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  1. Thanks for your answers and i sorry for the time. I have contact several people Arte, El Bulli, Fat Duck, Productions company, Arte, my friends in France. But Bague 25, your my savior!!! Tell me your price !!! ??? If possible send me a email. For me, it's important beacause i organize in 2006 3 workshop about "Gastronomy and Science". Thanks again,
  2. Hello, I'm from Montreal (canada), i organize the workshop in "Gastronomy and Science " with guest Chef around the world. A friend of me from Montpellier tell me that Arte TV realized a documentary about Pierre Gagnaire, Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal in december 2005 (three parts). But it's impossible for Arte to sell to me a copy. I would like to know if a person here seen the documentary and maybe have a copy ? Thanks and sorry for my english,
  3. Dear Pedro, Excellent interview. I watch intensively the Chefs of spain and i discover with Santamaria an innovators with a different philosophy and style than Ferran Adria or others "Molecular" Chefs. Thanks!
  4. Hi Ian and Vinfidel, Excellent list, but i add the Wine bar like Bu and Pullman (great glass wine and tapas). For the Bistro, Express and Lemeac are good, but the clients at Lemeac are different, older and "very important people"! For Lemeac, i suggest to eat the Salmon Pot-au-Feu. Equally Les Chevres/Le Chou on Van Horn street, great cuisine and the best pastry cook at Montreal, Patrice Demers. And, don't forget Anis on Laurier street with Racha Bassoul, an innovators in a Cuisine. For Quebec city, i suggest Laurie Raphael (Daniel Vézina), it's the "Normand Laprise " at Quebec city. New restaurant, L'Utopie on St-Joseph street (best new restaurant in Quebec city)or L'initiale, great french cuisine. Others, but more straight: Graffitti (Cartier street), Aviatic Club and Cosmos/Chez Maurice for the ladies. Too, the new best hotel in Canada, Auberge Saint-Antoine and don't forget Le Dominion. The Old Port at Quebec city is the best place: Laurie Raphael, Saint-Antoine, Dominion, L'échaudé, L'initiale, Moss, Chez Belley's, Aviatic Club. (For Vindifel), the guy from the Laurentides is Francois Brouillard. I hope to help you,
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