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  1. Looking for a list of the best NJ caterers (independent or affiliated with a venue/restaurant) for weddings. Taste, creativity, and presentation are key. Outside of the now defunct Ryland Inn, I have never attended a wedding in NJ that fit the bill, and I would hate to have to look at NYC or Newport, etc to find the right vendor. Please, anyone?
  2. Bar Tabac looked perfect - except that it's on Sunday. Can anyone explain why, if Bastille Day falls on a Saturday, would all the city's events be taking place on Sunday?
  3. I understand that Provence is not going to do their street boules festivities this year, and as a restaurant, they're lacking right now. I'm looking for a place in Manhattan or Brooklyn to take some friends for a delicious, comfortable, genuine French dinner to celebrate le quatorze juillet. Any recommendations, please?
  4. How much do we even need anyone to point-blank say? Just take a look at their website and figure it out for yourself: Ryland "New American and Steak House Cuisine"? What on earth is that? That's not the restaurant that won 4 stars from the New York Times! That's not the chef who was on the cover of Gourmet. Small plates and steakhouse specialties? And what's with that wine list? What a crime. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to see that things have apparently been getting increasingly screwy. I could get really dark here, but it sounds like the water main break was almost lucky. Don't get me wrong: my wife and I used to love this place. It was charming and romantic, with a level of style and service that NJ had never seen. But then I had several bad experiences (with 1 last bright visit 2 autumns ago when I thought things were changing for the better). I really have huge respect for Craig's accomplishments and am saddened by what is happening. But it looks like something went terribly wrong in recent years.
  5. My wife and I will be going to JG for dinner 2 Saturdays from now - first time there. Any tips on getting the best experience possible? Any must-orders, stay-away-froms, best tables, etc?
  6. Fabulous, folks, thanks! This is just the sort of info I'm looking for!
  7. Hello all, NYer traveling shortly to London. Am looking for the best selection/priced liquor stores to visit to pick up unusual items. Where do I definitely want to go, please? (Also, any suggested things to purchase? I know I'm looking for not-#1-Pimm's and creme de violette for starters...) Thank you in advance!
  8. I posted ~a year ago about our dinner at that time. Sadly, I have since learned that all the great improvements/changes in staff that I experienced last year have all been reversed, and the place is a disaster right now. What a shame.
  9. That's just mean. Naturally, I'd rather the friend suffer than my wife and myself...
  10. Good grief... Just when I decided to give Fat Duck a shot, one of my so-called friends/colleagues who will also be in town has decided to leech onto our evening and join us. Aside from demoting this from a date with my lovely wife, this new change adds another layer of complexity: this guy refuses to eat anything fun! NOTHING from the sea, no lamb, no foie or the like (you get the picture). He's basically a meat, poultry, fruit & veggie, and bread guy. While most restaurants would probably graciously make a substitution here or there for his quirkiness (if given advance notice) while my wife and I enjoy the good stuff, I can't see how Fat Duck could possibly work for him. (Why I'm going to such effort for him to be happy after this turn of events, I don't know. I must be a really good friend, huh?) So, kind souls, how do I salvage this for us? Where do you suggest we go, please?
  11. It might be possible to arrange transportation to get to Fat Duck, but I had been under the impression that the food - while quite interesting - was a disappointment from the taste standpoint. I'm sorry to hear there isn't much excitement about places right now - I was really looking forward to a great dining experience for my wife and myself. Are there any other thoughts, please?
  12. My wife and I will be in London for a short stay, and as we're both into great food and wine, I would like to treat her to a top restaurant on the Saturday night we're there in September. I understand that Gordon Ramsay at RHR is not open on Saturdays, otherwise, that would have been my first choice. Should I go with Gordon Ramsay Claridges (how good is that location in comparison?) or is there some place else with fabulous food that I should consider, instead?
  13. graphicguru

    Per Se

    only 2 months ahead? I would have thought 3...
  14. graphicguru

    Per Se

    If I am looking to get a reservation on July 1, what day and time do I need to start speed-dialing?
  15. There are so many overrated restaurants in NJ, which would simply be curious if it weren't infuriating. When a small group of our friends gets together, we alternate meeting points, and now 2 sets of friends have retired and moved close enough Montclair to make this a logical place to gather. It seems to be the most restaurant-newsworthy location in the state, but are there really any places deserving of the hype? We would additionally be interested in small neighborhood places with great food.
  16. :Get a hold of some of Anchor's whiskeys while you're at it Where could I find this in NY?
  17. halloweencat, not meant with ill-intention, but I do join my wife and daughter for tea on occasion and cannot imagine what sort of menu would encompass all the restrictions/requirements you have listed herein, especially as some of them seem to contradict. can you please be more specific as to what sort of items you are proposing?
  18. If you're in Wayne, then the wine shop at Preakness Center is a good bet.
  19. >There's also Silk Road in Warren Is there a website, please? And is it BYOB? Thank you!
  20. Yes, Afghan Kebab is in Metuchen as well as NY. It is "alright."
  21. There used to be an Afghan place on Oak Tree Road in Edison that had the most unbelievably delicious lamb, among other dishes - the mixed grill allowed you to sample a bunch of fabulous dishes. They were affiliated with Royal Thai, and it was cheap, BYO, and just wonderful. They closed after 9/11 but reopened with a different name - even better than before, I thought. Anyway, they closed over a year ago, and I have been trying to find a replacement since to no avail. Did anyone else who used to go there find a replacement in the area?
  22. I was there a few weeks ago. Just as great as ever!
  23. You have misunderstood my comment. When I said that the store was empty, I meant that there was so little inventory that it gave the appearance of a store that is (perpetually) going out of business.
  24. The old Ft. Lee Carlo Russo closed almost a year ago at this point. Last time I went into Smart Buy it looked like they were having a going out of business sale, the store was so empty.
  25. I am just starting to discover this site and think it's really great, so I wanted to make my first posting contribution. My wife and I had been to the Ryland Inn a while back and we liked some things but didn't like others. We gave it another try on a recent Saturday and there have definitely been some changes. We thought there were a lot of interesting and well done food combinations like before but the service was so much better this time. Last time we found it aloof and quirky but this time there was a lot of attention to the table, and the head waiter and the wine service were standouts. The head waiter was very personable and attentive but didn't hover like at a lot of other top restaurants we've been to lately. And both my wife and I thought that it was very cool to be served by our first female sommelier. This cute little gal was a big improvement over the last guy who looked like Oliver Hardy and was hard to understand, and she seemed to be having so much fun talking with us about each wine that we couldn't help but get caught up in it too. It makes it easier to drop that kind of money if the service is on the same level with the food. Oh and the dining room seems to have been redone recently. I can't exactly figure what's different but it seemed brighter and newer. I just wish they would block some of the noise from the bar. If you haven't been there or haven't been back in a while, it's a must-try.
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