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  1. Tsk, he is from Meath like myself. We tend to get in a huff when Dubs claims Meath people for themselves. I missed the start of tonights episode but I believe he said that his family is from the North. They are obviously using the same system on the TV show that we use to select people for our national football team.
  2. We ate in The Tannery last year. One of the top five meals I've ever had. Great service, incredible food and they now have accomodation.
  3. Wow. That describes it perfectly. I hope these initial baby steps put us on the road to achieving that.
  4. Hi, The topic I posted was actually kicked off on the structuredblogging.org web-site recently by someone else wondering if anyone was looking at using recipeML in this context. The structured blogging people (like Marc Canter) work very closely with the microformat advocates like Tantek. All are agreed on the microformat idea but they do disagree on some of the implementation issues. I really appreciate you pointing out the page on the wiki. I've been reading tons of that web-site over the past two weeks and somehow (along with everyone else involved in the recipeML discussion) managed to co
  5. In retrospect I should have suggested an initial idea and then asked for people to improve on it. I would genuinely appreciate any comments that recipe writers or users might have on the format below. Here are my initial thoughts for "fields" that might be useful in a recipe. My starting point is the RecipeML spec plus fields from Gourmet Recipe Manager and anything else that popped into my head. From The RecipeML Spec (renamed for clarity): Title Measurement System (U.S., Imperial etc) Creator (Person) Source (Book Title etc) Date (Of Creation or Publication) Rights (Copyright or other) Summa
  6. This post is mainly a copy of a blog entry I did on my blog at Conor's Bandon Blog I am re-posting here in order to expand the potential number of feedback contributors. I would appreciate feedback on this in this forum (and if you have the time, on my blog too). >>>>>>>> A discussion had started on the structured blogging mailing list about creating a format for structured recipes. The idea here is that all those people who publish recipes on their blogs would hopefully move to using a common format which provides structure where appropriate but still allows for each p
  7. Ballotine of Chicken I think. I skip the first 5 minutes of every episode which is the same every day (good old Sky+) and do actually enjoy it until the decision making when I turn into many of the other forum members here and start shouting at the tv.
  8. There is a good page here on Irish Farmers Markets:Farmer's Markets in IrelandThe information all looks accurate but it is missing Clonakilty's second market on a Saturday which unfortunately does very little food.The most recent changes in Cork are:Kinsale - Just started. Every Tuesday 9.30am to 1.30amBandon - starting April 1st. Will be on Saturday mornings in the Mace Carpark. More details when I attend the first one.
  9. For those who did not see the program, I think maybe the "gore" is being over-stated slightly. What I saw was one of the finest, most honest bits of TV in a long time. They showed Jamie being given a knife but unwilling to do the deed. One of the family took his hand and pressed it down on the sheeps neck. The camera then focused on the obvious mental torture Jamie was going through and then cut back (pun intentional) to a dead sheep with a small amount of blood on the grass. The scene then shifted to the sheep hanging by its legs and the men cutting off the fleece/skin. It showed a kids pad
  10. I'd also be interested in hearing about recommendations in Killarney. We are going to a wedding there on Saturday and need somewhere to eat on Sunday. Most of the good places there which are listed in Georgina Campbell's guide are closed on Sundays. I was a bit shocked by how short the list of good restaurants in Killarney was. I had assumed the volume of visitors would result in more. The rest must be targetting the bus-load of tourist end of the market.
  11. Hi, You'll be bankrupt after Guilbaud's! In Cork, we have a ton of great restaurants. Les Gourmandises is mid-priced and does excellent French food. It would make an interesting comparison to Guilbaud's which I found obsequious, overly-formal and not sufficiently better than other places to deserve it's stars. Jacob's On The Mall is a bit pricey but really excellent. The Ivory Tower is nuts but some love it. Isaac's gets good mentions and Cafe Paradiso is thought by many to be the best veggie restaurant in the British Isles. Are you limiting yourself to Cork city? There are some fabulous res
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