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  1. And apparently soon on Cambie around 12th. Isn't that your neck of the woods Arne?
  2. Very cool graphics, new owner has some cash to make the changes and cash is king. I guess they opened up another Kolachy Co. at one of the Bentall Buildings. May have to take the walk up from Metro for one. Last week they had a "hot wings" kolachy with chicken, blue cheese and hot sauce...was awesome. Keith, enjoy Vietnam, when you back home?
  3. Stopped in at the Kolachy Shop today. It has undergone a renovation and there were some significant changes. I got there late and all they had left were the BBQ Beef....perfect as it was what I was going to order anyhow. No more kolachy's on a shelf and then microwaved. These came out of a steam drawer and even after a 5 minute drive home they were piping hot inside and the outside was soft. Tasted like it had come right out of the oven. Brilliant change. Looks like the new owner spent some money to improve the product and it tasted like it. It had been way to long since I got my kolachy fix and now I am craving another one.
  4. Neil, I checked out your link and didn't see your menu listed for the City Dine event...or maybe I missed it. It looks like the hubby is going to be in Vancouver around that time again and I'm hoping I'll be joining him and we'll be making our trek to HSG as per usual. ← My menu has been submitted, but is not live as of yet.................as I was late. Anyways, we have some old favourites on there as well as some mussels, featuring HKDave's fabulous Chorizo sausage, and of course, the gingerbread pudding. ← Chorizo AND gingerbread pudding? Oh God, so much for my low cholestrol diet. When is your menu going live on the website? I may have to stop in for a late dinner and get my fix during the event. I noticed that this year Open Table was not partnered up with City Dine after we signed up Rare and Metro. I wonder if that will contribute to lower numbers or just more phone calls. The participating restaurants look good this year and I am hoping to try some of them if I can get away for a night.
  5. TimK


    Jason you are correct on cooking techniques for lean meat.
  6. TimK


    I have to admit that i saw the posting that you were coming in for your wife's birthday and made a note in Open Table. Busted.
  7. We are also doing City Dine at both Rare and Metro. Last year I belive close to $9000 was raised for the Canadian Association of Food Banks. It is a great event and 3 courses are only $35. I belive the website goes live the first week of August for menus and participating restaurants.
  8. Those pictures were pure torture. Arne, very creative use of the file holder. Will have to use that this summer when I do a little BBQ'ing down south at my mom's place. Brilliant. I am making sure that I am available next year or is there a repeat event coming soon?
  9. My stomach is growling right now. Why oh why did I pass up on this event? And what hat did Arne wear?
  10. Restaurant of the Year= West. Runner up Lumiere Best New Fine Dining= Gastropod. Runner up Rare. Chef of the Year= Scott Jaeger. Design went to Gastropod and Salt Tasting Bar. Best New Informal= Salt. Best Bar/Lounge= Bacchus. Runner up George. Bartneder of the Year= Nick Devine of George. Those are some of the top categories that I recall. I cant find my issue from my gift bag. Was a great afternoon. Gloria Macarenko and Michael Eckford were great MC's and had the crowd laughing for most of the well paced 2 hour event. Looking forward to next year already.
  11. any of the casual dining places in town will have TV's showing the NCAA if you ask. Earl's, Brown's in Yaletown. On Robson Street there is a new place called '72. There are flat screens at every booth so you are sure to get the games you want to watch. Recent reviews were favourable. It is on the north side of Robson in the 1000 block. I hope this helps. Go Razorbacks and go Canucks.
  12. TimK


    I heard it was over which was the better Kolachy, the chicken club or the reuben.
  13. TimK


    She is a great addition to Rare, we are very pleased to have her onboard.
  14. I am a fan of Cassis. The last time I dined there I enjoyed the coq au vin AND the beef bourgogne. Oh yeah and the gratin of potato and a side of the cauliflower gratin. And a french onion soup and a lemon tart. Packed up what i couldnt finish and enjoyed it the next day for lunch. With a whisky and a glass of wine it was about $80. I found it very good value. Service was friendly and very accomodating. I am looking forward to my next visit.
  15. TimK


    How is Winterlicious percieved in Toronto? Here in Vancouver we have Dine Out which runs from January 19th to February 4th. It has mixed reviews from some who think it is a cattle call and stay away from it and others who embrace it and try as many restaurants as possible. I am just wondering what the overall consensus is and would like to compare it to what we are doing on the West Coast.
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