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  1. Yes, and my Japanese sensei swears by it. "It's better and more authentic than Kintaro!" her words, not mine.
  2. My boyfriend and I are currently in Tsuyama in the Okayama Prefecture and there is a Lawson that is about 2 minutes from the house we are staying at. Let me tell you, the Lawson folks already know us and wave at us when we pass by! It's super affordable and pretty good food, especially for us students!! I have yet to try the oden but I probably will before we leave on Saturday to go to Tokyo! The service at the konbini is amazing as well! Lawson is definitely one place I am going to miss when I get back home.
  3. We all know when things sound too good to be true, they usually are. (When was the last time you got an update on that highly-photogenic German girl locked in the root cellar, or the Albanian family who walk like chimps, or the Italian family-with-dubious-income murdered in Mexico?) Remember: Con is the root of Connor. Just in case, however, I did make an on-line reservation. I'm looking forward to trying the Cigarette of Avocado. Memo, I see Dogen, Connor and Tupelo - flying home to me ← NOT A CON: This is a short version of our correspondence: Hi Cassandra, We are taking over the location this weekend (October 1st) and it is on the west side of Granville at about sixth, next to the cheesecake cafe in what I hear was an old after hours. We will have 24 seats avaiable for appointment only in our dining room. We are pushing hard for a Halloween party opening (fingers crossed, knocking wood), and I will keep you informed of our progress when pertinent. Cheers, Chef Connor Butler ← Just a few notes on this Connor Butler business - yes, the Versace dishes are in fact true! And to top it all off, not only are reservations MANDATORY, but apparently you will need references (of what?!) in order to be accepted. There may also be a quiz to see if you are WORTHY of dining there. I don't know if it's just to get the buzz on the restaurant or what... ...The new restaurant by Andre of Parkside is called LA BUCA and I believe it's opening "soon."
  4. Is this in Tokyo? Thank you! I have been browsing through the Japan threads, searching for tips and such, but I will probably make a thread of my own later on.
  5. Ok there is a restaurant http://www.kyusyokutoban.com/kyusyoku/index.htm in Japan that I really want to go when I visit in January!! I can't read Japanese so I'm at a loss to find this place. Can you help? It's basically japanese school lunch themed restaurant! It looks so cute.
  6. We ordered take out from there last week and thought it was great! Like you said, the prices are reasonable and the sushi is fresh! I get to have take out and I don't need to wait in line (ahem*Toshis*)! On another note - there was a fire at Shiro and they're currently closed. They was a little sign saying they would open next week. My fingers are crossed.
  7. What happened? I've only been there once, and our service was fine. There was a table across from us who had complained about the pizza not being authentic and yelled at the waiter, who said, "The owners are Italian, sir." I felt bad for him.
  8. REALLY?? Is this the George/Brix location? I would be *very* surprised, since they just ordered a lot of glassware from puddifoot last week!
  9. Anona on Main Street is closed. A new place is opening up there! I don't know what it is yet...(I just noticed while walking across the street) I never got to try that hot chocolate...
  10. On toasted pound cake. delicious.
  11. On West 4th Avenue, in between Burrard and Cypress (by Marks Work Warehouse) a new restaurant is going to be Noodle Box. Opening in July, as stated on the website.
  12. Ok, so we woke up late today and I had to work at 1:30pm, so we stopped by Keis to get some goodies to share before a dreaded 8 hour shift in hell. It's so bare but cute inside!! I wish I brought my camera. We got strawberry-red bean pan, Mt. Matcha, and banana pan. The guy was super nice to us and gave us a coffee one to try, too! My favourite was definitely the Mt. Matcha. I liked how the custard was just a touch sweet with the green tea coming through just perfectly! The strawberry-red bean tasted like peanut butter (red bean) and jelly (but the strawberries were fresh: definite plus!) but was delicious. The banana pan - I didn't know what to expect, but it was just a light, eggy bun with a banana baked inside. It was sweet and light. The coffee pan was pretty good, too. I think it was their "house special" or something. You could definitely taste the coffee in the bread, which was pretty nice. I will definitely be back. They were super friendly, and everything was delicious! I want to try the sweet potato twist and the kinako!
  13. I walk past it every other day (just like the new Orchid Delight) and I never go in. I will break my rule of not buying any snacks and indulge in a little japanese delight! What is the mom's special? Did you try that bun? What's the name of the one with the banana? I'm getting really hungry now..
  14. I work about 10 minutes away from that restaurant. It was a diner for a while, and then it was closed and got renovated. The diner re-opened for about a week, and then the restaurant closed again. And now this! Well, I'm going to have to try it now!! whee!
  15. Also, check out Airline Meals! They have lots of meals from all sorts of different airlines, complete with ratings and class (business, economy, first). It's really interesting to see the different types of meals each section gets, too!
