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  1. I made ma po tofu today using your recipe and I have to say YUM!!! I think I goofed a bit and had too much bean sauce and not enough hoisin but other wise it was great. Definately going to be something I'll be making often. I'm thinking my chinese delivery restaurant is going to miss me from now on. Next week I think I'll be trying some more of your nummy recipes. Thanks :) I'd post a pic but I kinda forgot how to again.

  2. Any recipes that goes well with brown rice?

    You might want to try a genmai blend (mixed with regular rice) to start. I find the texture preferable to straight brown rice.

    Thank you. I'll try that. Do you know how to cook it without using the rice cooker?

  3. If your rice cooker isn't set up to cook brown rice you might want to try cooking it in a saucepan. My rice cooker has a genmai function and it takes 60 minutes to cook instead of the 38 for my white rice. The water to rice rice is also a little different with genami taking about 1/4 cup more of water. Genmai should also be soaked (at least 1 hour in the summer and 2 hours in the winter) before cooking.

    I also have been eating a lot more genmai and have found there are very few foods it doesn't go with. I am having it tonight with chicken teriyaki and nagaimo no tororo and tomorrow with cream stew. :biggrin:

    Thanks Torakris :wub: Umm... this might be a dumb question but why the different soak times? Also what is nagaimo no tororo?

    Slightly offtopic - I love Jdrama and watched Hotman and thats where I found out about genmai.

  4. Hi,

    I bought some Japanese brown rice the other days so I can try to eat healthier. I've never had brown rice nor cooked it. I have a rice cooker but didn't know if it uses the same water measurement?

    Any recipes that goes well with brown rice?

    Thanks :unsure:

  5. I was unfornately naive and thought a co-worker had regular jelly beans on her desk. Of course, I would have to pick the worst one of the pack, vomit. I put in my mouth, bit down, and walked a few steps before I realized what the hell I was tasting. I promptly spit it out in the trash while everyone around me got a good laugh. Every since then I've been a bit leery of trying them again. I might enjoy the other flavors but umm... somehow my memory of them are now forever tainted. :hmmm:

  6. *drool* Wow amazing pictures. I LOVE steamed chicken.

    OnigiriFB: Welcome to eGullet!

    You will find many Chinese food pictures in this China forum. :smile:

    Thank you :smile: I hope to join every in posting some yummy stuff. All the pictures are making miss LA :( I go out there to eat every year for a week around 4th of July. (Ok theres another reason but my friends all know the real reason I come out is for dim sum at Empress Pavilion, Sushi, Sam Woo's, and whatever other asian food we feel like :raz: )

    I spent 5 years in Thailand during my teens so a lot of chinese food featured on eGullet are things I can't find in Iowa. Loving this forum :wub:

  7. onigiriFB welcome to eGullet!!

    Great blog! you should try posting some of your onigiri pictures here. :biggrin:

    Thank you for the welcome Torakris. I have to tell you btw I'm a big fan of yours. Love all your posts and great pics :wub: Umm... I haven't quite figured out how to post pictures yet. I think I read somewhere we can't just link from flickr? Any help would be appreciated. :smile:

  8. Hi,

    I've lurking on eGullet for a little while but for some reason just got around to reading this forum. I love Japanese food and I love onigiri. My fav is tuna and mayo too. Thanks for some great tips. I think a trip to the asian market is in my plans soon. :smile:

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