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  1. I laughed when I came across this thread and saw my post! The pic above is from my first cupcake tryout! Here are my recent cupcakes:
  2. Don't know why this happened, but my cupcake liners peeled away from my cupcakes after leaving them to cool for a while. Never had this happen before and I've used these cupcake liners a lot. HELP!
  3. Has also anyone here tried baking the recipes without converting the recipe amounts to 1 & 1/3 for 2 layers? I don't like doing much math...Hehe. Also, I will be trying the WHITE VELVET BUTTER CAKE next as I now have a surplus of 4 egg whites from the 4 egg yolks I used for the sour cream coffee cake.
  4. I also tried the SOUR CREAM COFFEE CAKE and was utterly dismayed to find half the cake batter to be way undercooked while the outer layer, including the streusel was golden! I baked it for 55 minutes, if I'm not mistaken and even tested the batter. I might not have noticed the yellowish batter against the pale wooden skewer I used as tester... Is this a case of an oven that's too hot? Flavor was just wonderful with the peaches and walnuts and cinnamon and butter combo...
  5. ablosh

    Filipino Snacks

    Boy Bawang has been the culprit that caused my lips to crack from uber-dryness plenty of times. I mean it's like you just can't stop popping them in your mouth! My favorites also include puffy Cheese Curls, Peewee, Oishi Chili Flavor, Kirei and other locally manufactured junk! Heehee!
  6. I will surely try that tip! Thanks Cathryn! I have the same problem with the kitchenaid beater not reaching the very bottom...which is why I have to always scrape the bottom for "settled" or stuck ingredients.
  7. Tried the one on Martha Stewart's site because it contained the butter I was looking for! Came out great--just as a I like it. Although I think I baked it a tad too long because the corner edges were kind of challenging to chew--BUT, the rest was great! LING, that will be included in my recipes-to-do!
  8. I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream and White Chocolate! I had to *ehem* taste one before giving the lot as a little girl's birthday gift!
  9. Hmm... ETALANIAN: No butter? I was looking for almost an butterscotch taste, I think.
  10. I've recently bought a pack of dates! Rarely do I find these so I impulsively bought one without thinking what I'm going to do with them. Anyhow, I have walnuts in the pantry too, and I only know of combining the two to make some bars. Does anyone have a tested recipe that would produce moist, but still chewy bars? Or do you know of anything else I could create?
  11. Yep...I wanted oats and nuts in mine as well. Nowadays, I look for "texture" and chew in my food. Dunno why though...
  12. This is my TRIPLE THREAT CHEESECAKE. The top layer's vanilla, the second's coffee and the third is chocolate, while the base is a cookies 'n' cream inspired shortcrust. (Too bad the layer's didn't show on pictures I've taken, because I only used my cellphone's camera...) Tasters said that aside from my purist cheesecake, this is the best I've made!
  13. I've heard so much about the MAPLE OAT SCONES sold in certain Starbucks branches here in our country, but had only tried it today. GOSH-DARN-IT-GOOD! I love the maple-y, oat-y, crumbly texture of the scone! Plus, the brown sugar was just enough to sweeten, add a bit of "sandy" texture, but not too sickening-sweet. Does anyone have a good maple oat scone recipe that's tried and tested? (And do all scones need lots of cream? I've read a handful of recipes, and they all ask for 3/4-1C of cream...)
  14. ablosh

    Dessert sushi

    I've tried fruit sushi which uses very thin cucumber slices as wrappers. It was very good and refreshing! I ate probably almost a dozen, aside from all the other items in the buffet table of course.
  15. Post-Valentine's posting of Heart-shaped Cheesecakes topped with glazed fresh strawberries! Very creamy Leche Flan that I tried for the first time!
  16. These look YUMMEH! I feel like getting a hot cup of coffee right now...
  17. ablosh

    Stuffed Squid Tubes

    Making a stuffing out of crabmeat and onions is great too! Add some bell peppers to add a bit of texture to it!
  18. Thanks a lot! Will try out the recipe after this hellish week of academics!
  19. REGARDING THE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE RECIPE... Hmm...how much cups is 3 ounces? 1 and 1/2? And if I may also ask, how many grams is that? Has anyone tried using a imitation "buttermilk"--vinegar/lemon in milk and then, leaving them for 5 minutes? Because buttermilk here is difficult to find...and the only thing I've found in the wholesale stores are buttermilk powders by the kilos! AND lastly, if I don't have a coffee maker and just has water, a microwave oven and instant coffee, how many teaspoons of coffee granules do I add to the water to emulate that 1 and 1/2 cups of hot brewed coffee in the recipe? Thank you so very much much much in advance!
  20. I tried that...and I personally didn't notice the difference (but I am a super sugar freak so my tastebuds might not be so reliable). The thing with using it in a saucepan is that it takes a LOOONG while of you standing by the stove and babysitting the condensed milk with frequent stirring... I don't have that much patience.
  21. Hmm... so a waterbath is indeed a necessity? But how does one get that light brown color on top of the cheesecake without overbaking it? I tried once to go as high as 500 degrees for about 10 minutes and then lowered it to 250 for an hour... Have to say it didn't work the way I wanted it to.
  22. Oh... it's probably that I didn't scrape the batter well enough because I did leave the cheesecake in room temp for about an hour... I THINK I read in baking 911 that starch helps in coating particles and stuff so as to avoid those cracks... Hmm...
  23. I read about adding flour or cornstarch in the cheesecake batter with help prevent those cracks that mar their surface once they're baked. But I wasn't sure when to add them to my recipe... so after I beat my cream cheese, I sifted the two tablespoons of AP flour into the mixture and it looked fine. But when I added my room temperature liquid ingredients, suddenly, there were these uneven lumps everywhere... Why and how can I prevent this? When should I mix in the flour? Does anyone have a tested recipe of a basic NY-style cheesecake with starch in it?
  24. I use Dulce de Leche as filling for my banana breads, cakes, brownies...etc. I've also recently tried it with my basic baked cheesecake. However, the cheesecake had a vague taste of a flan/creme caramel...not sure if that was a good thing.
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