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  1. chefdad


    where are you getting your barsol from? are u ordering it online or do you have a purveyor?
  2. chefdad


    you made a mistake by buying that Capel, it is from chile, therefore is not Pisco. its an agua ardiente. its made with lesser quality grapes and water is added at the end. it is also not from the town of Pisco where Pisco is from. do everyone a favor and put that crap down the drain. buy only real Pisco.
  3. chefdad

    Peeled Garlic

    use fresh garlic at home where if it takes u a little longer is not that big of a deal. but in a restaurant setting, where you shit tons of garlic, it makes a huge difference. Ive worked at both restaurants that use fresh and some that dont. normally you would order a sack of garlic heads and would have to assign someone to peel and prepare that sack. that costs money and time. buying prepeeled garlic solves this, and the quality is just as good, and if not, better than fresh garlic. is not a matter of laziness it just saves people money and time.
  4. I grew up in Peru, my Dad use to take us to dessert only places all the time, these are places that have been open for decades, and not in just one city but through out the country. so this is a concept that works. a dessert only restaurant is also in my to do list. what kind of desserts are you thinking of?
  5. kid is correct, it just means a young goat. avocado pear is funny, we call it palta. I dont know where the word "pear" came from.
  6. rules for a good ceviche: marinate fish for 5 minutes tops. you dont want to mask the freshness of the fish with over "cooking". its all about the fish. no tomatoes, or bell peppers or olive oil or coconut milk. the simpler the better. no freaking tortillas, this is not mexican food for gods sake. if you have saltine crackers please crush them and throw them out. you can lightly cook crustaceans, but vivalves are left raw and if to big sliced thinly. eat with your favorite beer or inka cola people in the states dont really know what a true ceviche is yet, but help is coming, do not worry
  7. he is opening the one in Sao Paolo, just visit his facebook page, he posts pictures of all his new venues on there. He is also opening Tanta in Dallas. I envy the guy, as a Peruvian chef myself, I can not wait to be where he is at.
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