, a POD is a container (usually a bag but some are plastic cups or whatever) generally sealed in foil to keep the coffee from oxidizing (too badly) filled with ground coffee. Once you grind coffee it's fresh for, say, 10 minutes or so. Do the storage systems these pods employee lengthen this time? Yes, but by how much? and is it enough? are questions only you can answer. Some poeple can't really taste the difference fresh coffee makes anyway, but most, to some degree, can. As mentioned above, there are a few companies out there trying to corner the "Less Stale than Other PODs" market but if you think fresh coffee matters the only thing you can do with a pod machine is buy empty pods and fill them with your own ground coffee. This is WAY less convenient than any other brewing method I could think of.... negating the pod machine's one clear advantage. I know I make these things sound like they are evil incarnate. They aren't. There are many people out there who really enjoy the coffee they make. You have to be the one who decides if you fall into that group. Ken Daybreak Coffee Company
  11. And if you insist on a POD machine those are wonderful things to help mitigate the problems inherent with these systems. That said, I will repeat there are many, inexpensive, convenient (not AS convenient perhaps) brewers that will make so much better coffee. Owen's cheap pour over Melitta filter makes a fantastic cup of coffee (though I prefer the ceramic version). With a grinder, fresh coffee and really ANY of the mainstream brewing methods you have almost unlimited flexibility to adjust your coffee to your preference. You can brew hotter or cooler. You can grind more fine or more coarse. You can use less coffee or more. By example, we took our Aeropress on vacation (with a Zassenhaus grinder, fresh beans and hot pot). I did everything the same between my coffee and my wife's except hers had 1/3 as much coffee. I loved mine, she loved hers. Some pods systems allow you to adjust a few parameters (like temperature) but it's kinda sad that you have to give up any of the quality or flexibility you have using a $3 pour over to move to a $500 pod machine. As for the Bialetti Mukka, I'd say it makes an okay cappa-like beverage. As Owen says, it isn't espresso so it isn't "really" cappuccino, but its good. It's not microfoam, it's hot milk/strong coffee with a touch of foam on top. The only thing to remember is to clean it up immediately. Otherwise, you have some soaking and scrubbing to do. But, I have to say, it is the easiest way to make a drink like this I've ever seen (some of the multi thousand $ fully automatics may do this as easily but this thing is $100!). Bialetti has a movie about the thing: Go to www.bialetti.com -> coffee makers -> Mukka Express -> view video It's actually pretty informative. Ken
  12. That is the great fight, Jason. Fresh coffee versus convenient coffee. POD machines are way convenient but the coffee is NOT fresh. You can get your own pods to fill with fresh coffee you just ground but what just happened to your convenient coffeemaker?? That seems like the dumbest compromise but maybe there are folks out there who would use the premade pods on workdays and still have the option of fresh coffee on their days off??? I dunno. I choose fresh coffee. There are fairly effecient methods to make it when I'm in a hurry (Moka pot 3 min French Press 4 min) even a shot of espresso only makes a minute to grind, fill, tamp and pull if I put the machine on 20 minutes before to warm up. I understand the appeal of the pods, I do, but I just can't go there. Ken Daybreak Coffee Company
  13. The Saeco website has a great video of how this thing works. Never tried it myself but it looks very cool. Their website doesn't list the real urls so you have to go to: Saeco click on consumer products->Make yourself a coffee -> The Brew Group (movie) The Saeco USA headquarters just relocated near me. I keep meaning to get over there one day. Ken Daybreak Coffee Company
  14. They do, scoll down to the bottom of the page... Technivorm You are spot on about the hot plate... Avoid at all costs. All the Technivorm models do, however, brew a great pot of coffee... Also for a fraction of the cost of the Miele systems.... Can't help with the built in part though (and no car option I'm aware of ) Ken www.daybreakcc.com
  15. ... and freshness. Do you know where those PODs have been??? Hmmmm????? I didn't realize that Miele systems were $2000... Wow! That seems like a lot. It does look cool though. I guess I'd think about that if I had unlimited funds and was rebuilding my kitchen..... Alas, no. Ken www.daybreakcc.com
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