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  1. This is such a great list, now why do we not have a list like this for Spain for all those people searching for stages there?
  2. Yes I have just moved to San Sebastian last week to stay for a while. However, I was here in December and had a chance to eat at Arzak, Akelarre, Zuberoa, and Mugaritz. I know exactly what you are talking about. I came here to look for work at one of these restaurants and personally ranked them in this order Arzak #1, Zuberoa #2, Akelarre #3 and finally Mugaritz #4. I heard all the same great things that I’m sure you did. And the best way to say it at least for me is that Arzak was just straight up a 3 star Michelin restaurant from bottom to top I could not have been happier. For me the most important factor there was that the art and or visual magic of the food matched the exquisite taste. The balance was there. On the other hand though Mugaritz was very well spoken of and certainly one of the more beautiful locations only seconded by Akelarre. I had the overwhelming feeling of someone who is walking around the modern art section of a museum looking at really interesting out there pieces and then walking into a big empty room. With vaulted ceilings of plain white only to find a plain wooden chair in the middle of the room (or a spoon pendulum in the case of Mugaritz) and saying to myself, “Is this art?” I have been to many of the world’s best restaurants and have been a cook for nine years professionally, yet this was the first time that I ever felt that I just didn’t get it. It was comfortable enough and of the three things that I liked, they were great. Oh, and the best way I have ever been served foie gras ever. Really that was great but there were courses that just made me think that it really pushed that line of being so far out there in presentation and with flavors that tended to risk on the lighter side of the palate if at all. So I think I know exactly why you posted this and if so. Yes I agree (?????????) Not so sure I get it.
  3. I believe that if one invites the stage, one just takes that risk. We cant police everyone. What if there were 50 chefs that decided to copy all of Chef G's dishes. Then this discussion would be futile and we wouldnt know where to begin. Photos and pictures that are taken by someone that has created or copied a dish or technique are not infringing on any copyright law. Simply because the picture is of something that has no copyright or patent protection. Now lets say he decided to recreate something Alinea did file protection for, and filed a PCT or international protection for, then the law is being broken. When we cut and paste a photo digitally without authorization, then it also becomes illegal. ← As a stagiere I would agree that with the mentality of locking down all intellectual property you should not allow stages into your kitchen or lab any longer as you stated earlier. That is certainly not the right environment because for all intents and purposes a stage is a working student. I would also argue that everyone in the kitchen is a student. I cannot see an environment of fear for loss of control on intellectual property in a university and cannot see it for a student/stage in a kitchen. I could accept (possibly) a NDA for a regular position in a restaurant or lab position. However, I firmly believe that any chef that accepts stagiere’s particularly into their kitchen must accept and should expect what you may call intellectual property leak, but what I would call lessons from a willing teacher. Further more as artists in truly any field of art the lessons of the teacher do willingly get handed down from painter to painter and chef to cook. My belief is that anything I produce and potentially market in the future from the restaurants at which I have staged is far game. Not only because I feel that this is the normal working of the system but expected and with honor as a form of homage. Stages are your unpaid students and there is a trade off on both sides.
  4. Thank you very much for the information, that is very positive. I understand compleatly that these sort of restaurants are "room and board" only situations. I am very ready to accept that. Thank you for the contact with Escuela Luis Irizar, is the school in San Sebastian? Do they have a web site? That sounds like a very good lead. Thank you so much for the help.
  5. Thanks for the info. I am getting ready for my trip right now and I am trying to finish all of my reasearch so that I am prepared to talk with Chef´s there.
  6. Hello this is my first post, I am a cook in Madrid, Spain right now and I have just finished two and a half months of Spanish language courses here. I graduated from the CIA shortly ago as well and now I’m looking to secure a Stage in San Sebastian. I go up this weekend and have reservations at Arzak, Akelarre, and Mugiritz. I wanted to dine at these places before seeking a Stage at one of them. I have had some communication with Akelarre, and have one connection into the restaurant through a former Chef. However, I was wondering if anyone had advice on the best way to ask for a Stage at one of these places and generally what length of contract this caliber of restaurant usually requires, or any other advice on the best way to approach this situation…
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