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  1. Going to Providence, RI next weekend for a convention Rhode Island Convention Center. What are the good cheap eats around the area? It can be within walking distance or driving. And it can be anything. From pizza to middle eastern. Any suggestions? What are the must go to eating places in Providence. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The place that was at rising sun that had a buffet is supposedly reopening and they had charcoal there. + Hey Herb, are you up for another Sid show on mon. We are gonna hit up some Korean places again. ← Is this true or a rumor? I missed that place greatly. Please let it be true.
  3. First time there but didn't get a chance to real this thread. Now I wish I did. Imo, this place was just over-rated. Steak was good but not worth $40. More like $20. Wish we got sides or something else with it instead of just a steak.
  4. Thanks for the info Jacob. I'll try that. And thanks Susan!!!
  5. A couple of months ago I purchased a Dutch Oven. Was scared of it but I finally got the courage to season it. Does anybody have ideas of seasoning it? I found some websites but was wondering if anybody here got better ideas? Cheers
  6. That's good to know that they only serve the pork shoulder at dinner time.
  7. Actually, before Pig Daddy's, it was Boss Hog. A different owner. Frankly, I like Boss Hog better, but then they moved and Pig Daddy's took over. Oh well.
  8. That's ashame. I remember watching a couple of episodes years ago. Just a month ago, I finally got a chance to read the book. I wish I can see the places he stayed in.
  9. Is there a DVD of " The Cook's Tour"? Of all the shows when Bourdain was on the FOod Network somewhere? I try searching for it but didn't come up with anything? Anybody have any ideas? Links?
  10. I remember eating this as a little kid. My dad would have bits of it chopped up to add to soup. I use to stand ther and just gobble it up before putting it into the soup. Not saying it's safe to eat uncook, I just did and didn't have any problems. Well, anyway, I would like to know too.
  11. Hi Carolyn, The stew chicken we had was near the Cockscomb basin outside the wildlife preserve at a lodge ran by Mayan Indians (i think?). It was pretty much chicken slow cooks in a yellow stew type base served over rice. I believe the stew base was mostly water, carrots, celery, onions and spices. I know it's quite involved and needs a couple hours of cooking. But wanted to know if anybody has tried this or if anybody have good recipes for this dish. Thanks
  12. Sure, I did one in my eG class, and it's in recipe gullet right here. You can click on the links in the recipe to see some step by step photos. regards, trillium ← Thanks Trillium! Just what I needed!
  13. Hi everybody, Had stew chicken when I was in Belize a year ago. Incredible. Never had anything like it before. Does anybody know how to make it? Recipes?
  14. Never heard out it either. But also on the same topic. Is there a general recipe for clams in black bean and garlic sauce? Just wanted to throw that in.
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