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  1. i have the meage a trois cookbook in my collection at home and i dare say its the only one by awt i will ever have.  looks good for the year to be honest.

    Wasn't that called 'the small and beautiful cookbook' ? or similar? It's a damn hard book to find nowadays and AWT hates people referring to him ever having written it.

  2. Does anyone remember the AWT place called Menage a Trois? I'm looking for any information I can find. So far via google I've discovered that it served only starters and puddings, and was Princess Diana's favourite gaff. Any info or recollections would be appreciated.

    There's a lot of info on it in this.

  3. So, given Belfast is 'less touristy' than Dublin - is it possible to get a good authentic Irish Stew - to be chased down by some excellent Guinness??

    Any tips would be appreciated.


    Try here. My hubby takes anyone who's visiting us there as he says the Guinness AND the stew's mighty fine. A guy was killed right outside their front door last week, but I wouldn't let it bother you, as they caught him. :shock:

  4. What method of divination do you use to you tell that a place has had it?

    When those who should know better on eGullet decide to create a whole thread dedicated to its potential demise? Good God, get out more. :rolleyes:

  5. Corrinne, and others have been helping here but the 4 men in the family keep getting in the way of plans, they have nothing to offer and not a clue.

    Here's what I need: Hotels? Jury's in Boston had a cool little resturant (actually had my grandfathers picure on the wall) so I'm thinking Jury's for both Dublin and Edinbourgh. Given the ages of my kids(21,15 and 12) on this trip I can do a few nights out with the hubby. In Edinbough, In Dublin..high end and good food. I've stopped counting at this point as how much this is going to cost...It's gonna be a good one...Anyone know of a B&B halfway between Dublin and Shannon? I have to have the kids do the tourist thing, but does this mean I have to starve? Or, please, not have really crappy tourist food. First trip was cheap, this one we're ready. I want to satisfy everyone this this trip, because I can see it'll b the last time we'll all be together (without wives, etc. )...save me.

    To get back to food..remember, Dublin and Edinbourgh.

    Jury's in Ireland is a hellish hotel chain. Not quite sure where Edinborough[sic] is, but if it's Scotland's capital you're referring to (and if they have a Jury's there) it'll undoubtedly be just as bad.

  6. Sterile and up itself could be an apt description of....a lot of posters on this site.

    :raz: Very good and very true! :laugh:

    David and I ate there just before Xmas last year and it was a truly memorable meal. No recollection of details, other than excellent food and service. Shame about it closing. :sad:

  7. Agree with postcode about the Bridgestone series - they are written in a style that is hard to take but unfortunately there is not much else around

    That too, but it's the way the guide is put together, the contributors and the underhand way the entries are decided upon. It's not how good, but how much you wish to contribute to your inclusion that makes a mockery of it and why it's far from classed as a credible guide in Ireland by its peers.

  8. A quick word for the couple on the table next to us, just because we asked how much the glass of Bollinger '97 that we were offered as an aperitif was doesn't mean that we shouldn't be eating here. If you do want to talk about us please try to be a little more discreet next time.

    How very English. :rolleyes:

  9. For me dinning in is the new dinning out.  Given that cooking is an all consuming passion for me, I'm often disappointed by 1 starred restaurants.  But 2 stars are a step up in price.  And mark-ups on wine - enopugh to give you a heart attack.

    I'd rather entertain friends at home than think about what time the last tube train is.

    If dinning in is the new dinning out, is dinning the new dining? :huh:

  10. Yeah, Emma I do agree with you. But What normally happens is that when these Young cooks move away, they stay away- With three notable exceptions, Niall at james street south, Brian at Shu and Derick at Deanes.

    As For More, Fair play to jason for taking the room on, And I'm glad he's doing well.

    Have you tried Molly's yard, Barry smith's new place?

    And I don't blame them for staying away! They'll undoubtedly learn more away from home than they'll learn here. And they'll earn a heap more cash doing so. As for Barry, has Oriel now closed as it was on the market? Where exactly is Molly's Yard?

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