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  1. For the best Garlic Soup in Town (they also cook bull stew when available and horse kebab): Gaizka Calle Trueba, 4 - Tel. 943 32 24 11 My favorite Pintxos Bar with one of the best wine menus in Donosti: El Lagar Calle Zabaleta, 55 - www.el-lagar.net - Tel. 943 32 03 29 For Txuleta (in Astigarraga) Restaurante Kako Calle Mayor, 19 - Tel. 943 55 17 41
  2. podolski

    Diálogos de Cocina

    Diálogos de Cocina The webcasts are now online.... Excellent event, excellent organisation. And yes... No egos here.
  3. Something is being done.....but almost like guerrilla marketing. Any idea?. I've assisted in the recent times to a Valdespinada and several "only sherry wine" meals and all of them have been a success (once you've tried it you're lost). We are very proud of you Jose Andres and what you are achieving..... You're a very hard working guy (I remember you sitting next to me at the Lo mejor de la Gastronomia-Tapas & Pintxos taking notes) and an excellent Ambassador for Spain and its gastronomy. Muchas gracias y sigue adelante. Sl2 desde Andalucia. SBonner you need to organise one of those meals ehh
  4. podolski

    OpenTable Wish List

    Good point.... I agree with you but Opentable is not only a reservation supplier... It's a guest management software and it could help restaurants to improve its relationships with clients. I agree the online booking is not part of our culture but things change a lot and very quickly. So why not?. As restaurant owner I will consider to become a prospective client & user of Opentable. It works great in the US.
  5. Try Sol y Sombra (at the end of Calle Castilla) and ask for Solomillo con Ajos.... I forgot the name of a small restaurant near Plaza Altozano (could be Chema?) serving nice Sea Bass & Almond Croquettes
  6. podolski


    Room temperature in Southern Spain without a/c is about 35ºC in summer time. Keep your Old Amontillados, Olorosos or Palo Cortados for your Autumm Game or Risottos.... It will change your smile
  7. podolski


    I bet they can, but I have never gotten an open bottle past a week! ← Good news for the Jerezanos business... Just bear in mind that for the near future... It can give lots of nice surprises
  8. podolski


    Old Amontillados, Olorosos and Palos Cortados can be kept open for a while without being spoiled. Just give them a try and see what happens. Good to know you are doing that... Sherry is among the best wines in the world and the next step is to help people to understand that Sherry can be served during the whole meal. And one of the best practices is to pour the wine in normal white wine glasses. The nose and the general perception of the wine improves a lot this way. If any Bodega take the iniciative to bottle Sherry directly from the cask (without clarification and little filtering), the US could be conquered
  9. The situation has changed a lot since Fernando Martin (former executive chef) left.... For tapas & a good selection of Spanish wines try El Tostón (C/Alfonso XIII. Edif. Terminal - Fuengirola) and Casa Navarra (Carlos, the owner, is from Navarra region and has excellent quality food) (Carretera Mijas km4). Good luck and enjoy the best climate in Europe
  10. podolski


    Bakery: Vallés... Costa de Sa Plaça, 19... And don't forget the pomada with gin xoriguer!!!
  11. podolski

    Pedro Ximenez

    Why is this post in Fine Spirits and not in the wine section?
  12. podolski

    Pedro Ximenez

    Were are you based now?
  13. podolski

    Pedro Ximenez

    I don't understand your ??? sorry .... Figs & raisins are supposed to be found in young P.X. like Toro Albalá or a Pedro Ximenez de Añada both from Denominacion de Origen Montilla-Moriles...p.e... In older P.X. you can find prescriptors like chocolate, coffee, smoke,.... My answer was related with PX age: the older P.X. you have the more complex prescriptors you may have.... Old Sherry & Montilla-Moriles PX are among the best wines in the world....
  14. podolski

    What would your 1947 Picks be

    My choice for my father's birthday was a Viña Bosconia 1947... One of the best vintage in that bodega and a first class wine....
  15. podolski

    Pedro Ximenez

    and depending on how old it is, I'd add.