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  1. I wonder how hard it is for restuarants to meet the music needs of a wide demograph of people, especially during DOV when all ages come out. Seems like it would be a bigger challenge than preparing and presenting food. I am hoping to try a few restaurants for DOV and want to get into Yew if there is still room available. I usually don't go to hotels to eat but I have heard good things about this restuarant. Anyone been there for DOV yet?
  2. City Dine 2007 has posted their website with participating restaurants and menus. Looking forward to trying some of the new restaurants that have opened up since DOV in January.
  3. Anyone know the details for City Dine this year? I know it was mid September last year and that the website listing the restaurants was released the end of July.
  4. So what is the scoop on yesterday's Vancouver Mag Awards? Who won what? Any surprises? What was the theme for this year and when do we see the issue on the shelves?
  5. I found the food very good and inventive on my two visits to Gastropod. Angus has a nice touch in the kitchen (try the oysters). I do have to agree with Fanny Bay about the service and a feeling of being left alone at the front door. I think the room needs a presence, someone to take charge in the foh and make you feel welcome and thanked when you leave. Very fixable in my opinion and they are a great part of the new restaurant destination that W.4th and Cypress has become along with Fuel and Bistrot Bistro.
  6. Read the story in the Province the other day. $900,000, wow. After reading some of the posts up thread and on Dinehere.ca I am excited to try it out. Can a place really have that bad of service? I want to go just to see (and have a calzone). If the owner is as grumpy as people have posted this settlement must have him over the top by now.
  7. I agree with all of the above. Rare (great quality and value $65 tasting menu), Aurora (local products and the chef was runnr up for chef of the year) and Parkside (solid choice) are great. Try Fuel as well on 4th and Cypress, new restaurant that will be among the best of 2007 IMHO.
  8. I believe that Quattro has a 3 course prix fixe for $35 that they are running to the end of February. I know that Rare is extending their $35 menu till Feb. 11th and I am not 100% sure but I think C is as well, they may have just added time before the event started so don't quote me on that.
  9. Dinehere is a joke in my opinion and so i read it when i need a laugh.
  10. Eagrely anticipating the release of the restaurants participating this year. Restaurants i would love to check out but not sure if they are participating in DOV... 1.) Fuel 2.) RCB (Connor Butler) 3.) West 4.) Rare 5.) Lucky Diner I am not making any resolutions of trying to lose weight in January, not until Dine Out is over.
  11. Is Lucky Diner accepting Credit or Debit cards?
  12. I read her reviews for entertainment. As Daddy A mentioned I need to try something myself when it comes to taste. As far as the review on Connor Butler it should have helped his restaurant as most people not connected to the weird world of food forums had no idea the restaurant existed.
  13. Interesting review. She is always entertaining to read. There is an interview of Connor Butler from Urban Diner that doesn't make him seem so full of himself Ckick here I like alot of the things he said about the food scene in Vancouver.
  14. Why the hell do we let French tire manufacturers rate restaurants? Or Automotive clubs such as AAA? Who is qualified to rank restaurants? The food writer for the Globe and Mail? Anyone who has the ability to create a blog? I don't think your "larger issue" is an issue.
  15. It is great to see two Vancouver restaurants in the Top 5 in Canada.
  16. I still have not tried this place yet. I see it is still open which is great. As the development across the street opens and new retail comes in as well as tenants it will make the location better for sure. I am thinking of popping in soon for lunch. The owner seems really nice and apparently from Pao Pao can cook. Anyone else been?
  17. Is there a restaurant going into a spot on South Granville near 16th? I heard mention of it the other day.
  18. I have not had a chance to try any restaurants for City Dine and it looks like I am going to miss out. Work gets in the way of so much fun sometimes. Has anyone other than Fud tried any of the participating restaurants? I am surprised that there is such a lack of posts? Has the event been a bust or well received?
  19. Any participants of City Dine offering the menu out side of the Monday to Friday time periods. Saturday or Sunday evening? I know Rare is offering it on the two Saturday evenings but what about anyone on a Sunday? I have my mother coming in from out of town on the 24th and would like to take her out for dinner and support the event as well.
  20. When I am in Toronto and I am paying I get the burger at Jump. When it is on the company credit card or I being treated it is at Bymark. I prefer Jump's room to Bymark. Granted Bymark's bar isnt a bad place to have an order of the mini burgers regardless of who is paying.
  21. And they are also participating in City Dine. A good cause to support at a great restaurant. One thing though, I thought Che was from Argentina? ← He is, but he became a fellow traveller of Castro's and was part of the Cuban Revolution ← I know who Che was, just being cheeky with the fact he wasn't Cuban. Menu at Century for City Dine. Century City Dine Menu
  22. And they are also participating in City Dine. A good cause to support at a great restaurant. One thing though, I thought Che was from Argentina?
  23. Are there any other charity events besides Dining Out for Life and City Dine? ← None that I can think of off the top of my head, other than a Tsunami-relief night shortly after the Tsunami. I'm not being critical, btw: any contribution is a good contribution, and welcome, I'm sure. ← Who makes decisions with regards to events like these? Why aren't there more charity events. It seems that there are enough suppliers able to do what San Pellegrino is doing. I am sure that there are many times in the year where an event like this can help restaurants during slow times and still put much needed funds into the coffers of charities. Is November a busy month for restaurants? A charity like the Empty Stocking Fund could benefit just before Christmas. Is there a restaurant association where owners and managers discuss these types of events? I know that for my friends and I we tend to get together as a group and go out more often when we are supporting a charitable event. I would prefer to see a % of sales instead of a flat amount donated. When this is the case we all tend to order better wines and have add ons to the pre-set menus because we know it is going to a good cause. Just my two cents.
  24. That poses a good question. Is Sanafir a lounge/club or is it a restaurant?
  25. I asked a participating restaurant about it and they confirmed that it was $1 per person. They mentioned something about the event hoping to raise $5,000. That is an average of 16 diners a night per each participating restaurant. Seems like an easy target to hit. It would be nice to see them surpass it.
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