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  1. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Hey DutchMuse, I totaly agree with your comment Genevive "type Genever" is so explosive in it's flavors compared to other genevers. It has the rite flavor profile, but very intense. I like it alot I think it is a fine American style Genever.
  2. Genever (Holland Gin)

    LOVING BOLS GENEVER! Thank you to the team at Bols for comming out with a great Genever for the international market! Bols Genever makes a great Sazerac variation!
  3. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Thanks for clarifying Dave, I love how one of the things you said does not mix with genever ( tonic) is exactly what they used to mix it with. And I totaly agree with you dry vermouth is not a very good friend to genever either. The mixing possibilities with genever is huge.
  4. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Thanks agian Philip, your the best! Enjoy that Genever!
  5. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Yes Damrak is not being imported since Remy sold Bols back to Bols WilliamGrant & Sons is the importer- distributor for thier liqueurs. I was told that William G&S. does not want to import Damrak because they don't want it to compete with thier Hendricks Gin which is pretty stupid considering that Damrak and Hendriks gin taste nothing alike ,look nothing alike, and are totaly different -you get my point. I am wondering who is doing the importing for Bols Genever I am guesing that that may be the same for the Damrak hopefully. I wonder what else Bols has up it's sleave Philip eluded to that in an earlier post. just wondering?
  6. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Ok so that article sucked I don't think Dave was represented apropiately considering how much he talked about Genever in "Imbibe" Nor was Audry it seems as though Florence Fabricant was fabricating what she wanted the article to sound like. Frist of all Tonic is a totally inapropriate mixer for Genever sould have been ginger ale or even coca cola ( which the Dutch like to drink it with)with a slice of orange. they should have sugested the fabulous sours and more about the cocktails that can be made with genever. It mixes well with curacao, creame de noyaux, absinthe, Jenever loves citrius juices, not to mention Vanilla simple syrup, drambuie, charturse, marachino, etc Plus the liqueurs that can be made with Jenever and rasins or even apricots. I am a Dutch American and am a big fan of Genever and I thought this article did not promote the spirit properly What part of Zuidam's Genever has very little odor the odor is very pronounced to me. I am not overly impresed by the Boomsma Genevers they don't really hit the mark as far as Genever goes. I do like Anchors Genevive it is very pungent and intense. I have about 25 genevers in my collection and love mixing with them. It is a very complex and diverse spirits group Im glad that people are getting to taste them in the US. Lets put on our creative mixing hats and come up with some great drinks!
  7. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Philip? what other interesting things are happening with Bols? that you can talk about since you are not working there any more.
  8. Genever (Holland Gin)

    I've been loving Genever in the Easter Sour style format. this comes from some Trader Vic book and from one of my Jeff Berry books the Trader Vic book names each sour after the base spirit used in it. so we can call this the Amsterdam sour? adabted from Trader Vic's the Eastern sour recepie Juice of 1/2 orange about 2 oz big oranges Juice of 1/2 lemon about 1oz. 2oz. Genever 1/4 oz orgeat 1/4 oz rich simple syrup /made with a vanilla bean. dash angostoura bitters tiny "and I mean tiny" dash of absinthe egg white if preferd but not nessisary shake serve in a large old fashoned w/ ice with orange slice cherry and sprig o' mint
  9. Genever (Holland Gin)

    I also heard that Zuidam will be launching a limited eddition Aged Genever around the holidays.
  10. Genever (Holland Gin)

    Philip can you confirm who will be doing the importing? Can't wait for the Genever should be great! I found out much to my chagrin that Bols Damrak Gin is no longer being imported. since Bols split from Remy Cointreau William Grant & Sons who was thier other importer says that they won't import Damrak because they don't want it to compete with thier Hendricks Gin which they own. This I don't understand considering that Hendricks and Bols Damrak taste nothing alike they are two totaly different beasts! thanx Kev
  11. Amer Picon & Torani Amer

    Yes, both Of my new bottles taste the same. They Came shrik wrapped which none of my other bottles ever did. including the other things I orderd. So th e Manufacturer must be Shrink Wrapping now. it is much closer to the original Picon. And much better that the way T.A. used to taste. It is so much easier to use in cocktails. Way Easier! There Is one more componet in Picon that I don't taste in Torani. I get a very slight but persistant fresh cool note. I have a a feeling it could come from a mint of some sort. I am in the prosses of investigating this.
  12. Amer Picon & Torani Amer

    OMG! The Torani Amer is differnet. In my oppinion it is WAY! better. It is true the Veggie Cellery note is gone and it is much more fresh bitter orange with light caramel and bitter herbs in the background. Crisp bitter cittusy and refreshng and not too sweet. It will be much more cocktail friendly from what I can see. I am comparing it to the old Torani Amer and the Old Amer Picon. It is definatley more like the original Picon. Not quite as full but it is heads and tails obove My older bottles of Torani Amer. Can't wait to try it in Picon punch tonight! It seems to be from the newest bottles I orderd mine from Wineglobe, they just got there new cases of Torani Amer about 4 days ago.
  13. Amer Picon & Torani Amer

    That is really interesting do you think Torani is improving thier formual! or was it an older bottle. I am also a Picon addict I have a lot to add to this thread but if Torani Amer has been improved I definately want to get some of that! OK california folks lets see what the rest of you think!
  14. Any one tried Salignac Congac VS? It is quite inexpesive and very nice for cocktail making. What is up whith Salignac? who imorts it? It seems to be a very old brand. They only seem to make a VS rite now. What do you all think? Love Planat VS and XO great value lovely cognac. I just find it so suprising that the major producers of cognac such as Hennesey, Remmy, and Curvoursier make infirior procuts compared to Planat, Masion Surrene, Camus, so on and so forth. People are bieng bamboosled by the name and not the flavor. And to top the whole thing off the cognacs of the smaller houses are cheaper!
  15. really like Villa Zarri Brandy 10 year. It is an Italian Brandy nice creamy woody facet to the background slightly different than a French brandy but very delightfull. makes great cocktails. distributed by Winebow in the east cost