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  1. I had dim sum at Yang Sing about ten days ago and it was very good - the tripe especially.
  2. The Fat Duck was named best restaurant in the 2005 poll, since suceeded by El Bulli. If you are going to use this criterion, Adria is now the best chef 'on the planet'. Not sure what the Queen has to do with this, other than the fact that she granted Heston an OBE, not a knighthood. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Fat Duck and admire Heston, I just don't think he should be immune to criticism. PS - I also liked watching him on the Sunday Times DVD. Possibly because a lot of it was cut from the TV series so the footage of him is more relaxed.
  3. Heston is certainly not a Sir, and the claim that he is 'officially' the best chef on the planet is debatable. According to whom?
  4. I missed the show but watched a bit of the free Sunday Times DVD. I liked it. A lot of it seems to be made up of bits that didn't make the cut for the show, but it's cool - lots of footage of the lab.
  5. Mju in Knightsbridge do it but the food (and service) are pretty ordinary so I wouldn't go out of my way. I had a cherry beer on the tasting at Le Gavroche bit I can't remember the dish unfortunately.
  6. Marina gives it 2* in today's metro. About time too. Review
  7. Defune is excellent, but can be breathtakingly expensive. Sushi Hiro is just excellent. R
  8. From personal experience I'd recommend Handford Wines, with branches in Holland Park and South Kensington. You can also order online. Voila.
  9. They do still have their set lunch menu, though I suspect it might now come in at £46 rather than £44. Jacket definitely still neccessary.
  10. The Capital is open Saturday lunch and does a £29.50 lunch menu with 4/5 choices at each course. Although it's not quite ALC standard or ambition, they don't run this alongside a higher-priced lunchtime ALC so the execution is excellent.
  11. Aikens has a scallop starter on the ALC using nasturtiam: Roast scallop and tartare with pickled carrots, nasturtiam, and lemon puree.
  12. Simone Zanoni is now heading up the kitchen at RHR, following Askew. Any reason you wouldn't try Aikens?
  13. Not quite ALC, but back again for lunch yesterday. Called first thing in the morning and managed to swing a 1.30pm table. FYI – if you are flexible with time, this is a decent bet for a last-minute table. Andy Fenn was with me and I'm sure he'll add his thoughts on what he had. Canapes: truffled cream cheese and aubergine caviar with crisps and toast. Pretty good. Spicy aubergine caviar with (I think) some sun-dried tomato. Amuse: more of a selection of tit-bits than a single taster. Lettuce puree with lobster consommé; a single split langoustine; a halved cherry tomato filled with mozzarella;
  14. What did you have in the end last night, Matt?
  15. Aaaaaah. The crunch of ear cartilage. Took me back to school. Mud churned and frozen into knives. An oval of wet leather. A scrum of teenage schoolboys and Forster, the Ganymede of the Lower Sixth, with his hand up my shorts. Happy days ← That is brilliant.
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