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  1. support your local independant book store
  2. That's it! One of my favorites. Nobody's named the other cheese so I'll tell you. Its a Tomme. This particular one is a raw milk brebis. Lot & lots of flavor. ← looks like etorki
  3. bon ton makes small croissants ...i think
  4. I am going in early spring to view cheese shops. Anything new since the last post in march 2008?
  5. but what will I carry my olives home in then? Guess it will be my mouth? ← The plan is to eliminate plastic shopping bags. We haven't found an ideal alternative. Ideally, we'd like something made locally. If anyone has any suggestions, please PM me.
  6. jchaput


    Picked up two. thanks
  7. what fruit did you think those brightly colored lime green and florescent red chunks of stuff came from? the rutebega is like a filler, to keep the overall cost down. I think there is some fruit in there, but i don't know what ratio. Didn't there used to be a Dan-D-Pak store in Marpole? bet they have lots of interesting dried fruits.
  8. jchaput


    went by sutton place today, but they didn't have any. You have to order them.
  9. jchaput


    I've heard that Sutton Place sell them in their bakery. I'll have to try one this week.
  10. stay away from candied fruit mix. It qutie often has a high ratio of rutabega that is colored.
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