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  1. I saw this recently in another forum. Anybody been?
  2. Marineopolis sushiland uses a machine that forms the rice for their gunkan style sushi, but you must be talking about a machine that does more than that. Right? Can you explain what the machine does
  3. I like the Chocolate Eruption at Whole Foods. The frozen Chocolate Ganache at Trader Joe's is not too shabby either.
  4. As for Cantonese in Redmond proper, Cafe Ori makes some decent dishes. I haven't been to Jeems in a while because their service problems are so bad but their food was good - he used to be head chef at Wild Ginger. In Redmond, Sushi is good at Kiku. For cheaper try Sushiland, a conveyer belt place. Venturing further out of Redmond, Bellevue has two seafood items not to be missed. Szechuan Chef makes a szechuan crab, and Yea's does clams in black beans to die for.
  5. Thanks for your response. Its so good that its hard to believe its so simple. Is it baked or stovetop? If stovetop, can you use electric? If baked, what temp? Was it on your adobo and fried?
  6. Does anyone have a good recipe? Must you have a stone/clay pot?
  7. Were the gnocchi pan fried (potsticker-like) after the boil? The two best gnocchi I've had was in Portland at Giorgio's and Heathman, and they both pan finished it for the most amazing texture.
  8. I'd suggest you go around downtown Portland by taking I-205. If you get off on Division and head west you will find two of my favorites: Wong’s King (E. Portland ¼ mi. off 205) 8533 S.E. Division 503-788-8883 The only decent dim sum in Oregon. Get there at 10am or plan on wait in line. Banh Cuon Tan Dinh (E. Portland 1/2 mi. off 205) 2850 S.E. 82nd St. 503-445-6807 Good Vietnamese that goes way beyond the usual pho/bun/com dishes. As their name implies, Banh Cuon is their specialty. They also do a great Banh Hoi. If you feel like Congee, their Chao Thap Cam is outstanding. Its in a shopping center that is anchored by great Vietnamese Grocery. Buy some Banh Mi Ga there for the road. To get here, continue on Division past Wong's and turn left on 82nd. It will be on your left less than 1/4mi. Have a safe trip.
  9. I've heard that Vancouver has a KFC place called Cco Cco. I'd like to try some but am not able to find any locally so plan on going there next trip to YVR. The best description that I found of KFC is from a blogger in Korea: http://www.zenkimchi.com/FoodJournal/?p=123 Has anyone tried Cco Cco? Is it a respectable representation of any of the styles described?
  10. Homestyle Hong Kong - 615 King across street from park and PO. Clay pot rice is their specialty. They make it with pork riblets, chicken, beef & egg, frog, squab, duck, and several more things that i don't recall. Be sure to scrape the sides of the pot to get the browned, charred rice for textural and taste heaven.
  11. We tried the new Homestyle Hong Kong Restaurant. Good chinese clay pot rice in Seattle at last. The I.D.has taken a good turn with the additions of Green Leaf, then our first ramen house - Samurai, and now a clay pot rice shop. if only someone would make a decent xiao long bao.
  12. Question for sk_ward: Is it available at the Daiso stores in Kobe or Osaka?
  13. I live near Seattle and ume kobu cha is available, but it has sugar in it. I prefer the unsugared ume kobu cha. The plain ume cha that I had in Kyoto though is what I crave.
  14. The last time I was in Japan, the hotel I stayed in in Kyoto had complimentary tea bags in the room. Included was powdered ume tea. Next year, I will be in Kobe for two days. Will I be able to find it in stores there? Is it called ume cha?
  15. I was also disappointed in the quality of noodles at Samurai. It had the taste and texture of dried rather than fresh noodles. Does anybody know what they use?
  16. looks yummy. is it pork? beef? do you know the cut? is it slow braised?
  17. Which Saigon Deli do you go to? Is it the one on 12th or the one around the corner and halfway down the block on Jackson? Have you compared them? They seem to have different offerings at different prices. Have you tried Seattle Deli across the street on 12th? I have heard people say that they have the best bahn mi in town, but i haven't tried them yet.
  18. What! No Langer's? ← Doesn't Langer's serve New York style - lean pastrami on rye slices?
  19. Since I left L.A. 25 years ago, there's very few things I miss. But, I get periodic cravings for L. A. style pastrami dips (Johnnie's in Culver City & Johnny' on Adams). Well marbled pastrami is steamed and piled in a french roll thats been dipped in fatty au jus. Barnie's in Everett makes a reasonable version that gives a fix to my need. Costco started carrying Carnegie Pastrami - not too bad, well fatted but very gristly.
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