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  1. My seventh birthday. I recieved Beowulf, Lambs tales from Shakespeare,and Hiawatha as presents (I was more than thrilled being a bit of a bookworm) and my parents decided to take us into the city to see The Student Prince and then to have a late lunch. I can still recall the taste of the oysters with the drops of pepper sauce , and the octopus soup which followed. One of my happiest memories
  2. I think each cook/baker takes a recipe and makes it their own. If asked I don't hesitate to share my recipes...not because I'm not selfish but because I know that two people can begin with the identical written recipes but turn out two different tasting dishes. But then as jgm said "...I'm not a professional baker,so...."
  3. Banana Chips here ...very very yummy!
  4. The Caribbean has several recipes for Offal here are a few: Tripe and Beans (using Broad beans). Jamaica Liver & Light }cows, goats ,and pigs used though the cow is more popular Kidneys } served with boiled green bananas Souse (using Pigs trotters) Barbados Curried Goat Belly Mannish Water soup using head,foot,tripe,testicles -Jamaica Cow Cod soup (a misnomer as it is really the bulls testicles) Even the cow skin is stewed down and eaten ... as they say" waste not ,want not"
  5. With very good friends we discuss any of the above at dinner and you can add "any other gossip" to that list. The family table is the question and answer time for the kids and no topic is taboo (I have a family of boys) though they know if we are at a restaurant they have to keep the conversation clean.
  6. Oh boy! at the end of this I'll really be able to make a very informed purchase ...I really appreciate all the advice and help Yes I do need the unit to be somewhat portable as my cousin and I propose to share the smoker .He I'd imagine will be using it more than I will ,as I'm more the amateur. I live in the Caribbean...average temperatures year round are between the 80's and 90's.
  7. Will take your advice ...thanks ...am now comparing the types available as dls I note recommends the Cookshack. Will keep you posted on what I decide and how it all turns out
  8. We want to do both...yes we have thought of building our own ...and it may yet come to that. !
  9. Thank You Brian and Sam. My main reservation about getting this smoker is that I can't experiment with other woods as I will be restricted to those bisquettes manufactured by the company. I'm starting to do my own sausages , hams , bacon etc.. and I really don't want to restrict myself especially as I live in a tropical country where there are a variety of interesting woods and flavours. I'll check out the Weber. Thanks again
  10. Lamb Chops ...lots of lamb chops with salt pepper and a wee hint of garlic
  11. I'm thinking of purchasing a smoker. I have been browsing through catalogues online and the Bradley looks interesting. I can't find any reviews on the product though, does anyone have any feedback on this smoker? Can I use woods of my own selection in it or can I only use the briquettes made by the company? Look forward to hearing your recommendations.
  12. There is something extremely satisfying (though exhausting) about looking at a table laden with an array of dishes which you have crafted yourself ...without using any "convenience foods". The effort is usually worth it but you do have to have the time to prepare especially if you insist on creating elabourate dishes, and having large dinner parties. It usually takes me a day or two to recover Consider it an act of Love *lol*
  13. No I don't think as a Jamaican I've ever come across that as a rundown sauce... you can either do saltfish or mackerel Rundown the following way: Boil the salt mackerel for a minute or two to remove excess salt . If using salted cod soak over night Remove bones and shred. Wash with lime juice and water. Squeeze out excess water Fry the following seasonings together till softened: onions , tomatoes ,scotch bonnet, thyme, escallions and minced garlic. Stir in your mackerel or saltfish , add enough coconut milk to almost cover and bring to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer till sauce looks somewhat curdled and thickened. Serve with boiled green bananas. Cheers
  14. I got my first scar attempting to make candy, melting sugar and butter in a spoon over a CANDLE in my dorm room at Boarding school over 30 years ago.The melted mixture was being carried over to the metal top of a biscuit tin to cool when I slipped on a shoe and the whole mess spashed onto my arm. Needless to say I didn't go to the school nurse but dressed the whole thing myself as we were not supposed to have food in the dorms...but the Pain ...ooooo the pain. Since then I've had many more not for the same reasons thankfully...but as someone else said they are a badge of Honour
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