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  1. call steve mannino at olives tell him slydini sent you great chef and great space
  2. amazing pies been eating them fro years especially around holiday time their pecan pie is great also
  3. I live in bergen county new jersey-own a caja china pig roasting box-looking for a great butcher that sells fresh whole pigs for bbq
  4. Gee-I felt out of place not wearing a suit from Pasquale clothing when I dined at Sanzari's New Bridge Inn on Saturaday eve. Very impressive face lift (to the building not the clientele) but it still is New Jersey meets the new upscale chain restaurants like Mortons. We get shown to our table for four and it is right by the bar and there is an empty table for 4 in the corner and I ask if we can have it-"sorry that is for 6 and we have a reservation coming in and we will flip up the sides-no biggie-5 minutes later 4 people get seated at it." My wife always orders a seafood salad and linguine with white clam sauce when she first goes to an Italian restaurant-the true tell. I ordered the Zuppa di Pesce all Marechiara and New Bridge Copped Salad. Our friends ordered the exact same thing. Chopped salad was good with creamy blue on the side and a bowl of blue cheese to sprinkle. Seafood salad-nice size portion-fish was a little stanky-could have used more lemon-olive oil. Linguine with clam sauce-nice portion-but lacked spice and flavor-but the pasta was cooked just right. The Zuppa dei Pesce is a very large portion/great presentation but again lacked flavor/zing/mouth feel. The chef needs a lesson in garlic/pepper/onions spice-maybe he is trying to be bland for all the bland NJ mouths but this big mouth wants more spice. For dessert we had Profiteroles-average too soggy and squishey. Being the low life that I can sometimes be I ordered the Tartufo-same as it always is but I love it the same way I love a Dairy Queen cone dipped in chocolate. Yes I will go back to try the meat side of the menu- but it is not a destination point-and when the posers wear out their welcome at Harvest we will dine with all the Bergen County wise guys again.
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