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  1. Being a cook in the restaurant business, I think things like an over- or undercooked steak and not having a fork are perfectly acceptable things to "bother" a server with, the only thing to remember is to be polite and considerately understand that the server has lots of other people to please and she will get to you when she can, if you do that, and she still gives you attitude... I think its also the customers responsibility to tell the server when things aren't up to par, in a busy restaurant I wouldn't expect the server to just notice things like that.
  2. You have a point. Do you know if they promptly took it off the shelves or not?
  3. What did you expect them to say? "We don't give a crap about wholesome foods, but because you complained, we'll take it off the shelves." There's a reason they have lawyers and publicity people write this stuff out. they realize you are a disgruntled customer, and they want to assure you that they are doing their best, they WANT you to continue to shop at their store.
  4. oh my god, how can you choose between so many tasty options??? i would have to add crispy braised pork belly, and i would confit my duck legs, but i'm not that picky
  5. braised lamb cooked rare.... Veal scallopini rare.... as for the lady that ordered the braised lamb rare, i can kinda understand, because there is a local restaurant nearby that describes their grilled beef tenderloin and their seared lamb rack as "braised", but yet, when I ordered it, it was very nicely cooked to medium rare. is this some sort of defenition of "braised" that i didnt learn in culinary school?
  6. does anybody know REALLY how much fat you are foregoing when you choose bscbs over the thighs?? chicken always struck me as pretty low fat to begin with if you trim it. I personally use thighs (bone in and out) for just about every chicken recipe i come across. (i figure the millions of chickens in America that are slaughtered mainly for the breast need some help getting rid of their legs) also, dont they breed chickens to have big boobies and little itty bitty legs, much like supermodels?
  7. I have seen "braised" Beef tenderloin on a couple menus, and always been a bit curious to see what they mean... doesnt seem like the best cut of meat to braise, but who am I to judge....
  8. I have to say c, but with anything, i would try it once
  9. There is really nothing more painful then a burn.. I think I would take three cuts to a bad burn.. Like those kids in high school that cut themselves.. EH, I am not impressed.. Show me a burner, now thats a bad ass... Those freaking pulses of pain, what is that.. OMG, whiskey is the only thing.. Ice pretends to be your friend, but coming off it is twice as worse.. ← i gotta disagree on that one, i would rather get a burn than a cut, because when im working on a busy line on a friday night, the last thing i want to have to do is run to the first aid kit, a burn i can deal with until closing, you cant really do that with a cut.
  10. I got the japanese mandoline, the safety guard is "watch your fingers" printed on the front
  11. Definetely the mandoline, once got six parallel cuts on my palm, one every quarter inch from julienning sweet potato, not fun...
  12. I keep my knives far too sharp for a flimsy piece of nail to stop it, just recently cut off half of my thumbnail along with a sizeable hunk of flesh, one of many I'm afraid. Never said I was coordinated...
  13. I gotta agree on the forchner, i have a 10 in forchner chefs knife that stays sharp with minimal work, also, look for diamond sharpening stones, in my experience, they are far superior.
  14. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a restaurant where i live that sells russian dumplings, the menu is .. "meat" - $5 "potato" - $5 served with bread, seasoning salt, hot sauce and sour cream, perfect after-bar food
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