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  1. Saveur is the only magazine to which I subscribe, and I generally enjoy it. I have to admit that I really haven't seen any dramatic change in the magazine since 2000, but then it's been a while since I've perused those back-issues. I think a lot of you have hit on what appeals to me about Saveur. It's aimed at people who take a more intellectual approach to gluttony, and the photographs aren't usually the kind of staged food-porn one finds more often in Gourmet. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...) Good luck James.
  2. I've eaten there three times now; twice for lunch, and once at the bar after work with some colleagues. I've enjoyed it each time, though my choices from the menu differed from yours in most respects. I really enjoyed the fried chicken livers with pepper jelly, the spicy pork ribs, and the head cheese. I've also had the cochon (good) and the rabbit and dumplings (perfect). I did a mini-review of my first meal there here: appetites
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