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  1. On 12/5/2020 at 6:03 PM, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    Another question:  how important is the alcohol?  I can't quite believe a small concentration of alcohol would preserve much of anything.  Shelf life isn't too important as I go through half a liter of orgeat a month.


    Without alcohol it will keep for 1 month at best, refrigerated. If you add alcohol, you will increase shelf life quite a bit. I have been able to keep my orgeat for several months without degradation. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    It's been a couple years...  Anyone currently making their own orgeat?  Over the decade I've spent more on @feste's orgeat than any one human should.  Sadly she seems to be having logistics problems.  I can't do without orgeat so I need to learn how to make my own.


    I have been making my own for 10+ years now (recipe at this link; it is based on Jeff Berry's recipe). I tried various commercially-produced orgeats, Small Hand Foods included, and always come back to homemade because I prefer the flavor. I also find that homemade has a much longer shelf life.


    I really do not care for the toasted almond or marzipan flavor. I am more into a fresh/green almond flavor when I make mine, and I do not toast the almonds.

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  3. I agree with you all. He will be missed. Joy of Mixology was one of my first serious cocktail books, and I learned a lot from it. I remember how excited when I was finally able to buy his orange bitters. I think about him every time I mix a Negroni (and have his Negroni book, of course). I even gifted his finger to close friends because it is such a great conversation piece and puts a huge smile on my face. He was such a character!

    I still use 101 best new cocktails app every once in a while - it's a great source of interesting cocktails, with a little story for each one.

    He did so much for the cocktail community!

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  4. On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 5:04 PM, choux said:

    Finally rememberd to put Canada Ddy tonic into the fridge(my baseline for tasting new gins), and oh my the Nikka gin is wonderful. 

    Yuzu comes through very nicely. I cannot think of any similar gin to compare. I am slightly sad it is so delicious and also $80/bottle. 

    Agreed, I love the Nikka coffey gin. I bought my second bottle a few weeks ago.

    What is interesting about it as well is the long peppery finish (subtle yet noticeable). I love the fact that it incorporates all these interesting uniquely Japanese flavors, but is very restrained at the same time. It makes delicious sours - I used my first bottle to make Southsides mostly.

    Luckily it is only about $50 in California! (It doesn't come in the fancy cardboard packaging though... :D)

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  5. 2 hours ago, eugenep said:

    I never had a French beer before but I heard it exists. Hmmm....they look like lagers - maybe light tasting like water?  

    I am going to go with a big Gallic shrug here.


    A couple of good French beers I have had not too long ago:

    Jenlain Ambree which is an amber biere de garde, complex with spices and a touch of caramel, slightly hoppy. Can be found in most supermarkets in France.

    Gavroche by Saint Sylvestre which I understand is a micro brewery. Also a biere de garde, spices, notes of chocolates and caramel. That one I've had in the US actually.



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  6. On 2/7/2019 at 5:23 PM, patris said:

    My weekly TJs pilgrimage usually nets little more than a few routine items - mostly certain veg, cheeses, eggs and nuts - but this evening a couple things caught my eye and made their way into my cart.




    My local TJ’s is already out of the ruby cacao wafers! Apparently they only received one box and it was gone immediately. 😞


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  7. 17 hours ago, EvergreenDan said:

    Thank you for the kind words. It seems like there are a fair number of Bourbon options, including both Buffalo Trace (which I haven't had recently) and the ubiqutious Knob Creek Bourbon, which I can find in a handle. Rye it tougher. There is a fairly spendy Knob Creek Rye, but I don't think I've seen it in a handle. I'm looking to stay around $60/1.75L.

    Your best option may be two bottles of Rittenhouse rye at $30/bottle (or Sazerac, which is about the same price I believe)! I am not aware of other ryes in that price range that would be good for sipping.

  8. Thank you! I tried it hot and chilled, and it is nice either way.

    I’ve read that carrots and cumin are close relatives (so are coriander, cilantro, etc - they all belong to the apiaceae family), which could explain why they go well together.

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  9. @blue_dolphin's post inspired me to revisit the squash and fennel soup, and give another try to the candied squash seeds because they looked so delicious in her post.

    In my previous attempt, maybe the seeds were a bit old and maybe I hadn't toasted them long enough - in any case they were very dry and unpleasant to eat. This time they were fresher and turned out ok. I actually ate a good number of them while finishing up the preparation of the soup!

     @blue_dolphin - did you use the whole seed or did you remove the shells? It does not look like you have the shells in your picture.


    I used a butternut squash instead of kabocha, only used 6 cups of liquid, and cooked the soup for 10 min in the instant pot on high rather than using a Dutch pot.


    It's a delicious soup! :)



    Squash and fennel soup (suzanne going, lucques) #soup #suzannegoin #lucques #squash #wintersquash #fennel #soup


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  10. So I decided to make duck confit for Thanksgiving, following Melissa Clark’s recipe. I’ve made the recipe about 1/2 dozen times now and it’s always been very successful, other than the occasional “burn” message where I would unplug, wait 5-10 minutes for everything to cool down, and restart.


    Tonight I’ve tried that 6 times and the duck really started burning. At that point I decided to start from the beginning with a clean pot and new duck legs, but I got the message again.


    I am not sure what to try next. Any ideas? I might have to ditch the IP technique and switch to a traditional confit or maybe a sous vide confit, unless there is something else I can do to troubleshoot the instant pot. This is both puzzling and immensely frustrating. :(


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  11. 1 hour ago, blue_dolphin said:

    I had to laugh when checking out as they've replaced the beep/chime sounds that tell you to remove your credit card with a turkey gobble sound xD

    And before that, they had Hawaiian music. I think it’s a lot more relaxing that those awful beeping sounds! I love TJ’s. :)

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