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  1. I made a low-fat version of the Cinnamon Squares, ie no butter. I'll come back to report on whether it's any good or not--it's still very hot.
  2. Egg whites are just a personal preference for me. I feel like the overall taste is cleaner and the veggies have more pronounced flavor without the yolks- but thats just me... If you want to use yolks, I'd say scale back to one or two whole eggs. ← Thanks! I actually like egg whites alone much better, so it's just a question of what am I going to do with all the yolks.
  3. Apple Cakes I want to try but haven't: Torta di Mele Apple Cardamom Cake Gateaux au Pommes Crustless Apple Crumb Cake--uses 12 apples
  4. Do you use egg whites only for dietary reasons, or is it really better without yolks?
  5. Just because a cookie is flat doesn't mean that there's no leavening. ETA: It might mean the difference between a flat and dense cookie and a still-flat but lighter cookie. (Yes, I know this from experience.)
  6. miladyinsanity


    The powder is really great rubbed onto whole fish and fried. I'd say white-flesh fish, like mackerel. Yummy with coconut rice. I'll come back with the details of my mama's new dish tomorrow because I can't remember what's in it.
  7. I'm guessing, but I don't think it's meant to be eaten raw. I think it might be a winter melon, and us Chinese usually boil it to make soup.
  8. Well......... I have no idea what that is for one. Two, it was my first time making a mousse so I followed the recipe I had. So what is a pâte à bombe? ← Drizzling soft ball sugar syrup into whole eggs whilst whipping said eggs.
  9. miladyinsanity

    fresh peanuts

    Add to chicken soup with lotus root and red dates. You can use the dried ones for this too, but the fresh ones just need less time to cook.
  10. I'm thinking about making a tiramisu charlotte that looks like this one. Am I crazy?
  11. This just sucks. On top of not being able to make my birthday cake tomorrow, I can't even take part because I've relatives visiting, i'll hopefully be packing for my move to the UK and I'm sick and still not spending enough time on my feet to consider baking. Maybe I'll find a second wind or something.
  12. This isn't a creme brulee, but PH's Parisian Flan is a tart with a custard filling. I expect that you can flavor it the same way as a creme brulee (if that's what you want to do) just by infusing the milk before making the filling and baking it. You also mentioned puff pastry and raspberries and it reminded me of this.
  13. It thickens the custard in place of the usual yolks. I've only made one such recipe, and I concur with tan319 that it sets up too hard if you're using tools for the home kitchen. But I also think that it might be good to use when you want a purer flavor. According to the Medrich book I got the recipe from, it's the traditional way to make Sicilian gelato.
  14. Dorie Greenspan's Devil's Food Cake (recipe in Baking: From My Home To Yours) with an Alice Medrich glaze. The Cake (and believe me, this Cake deserves the Capital C) is fabulous. Doesn't really need the glaze, but it's the short boy's birthday cake, and birthday cakes must be gussied up some, right?
  15. Rose Apple. The good ones are very sweet, crunchy and juicy on their own, but I like them better dusted with sour plum powder.
  16. Can you make a bechamel with coconut milk alone? Another option is to cook the pasta first in coconut milk.
  17. Are you sure it's saffron? Isn't it turmeric? ← Hi May, that's what I would've thought, but the menu says (you can almost read it up there at the tippy-top) "gele saffraanrijst". I didn't see the rice 'til I got home so I couldn't ask my helpful server at that point. But yes, turmeric would make much more sense... ← Cheaper too! maybe comparable to curry in England? just thinking out loud... ← Kinda...but in my mind, Indian food has quite a high profile globally (you can find Indian food almost anywhere in America, and I've eaten it in several non-UK European countries), whereas Indonesian food is generally tough to find outside of Southeast Asia and the Netherlands. When I lived in Atlanta there was one Indonesian restaurant (in a city of 5 million people). And 50 Indian restaurants (not statistically accurate...therese or someone from Atlanta, help me out here ). ← Probably because there's an Indian diaspora, a Chinese diaspora, but I don't think there's an Indonesian diaspora.
  18. I keep it over night, but it may need thinning the next day. I remember reading that people have had success freezing cooked crepes flat, then reheating in a dry skillet, like you would a tortilla.
  19. Are you sure it's saffron? Isn't it turmeric?
  20. Nope, not yet made it and it's not my blog--though I'm flattered that you might think it is. I might make the frosting tomorrow, depending on how things turn out. Well, it says simmer the mixture for a minute or two (egg yolks and chocolate) until thickened, so I think it'd be the butter that's beaten in that'd be the worry?
  21. That's what I used during my period of crepe madness. I didn't want to use a frying pan because I couldn't swirl the batter around quickly enough one handed (plus my wrist would hurt after half a dozen), whereas with a wok, I could use both hands to swirl and got thinner crepes.
  22. I have no idea how shelf-stable this is but the egg yolks are cooked with the chocolate mixture. ETA: Just fixing the link.
  23. which isn't a good idea with hot caramel because then you burn the inside of your mouth... ← It's a vicious cycle. Because then you think "I'm never going to do this again"...but you do.
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