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  1. i don't know about the y'quem, beachfan. neither of us like sweet or sweetish wines though we did like some inniskillen ice wine a friend got for me from canada. the other problem is i am in the back of beyond in northwestern nj though there are two smallish wine shops where i can locate some things(the pol roger winston churchill - not sure of vintage- for about 125.00, pommeray louise for about 100.00).
  2. i'm pretty sure that can be arranged. would you prefer popeye's, or the colonel. colonel's, skinless, extra crispy - pol roger or tat's? thanks all for the suggestions. i cut my teeth on dom '72-'75 but agree the widow is consistently one of my favorite tipples. jordan - sorry i didn't see your campaigns but my everyday drink is either champagne or sparkling white wine(domaine chandon, rondel brut extreme, banrock station's sparkling chardonnay) a glass for an appertif and one for my dessert. well, off to two local wine merchants to see what i can find with some of your suggestions as a guide.
  3. so tommy- when we have the nj picnic you bring the fried chicken - i'll bring the champagne?
  4. it also happens to be our 20th wedding anniversary and, since we aren't going anywhere, i figured to put the part of my vacation money into this so i have around 350.00us to spend. with such diverse foods i was going to try to find several bottles and/or half bottles we could sip on and enjoy.
  5. mr suzi was going up to visit family in poughkeepsie but he brought me ribs from famous dave's in minneapolis when he was on travel and i had macaroni salad from good to go deli in rockaway - a veritable feast finished off with a beer. tomorrow leftovers then pasta and gravy sunday(i have to work), something mr. suzi can cook so it is ready when i get home- assuming he is home before me. wednesday out to plaza bistro with a friend
  6. was moving some brush the other day and found some morels about two-three days before perfect. went out today and they were ripe for the picking. a little brush-up, a saute in some butter/olive oil and over some fresh pasta with a sprinkle of truffle oil - heaven!!!!
  7. my earliest memory would probably bring dyfs to our house nowadays. i was four years old standing on a chair at the stove and cooking my grandfather's breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast. so funny since i have been cooking since and was a "betty crocker future homemaker" award winner in my senior year in high school. i earned the money to go to grad school and support myself and even in my first professional position(an audiovisual librarian at a community college) i proudly displayed my food handler's certificate on the wall because i can always make my living professionally though right now i revel in the fact that i can enjoy my avocation.
  8. in july mr suzi will be celebrating his 20th year at work(2/3 of his hated work life will be over). he wants to have a special meal that reflects our history but he wants a great bottle of bubbly. i would appreciate any suggestions. so far the menu includes frito pie and corn dogs(i figure beer with this stuff - most likely his homemade beer) for the time we spent in east texas. shrimp wrapped in bacon; filet mignon(i have a premier cru stashed away for this part). mixed green salad with fresh jersey tomatoes, fresh jersey corn-on-the cob with godiva and neuhaus chocolates for dessert. i've been thinking pommeray louise, the widow or cuvee winston churchill. any ideas/suggestions for where or pairing will be greatly appreciated.
  9. famous dave's is a "semi- chain" that started in minneapolis. they mix blues and food and serve some of the best ribs anywhere. i'm sooooo happy there's one here in nj now - getting the husband to lug the 'q back on the plane was getting messy.
  10. at our holiday dessert and appetizer blowout at work someone brought endive leaves that had a dollop of a stuff on it. the stuff was chutney with chopped nuts, raisins and some softened cream cheese. amazingly good.
  11. tonight is plaza bistro - i don't feel like cooking, tomorrow some sort of seafood at home sunday, since i work till 5, the husband gets to pop a chicken i prepare in the oven to roast.
  12. krogh's, restaurante il porto on the boardwalk, arthurs and plaza bistro are just off of 181(old 15) in what is called the plaza. only draw back to krogh's is it can be very smoky, especially at night when there are bands playing. the beer is yummy, the burgers are good and somtimes the music is really good. if you want further directions i can supply them or check out krogh's website - www.krogh's.com
  13. HMM.... if the husband is away i feel comfortable at thirsty moose - wings, ostrich burgers and game plaza bistro - american cuisine and a byo krogh's - brew pub with great burgers i'm trying to get a bit more comfortable going out on my own and trying places for lunch(if i ever get a day off )- red barn in ledgewood, a new spanish place in mine hill, a new peruvian place in dover. got to red barn so far on this list.
  14. should be interesting to see this series when it starts next month!!
  15. i've been using this recipe since 1982 when one of the ladies i worked with at texarkana public library gave it to me(needless to say she was NOT southern baptist). i actually use only half the alcohol in the original recipe and start the base in october, making a base every two weeks or so until we begin using it around thanksgiving. 6 eggs, separated 2 cups sugar 1 cup bourbon 1/2 cup rum 1/2 cup brandy 2 quarts milk 2 quarts cream mix the egg yolks with the sugar then add alcohol. put in a container in fridge and shake every day to redissolve the sugar. put whites in a separate container and store in fridge. the base must sit at least a week. when ready to serve put base in a large punch bowl. add milk and cream. beat whites until soft peaks form and fold into the egg nog. top off with freshly grated nutmeg.
  16. since i am a librarian i borrowed it from the library i work in and am about half way through. i also thought the first essay about following the process of slaughter to eating instead of just calling a procurer was well written and expressed what i had been trying to say about connecting with the land and food and respecting it even more. his first book just reminded me of most of the obnoxious jerk cia chefs i worked with in the 70s who usually were pretty coked/drunk and obnoxious as ####
  17. my mother in law makes a dressing of sausage meat, onions, and breadcrumbs. i dismantle the turkey before roasting and use the carcass(uncooked) to make stock for gravy.
  18. i really don't like pizza but.... that said if i want bread crumb pie i go to pies on plain cheese pie it is frank's and, of course for my husband i make my own pie with thin cut/sauteed yellow and red peppers, ham, italian sausage, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, and fresh basil(he is lactose intolerant). i also echo the herbs with oregano/basil and garlic powder incorporated into the dough.
  19. i work till 9 pm every thurs. night. last thursday i met mr. soko at kroghs in sparta. they collected additonal donations at the door and donated 50% of the all sales to red cross. i have 100.00 of my 600.00 fedral rebate earmarked for this fund. mr.soko and i have gone through and donated all of the 600.00 federal rebte to various groups - we felt it was the least we could do.
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