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  1. Japas Bistro -- found the food very uninspiring compared to the lot available around every other street corner it seems. Hapa Izakaya - Does the tako wasabi here change everytime? It always seems slightly "different" each time I return. Richmond Night Market - Big mistake! Something about the bbl tea, worst stomacheache to my memory in years! Patisserie Lebeau - Excited to try this place out for the first time today.
  2. It's almost like the city set up the pilot for failure. I don't know why the stalls weren't up and running for the Olympics. Seems they missed out on the cash cow on that one. That said, has anyone posted reviews of any of the street vendors that are up and running?
  3. There is no our place for me in this city. That said, the place I've been frequenting is Guu Garden. There is such a relaxed vibe here which I don't find too often. It is a shame to find a good place and then it closes down before you return. All the best intentions aside, it is hard to commit to just one place when there are so many eateries to choose from.
  4. Thanks for sharing this find. I am still on the lookout for the most "authentic" version of ceviche in the city. Tough fare when you've tried the real thing.
  5. Oooh I'm anxious to check out the restaurant. Any specific date of the grand opening? I think I checked the restaurant website recently and the menu hadn't been added yet. If it is, any idea when the site will be "updated"?
  6. I've got to agree wholeheartedly with this. The Gingerbread Pudding is probably one of the BEST desserts in the city (and I eat dessert a lot). When I actually think back to the 2 times I've eaten there (the lamb shanks both times); I don't think I actually liked it. It was tender enough but I guess all the hype about made me wish it would convert me into appreciating shanks but alas it wasn't the case. Bias speaking; I don't like lamb shanks. Service was great both times and I filled out the "rate the experience" card and they sent me an email for a complimentary appy for my b-day. Only Chambar has done this as well.
  7. Kedah House Mr. Pickwick's Fish & Chips Urban Well Host's note: this discussion continues here: "Truth be told: Where've you eaten lately? (Part 3)"
  8. You're either talking about Bao Chao or Le Petit Saigon. I'm positive Le Petit is cash only, not positive about Bao Chao because I haven't been there in ages, my memory is fading.
  9. I went to C Restaurant tonight, reservations courtesy of OpenTable. I liked how someone from C actually called me to ask for confirmation, made me feel more relaxed that the reservations did in fact go through. I'm addicted to the nori scone bread they had. If I had my way, there would be a big basket of it right at my table. The other breads were ok but nothing special. I didn't drink any alcohol because I'm taking medication that I can't mix with alcohol soooooo instead I had one of thier non-alcoholic ones, I think it was called something breeze? or wave? Can't remember. It looked like this though. For appys, I chose the Ultra Rare Albacore Tuna Loin fresh coriander, crispy 'sauce'. My friend had the Porcini Mushroom and Yukon Gold Potato Soup smoked sablefish, creme fraiche, fennel pollen. I really enjoyed the albacore tuna, it went very well with the crispy "sauce". The soup on the otherhand, I wasn't too fond of. It was too mushroomy ( I do love mushrooms though) which is odd since I do like mushrooms.. maybe just not in soup. The soup didn't look so appetizing either. Since I was feening for oysters my friend and I also shared 6 oysters. These weren't so great (maybe because I had just gone to Joe Fortes less than a week ago and had some AWESOME, ORGASMIC INDUCING oysters. Well you get the picture. For the mains, I had the Trumpet Royal Mushroom Risotto sidestripe shrimp, spinach, lemon parmesan broth with the additional truffles. I didn't pass that up, while my friend had the Roasted Sun Valley Trout butternut squash, dungeness crab, scallion blackstrap molasses gastrique. How shall I describe the risotto? Wonderful? I am always iffy about trying risotto because very few places can cook it the way I like. The grains weren't soggy nor very hard, just perfect. The shrimp and lemon broth were simply delicious. I also loved the trout too. It was very light and smooth going down, very sweet. None of the "fish" taste that I was afraid would be present. Both the mains passed with flying colors. And then we have dessert, my favorite part of any meal (usually). I chose the Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon Mousse Cake white chocolate ice cream, dried cherry and my friend had the other option, Ginger and Brown Butter Financier caramel, pears, figs. My dessert was a perfect finale for my meal, not too rich just heavy enough to give me that satisfied full feeling. I would have liked another scoop of the white chocolate ice cream. Haha. I wasn't too fond of the other dessert though, I could taste ginger and I don't like ginger maybe thats why. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. Servers were quick and efficient, a very good first impression for me. I'm still quite disappointed about those oysters though, aside from that good job C Restaurant. No snotty attitude from a restaurant I expected see a lot of said attitude.
  10. I'm as carnivourous (sp?) as they come but I was pleasantly surprized when I checked out Habibi's located on 1128 W.Broadway. They serve Lebanese inspired vegetarian foods (I was told absolutely no meat was used by the servers). Habibi's It's a very tapas oriented cuisine but I'd recommend it.
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