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  1. I too am a Kirkland's products fan...I'm partial to the EVOO. For what it's worth...most if not all store branded refrigerated dough, y'know the stuff in the paper tubes, are Sara Lee bakery products.
  2. Why does anyone buy olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed as a prepackaged salad dressing when good quality EVOO and BV are so readily available and easy to use on their own. This is a fun thread. Can't wait to see what else gets posted.
  3. Is the Strathallen Grill still in business?
  4. My wife and I miss the take out from B&H in Maplewood. It was a once a week pick up for us when we lived up there. When we visit the area, we make a point of going for dinner at the B&H on Rte. 10. We're in Winston-Salem, NC now and while we find good Thai and Vietnamese here and in Greensboro the Chinese food (god, we miss Bill and Harry's), except for Szechuan Palace on Healy Drive is, to put it politely, pretty bad. Just about all Chinese restaurants are buffets (read pull up to the trough) and the food is just awful (did I happen to mention we miss Bill and Harry's).
  5. I'm lucky enough on this one to live in NC.....Bojangles. Otherwise, it's too bad Popeye's doesn't have the marketing budget KFC has. If they did KFC would be a memory.
  6. Hi TG....I responded to your calling all diners message also. I, too, have had several good experiences with RBL. Though the food is good and the kitchen accomodating, it always struck me as a little too expensive for what it is. With the re-opening of Fabian's on Reynolda Road and despite others' comments above about Milner's, RBL is usually our 4th/5th choice for a dinner out. Again that's just us.
  7. Thanks O-man....this is great. I do have a question as I'll be visiting in November. As a local, if you, or anyone else reading this board who knows Orlando well, had to eat in only one Orlando seafood restaurant the rest of your life, which one would it be?
  8. It's been three years since I've been there but I was a regular visitor. What I remember is: Fresh seafood retail -- There's a small market behind a divey tavern at the foot of the bridge that crosses over to Oak Island...across the highway from the airport. They sell same day catch along with all the accompaniments. Can't think of the name of the place but I could find it anytime. Kid friendly porch-and-beer spots -- Without question, The Provision Company. This is exactly what it is along with well made seafood. Upscale seafood -- Not only seafood but just an outright upscale restaurant...The Pharmacy. Also, if you drive into the far end of the marina, there's a seafood restaurant that juts out over the water right near a tiki bar and across from a motel. Again, I can't think of the name but it's pretty easy to find. Hope this helps. I love Southport and the surrounding area.
  9. Well, it's been a week since coming home and as this topic started almost two years ago, I wanted to post our food experiences in June, 2007. Contrary to a previous post, Dennisport is not a "culinary wasteland" (Uh, sir/ma'am, the entire cape is "touristy"). If you're in/near the area for breakfast, The Wee Packet is a must. It's on the corner of Depot St. and Lower County Road. They do Irish breakfasts (fantastic soda bread, brown bread, real Irish bangers) and serve the second best corned beef hash I've ever had (Carnegie Deli's is, by far, #1). At the end of Depot is an excellent restaurant on the water, Ocean House. Try the duck tacos appetizer (Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it was one of our four choices and the waiter recommended it blind after we asked the classic question..."If you were going to eat here only once in your life, which appetizer/dinner would you order?"). The best clam chowder of the week (it got an OMIGAWD!!) was in Barnstable, after going whale watching, in a restaurant called The Dolphin (recommended by one of the crew on the ship). An abundant amount of clams, slightly briny and I don't recall hardly a potato in the entire cup. We also had the panko crusted sole topped with baby shrimp for dinner. In Hyannis check a place in the marina called Skippy's around 4:00. Steamers come in daily around 3:00 and they were fantastic. We did go to Bubula's based on other recommendations in this board. The lobster roll was yummy and it was the most fun place at which we ate. If you want a Cape change of pace (read pub grub) go to Clancy's...again in Dennisport. There are two of them. Go to the one on Upper County Road though the one on Lower County Road has a better beer list. We had clam bellies in several places and I think I'm addicted...there wasn't a bad batch all week so I can't recommend a single place for them. Just order them whenever you can. All this said, our best dining experience of the week was during our day trip to Nantucket. Don't bother with any of the food around and near the ferries as good as the places might be. I highly recommend the Brandt Point Grill as it was the culinary high point of the week, even though it was only lunch. It's a restaurant tucked inside a hotel/inn, White Elephant. Impeccable, flawless service; tables under a canopy right off the marina at it's furthest point from the ferry terminals...and the food. Our meal...grilled tuna burger cooked rare (YUM!), lobster BLT on challah and the best onion rings either of us have ever had. We can't imagine what dinner would be like. Also, the BPG had the added benefit of pulling us into a neighborhood a little off the beaten path which turned into a fun walk through time as most of the homes are protected landmarks. An all around great time. Well, those were the highlights of the trip. There are culinary adventures to be had east of the outer Cape.
  10. Thanks Josefinajoisey. This sounds like a great idea. We'll use all the info from others about P-town and the rest of the cape and use Edible Cape Cod for adventures closer to "home". Thanks again.
  11. I've been reading through and was wondering about any suggestions in and around DennisPort. We'll be visiting in June and venturing around the Cape from there. I dunno, once we start looking for the places in these other messages, we may not ever get back to D-Port. Thanks.
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