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  1. hi everyone! this was dinner last night red cooked pork belly and we eat it in this manner, slit a steamed bun, insert a slice of pork belly, top with pickled mustard greens, sweet daikon pickles, ground peanut with sugar and fresh cilantro.... i have the bowl of the braising liquid as my au jus on the side.
  2. thanks hongda! ok here is the pic after steaming it and here's after frying
  3. uhmm im having issues attaching the pictures, im gonna try to figure out how to post this thing....its asking me for a URL (no idea ) when i click on the image button, its been so long since i last posted a pic on here that its changed already. well the results were ok. the goh held its shape, but when i fry the sliced pieces, it falls apart easily, i think im gonna have to make another one today, ill add more rice flour though, ill be back with the results later.
  4. Thanks for the input everyone! I'm making it this afternoon, i bought some nice fresh daikon from the farmer's market yesterday. i'll post pictures of the finished product later!
  5. thanks for the help guys, i think i made the first mistake of using glutinous rice flour instead of regular rice flour.
  6. Hi everyone! been away from this site for a while now, I just didn't realize its been almost 2 years since I last logged in. Hope everyone is doing well, Auntie Dejah, Auntie Teepee, Uncle Ben Hong, Ah Leung, Liuzhou ( they are great pioneers for knowledge, recipes and and everything in between for the China cooking & baking forum * i bow to thee masters* ). So I moved to a little town called Oxnard in Ventura county, Ca from Chicago....and I'm sad to announce that the asian grocers here have very little selection as far as specific ingredients go, like asian seasonings, herbs, roots, and dried goods, pretty much everything thats of the usual in chinese cooking. L.A. chinatown is only an hour and fifteen away according to the GPS but that lady inside the GPS will also not mention that you will be sitting in traffic for 4 hours one way, so forget that idea lol. The upside though, is they grow almost every concievable fruit and vegetable here, it is also the Strawberry capital of the west coast, apparently I moved into the modern day garden of eden. Acquiring fresh fruits and veggies are not an issue. Last week at the Farmers Market, i saw these beautiful, fat and solid radishes, and I immediately thought of Radish Cake, pan fried with it's carmelized crispy edges dipped in chili oil and soy sauce. I've tried making them before and got discouraged because it turned into a gooey sticky mess instead of a solid block, i used rice flour like the recipe said, i just dont know what i might be doing wrong. Does anybody have any suggestions or solid recipe for Lo bak go that they would like share?
  7. you should post what you made with those straw mushrooms
  8. i believe the smoky flavor comes from a well seasoned wok...you know like a 10 year old wok...coz they dont wash it with soap, just hot water and scrub it reaaaal good...then again, i could very well be wrong. but i do taste the smokiness in food in most restaurants that have been an establishment even before i was a twinkle in parent's eyes hehe, and it is a hit or miss with that flavor with newer places that have only been around for a few years. ...nice to be back on Egullet after a couple of years of reclusion... =)
  9. keep the shao xing! it gives that distinct flavor of i dunno ......but trust me its there and it just blends in . if u leave it out then you will find another thing missing in the sauce.
  10. Gastro Jieh what you can do is omit the dark soy sauce and mushroom soy sauce, instead, up the amount of mashed black beans and a tablespoon or two of oyster sauce and include it in the marinade for the beef as well. this also helps in keeping the sauce not too dark. HI INGA from Brandon!!! welcome to egullet chinese style!!! hehehe i think its about time for bittermelon with beef and dau see. but that would put me in placing the same dish for the same thread twice.... Sheetz and anyone who can help. i tried looking all over chinatown yesterday afternoon for the Golden Syrup for the Lo Po Peng skins, but i cant find any( i mean literally i went down the length of wentworth ave. and the surrounding streets of chinatown in every grocery store)!!! and i swear, like a few months ago i pass by them in the grocery aisle and wouldnt give a time of day for it since i didnt know i was gonna have to need em!....TIL NOW i know the one i usually see is LION brand but all i see from that brand is "Custard Powder" i know thats not what im looking for. then i finally asked this lady from a mongkok store she said that golden syrup is Maltose, and of course i didnt believe her..i just said "oh ok thank you" then left..now im thinking maybe it is maltose? just labeled golden syrup, since we chinese people like to name things four or five different names depending on our dialect *scratches head aiyaa!* can anyone shed light in this confusion? thanks in advance...i really wanted to make them Lo Po Peng and another one is stuffed with pineapple preserved but shaped the same, although im gonna have to wing it with the pineapple and experiment some.
  11. "SIU YUK......*drool" (the way homer says it to donuts) lol SHEETZ that looks gorgeous! the bubbly crackly skin looks perfect, i love the contrast of the hard crunchy skin and then soft melt in your mouth layers of fat and meat orgasmic hahaha oops is that censored Auntie Tepee whats in your wonton filling? your wonton noodle soup makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood at my Tai Mah's (great grandma's) house, hers is very simple, just roughly chopped shrimp, garlic chives, salt, and white pepper. im on a diet right now thats why i havnt been cooking much, but siu yuk is perfect for my atkins psshh i can eat that all day......i know its not healthy but i need to lose these 10 extra lbs i gained from the holidays, and my birthday, i porked up a bit. i can feel my pants getting a tad bit snug. so i cant really take the wok chaan until next week ill pass for now I'm sure Ah Leung Goh, Auntie Dejah, Sheets, Peony, Xiao Ling Jieh, Habeas, and rest of the chinese eats bloggers can always whip up a fantastic dish at a whim's notice, after all we all have to eat something chinese at one point. hehe.
  12. OMG, that looks soooooo gooood, even the color is soo perfect, Thank god they dont make computer monitors in HI DEFINITON...i might try biting onto the screen! They look just like the ones in the old fashion asian bakeries, but Sheetz yours would be sooo much better since you are "honest" in the amount of candied wintermelon you put in the filling! hmm I don't bake as much as i used to but i think i will try making this in the near future...i will try next week while im on vacation!
  13. Thanks Auntie Dejah, if that was Stryker's breakfast he would be a really happy and lucky dog. Auntie Tepee yes half a dozen of em, with a dan tart or two to end it on a sweet note. and i usually dont realize i've eaten that much since i just keep grabbing from the box while sitting in traffic....then once in a while i peek in the box to make sure i still have some left for midnight snack, then i stop. lol
  14. I made up a vegetarian dish tonight it doesn't look so appetizing but its really good. trust me lol. it has wood ear, oyster mushroom, button and straw mushrooms, knotted fu jook and fa cai.
  15. sien shui gu ahhh gotcha, I've been trying to figure out what it was until... thanks Habeas, wow you should really be an Honorary chinese! hahaha i cant believe i missed that, and its one of my favorite dimsum. I would like to know how to make em, but I live by two bakeries that make em. and they make it perfectly yummy. If you guys ever visit chicago go to Chiu Quon Bakery either the one on Argyle st. in viet-town or the one on Wentworth ave. in Main Chinatown. they have either steamed or fried, i like the fried better. their filling has ground pork, ham ha, lop yuk, dried mushroom and waterchestnuts. the filling is salty but the sticky rice dough outside has a hint of sweetness. i actually like the balance in flavor. Man, i usually stop by on one of the bakeries at least once a week to get a dozen, only to finish half of it sitting in traffic with my Jamz blasting through the speakers. aiyaa! by the time i get home im ready to go to bed from ham sui gok coma. oh and Stryker, the chihuahua dog, loves it too here's a pic of him trying to get it off his paws hehe it got stuck.... Auntie Tepee welcome back! I was starting to wonder where u've been?
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