  16. We have just moved in the Cambie/Main St area, and boy are we excited!! The S.O and I used to have pho at Pho Hoang whenever we were in the area, but we've since learned our lesson and now take a 5 minute walk (!!!) to Pho Thang Long on Main and 21st. Delicious, cheap and comfortable! Wednesdays will be trips to Solly's to take advantage of their $4.95 dozen bagel deals (and maybe an apple slice or two). We have aurora bistro, hawkers and toshi's to try out still. Aurora will probably have to wait because I am a student. Thanks to the board, I love love love Seb's breakfast fare! Wow! I'm getting really hungry now. I'm going to take advantage of the weather and look for some good eats in my new hood!
  17. Judging by mooshmouse's post, I believe the sale has ended.
  18. We have a few "places," but the one that stands out in my head (right now, at least) would be The Templeton on Granville. The girls know us pretty well now and as odd as it sounds, it's nice to be treated like "a regular." (But I never cause a scene if anyone sits in "our booth.") The food is pretty good, not outstanding, but I think we go in there more for the atmosphere and the conversations with the servers. That, and the candy whirl ice cream sundaes Danielle makes us.
  19. I had the intentions of taking my camera to the restaurant, but was rushed out of the apartment by my boyfriend and forgot to take it with me; by the time I realized that I did, we were about 10 minutes to the restaurant. BOOO... The scampi did look delicious, (a lot of people ordered that for their first course; I'm assuming to "get their money's worth") but I think the soup is a better choice. You get more, and not a lot of restaurants can make a soup quite as delicious as Nico did!! I'm craving for that lamb still...
  20. I'm glad you had an excellent time there! Our dinner is tomorrow at West.
  21. teamboom

    Salty Snacks

    I will second ling's Asian Beef Jerky vote. DELICIOUS. Beats the western kind any day in my books! Whenever I crave salt, I usually yearn for Pringles chips. The reduced fat ones, especially. They have a good amount of salt and crunch that I looooove. Wasabi peas (salty and spicy = good) edamame with tonnes of kosher salt on top.
  22. So Rob and I just came home from our lovely evening at Chambar. I have always wanted to go to the restaurant every since seeing the episode of Opening Soon, but was intimidated by the dim lighting and cool atmosphere. We arrived at the restaurant at 6:45pm and waited for about 10 minutes (not bad at all) while sitting on some comfy leather seats. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful! I am very impressed with the renovations and the friendly staff. Rob had a hoegaarden beer and I had a "Tofino Crash," which is an Earl Grey iced tea, sweetened with vanilla and citrus flavours. I was most impressed by the addition of Non-Alcoholic pairings to the menu (yay, eGullet!)!! Thumbs up, for that. And so we begin.... For our first course, I chose the La salade d’ hiver. On a gigantic plate (I kid you not), was a delicate bed of watercress and endive with candied pecans. Hidden underneath were perfectly poached pears. It was crisp and refreshing. The dressing had a very light stilton cheese taste, which was nice because I was afraid it would be very strong, and I am not a huge fan of strong cheese. Rob couldn't choose between the scampi or the mushroom soup, but decided upon the soup. Now, my boyfriend isn't a huge fan of mushrooms, so I was afraid that he would make me switch dishes with him. Fortuneatly he loved the creaminess and flavours of the soup. It had a good thick taste with a strong coffee taste. I had a little sip and it blew me away! For our mains, Rob went with the Tajine d'Aziz a l'agneau, a braised lamb, and I had the Moules-Frites - Congolaise. The lamb was sublime. Rich, tender and buttery meat that fell off the bone. Accompanied by bokchoy and a carrot, everything was cooked to perfection. He wasn't a huge fan of the couscous, but I had a taste and it was pretty good. Then again, I haven't had couscous on a regular basis, so who am I to judge? My mussels were perfect. Oh my...the portion was huge. The coconut-tomato base was one of the best broths I have had (waaay better than the one at Bin, in my opinion) and the mussels were quite large and meaty. The frites were delicious with the right amount of salt. I am not a huge fan of aioli (I know, shame on me), but it was very light and creamy. Yum! Dessert was a belgian waffle, topped with vanilla ice-cream with chocolate and raspberry coulis. It came with my favourite, the gooseberry, to my delight. Patisserie LeBeau, eat your heart out. Thick, warm and crisp, it was an excellent way to end the evening. The ice cream was nothing special, but the cool vanilla was delicious with the waffle. It was a feel good dessert that was simple but elegant at the same time! Our waiter, Chris, was really friendly and unpretentious. He was funny and charming and just plain nice. I had really high expectations of the restaurant, and everything was up to par and then some. Rob and I left full, happy, and impressed. His favourite part of the restaurant was the soap in the bathroom. He came back from the washroom and sat down and exclaimed, "The soap smells like cedar! Smell!!" hahaha.... Good choice on the soap. And excellent non-alcoholic choices! I was fearful of having plain cranberry juice, but was saved by the great menu! Hats off, and we will definitely come back in the future!
  23. Tonight will be my first DOV at Chambar!! I'm excited and nervous and most importantly, starving...
  24. There is a Korean BBQ restaurant above the Hon's on Robson (in between Jervis and Broughton, I believe) that is now open. I am intrigued...I do love me some Korean BBQ!
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