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  1. Im hoping for some insight here... I am deciding between two events (I have reservations for both on the same night): Chef Grey at Nuances OR The Sooke Harbour house guys at Decca77. Both are 7 course menus with wine for the same price . We also have a reservation for Chef Lo at Lemeac earlier in the week. Any insight? Thanks!
  2. Anyone know where I can buy Jerusalem artichokes in mtl? Id like to make the club des chasse et peche scallops at home and the "fennel puree" is actually made with them and not fennel. Can anyone make sense of that for me?. check it out... http://www.leclubchasseetpeche.com/?cat=4 cheers
  3. I am looking to hire a personal chef for a night to create a gourmet meal for 5 guests at my house. I have a lot of cooking supplies, but the chef will likely have to bring some of his/her own too. We are all foodies and are looking for a chef with personality who wouldn't mind jazzing it up with us and talking about thier food when serving it. I live downtown and the chef's services will be needed on a weekend night some time this month. Thanks!
  4. Simple... Greasy spoon if you have nothing else to do that day but sit and watch tv with a smile on your face: Cosmos (5843 Sherbrook West of Decarie (NDG)) - have the creation sandwich or the mish mash omlet. Not so greasy, good for a scene and pretty creative (plus awsome smoothies) - L'Avenue (922 Avenue Mont Royal Est)
  5. Thanks so much! I'll make the calls asap. Mattyb
  6. I guess there are no Montreal Loster fans out there!
  7. Hey there, although I've been reading the forum for ages this is my first post. It's my moms 50th bday in a couple weeks and she is in LOVE with Lobster Fra Diavolo. We used to eat it when I was a kid at Bellini's restaurant and recently at Aldo restaurant on Mountain. Well, that place is closed now and I NEED to surprise her with Lobster Fra Diavolo dish! Can anyone reccomend a restaurant? Thanks!
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