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  1. How does one get that bright orange yolk on Salted Duck eggs? I cook mine on the rice cooker with rice.....results always vary.....sometimes I get that bright orange yolk,but most times it is a pale dull yellow(more like a boiled egg yolk)....Is there a certain cooking time or method to get that perfect cooked yolk or it depends on the quality of the salted egg?
  2. I STILL do, after 40 some years. ← I totally agree,still eat the Candy once in a while...Nostalgia....sigh....
  3. In Toronto its Cdn $4.50 for wonton noodle.........
  4. I love the Iced Cap,it has this waffle/wafer flavour to it,simply amazing I have seen them replacing packets of cream/milk
  5. I am a person who loves cream in his coffee,so Tim Hortons works for me.I find it uncomplicated but i guess for a coffee connoisseur it would be really bland,unflavourful coffee. I do have the Starbucks "Breakfast blend" once in a while but Timmies are my everyday go to fix. The urban legend is that they mix "something special" in their coffee that makes it so addicitve As far as donuts go,it has to be had when its fresh or it can go hockey puck on you. p.s A couple of years back I was in International Franchise marketing,I have had people in Mexico,Germany looking for a tim hortons franchise.These were people who visited canada,had Tim Hortons coffee ,fell in love with it and wanted to bring it back to their conutry.
  6. "Goh Lai" reminds me when i was kid,my grandmom would make the potion ,and it was sheer torture trying to gulp it.... ,thankfully it was only a yearly ritual...which also reminds me that my grand mom used to add sugar to almost evrything she made,whereas my mom also adds sugar but not as much and not on all dishes.... Ben Sook:Never realised it was ginseng,cause when we had it it would almost be brownish/black in colour
  7. Lucky You,Ah Leung...HK is an gastronomic delight.....If I were to visit HK again ,I would not even know where to start from.....almost like a kid in Charlie's Chocolate factory...Being in Toronto we sort of get everything that one would get in HK,but there is always that X factor which one cannot explain.... Anyways cant wait for ur HK visit series to start,ur Pictorial recipes was something that I used to always look forward too ,till it abruptly ended :-(
  8. The only stir-fried version I have had is just after CNY with tay doi - deep-fried sesame dumpling balls. These always collapse after the "offering time". This pastry is stir-fried with guy choi for a sweet/savory/bitter dish. I have been eating this mustard greens soup for 2 weeks because my niece brought several plants home! I had posted this in the Chinese Eats thread, but here it is again. ← and yes....how could i forget the salted duck egg in the centre.......i know what to make for dinner tonight
  9. Finally a weekend pictorial from Ah Leung Kuo....as always looks delicious and simple ....Gai Choy (or Kai Thoi in Toisan) is a green that grows on you....did not like it as much as a kid because of the bitter taste but now is one of my fave greens...In fact my mom used to make it in soup also adding dried shrimps and ginger.....yummm....going back home next week for a 3 week break,cant wait to get my mom to make all my comfort food.......
  10. I love livers and kidney with rice noodles......whats mee sua???
  11. Not exactly traditional but here in Toronto,in dimsum places,sriracha chili sauce is a favourite.....
  12. Exactly mizducky,coincidentally I was discussing the different styles of curry making with my co-workers today. I am of chinese origin but raised in India and my co workers were Jamaican and Trinidadian of chinese origin.Its amazing how each of us had a such a different style to curry making.
  13. Ah Leung I noticed that you mention about not adding the curry powder when frying the onions. As for me I always add the spices/curry powder once the onions have turned brown,I make sure the heat is turned low at that point.Personally I feel the flavour of curry does not reach its potential if you add the curry powder after adding stock/water.
  14. This is cool,every weekend hzrt8w's pictorial was something I used to look forward too,now with Kent starting what looks to be a promising start...great job guys...keep it up
  15. I dunno whats wrong with the Food TV guys.....that show with 3 guys and some weird contraptions suck,i just saw it once,cant got through another one again.If i were one of the head honchos at Food Tv this is one show that I would never have allowed to be aired.
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