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  1. Greetings, I work at the Rabbit hill inn and I live 47 miles away and i am looking for a place to dine at on my 12th Anniversary. We live in Wolcott it is due east of St. J. I could ask the Inn keepers but I want a public view. We really do not get out IE. my self & Inkeepers. It would be nice if anyone has a idea of something around St. J. Thanks Matthew
  2. Greetings, I work in St. J and travel to this region to work and I am looking to move in the area soon. I do cook for a living and I do not want to eat at the Rabbit hill Inn because that is my place of employment. Are there other restaurants within 25 miles that are nice to take my wife for our 12th Anniversary in two weeks. Thanks, Philosophy
  3. Chef Jay Cox at the Morrison House was one of my CIA kids when I was at The Ryland Inn a few years ago. I am sure his cuisine is refined. I have not dined there yet but I m sure that his heart goes into his cuisine. They do have a nice lunch I was told.
  4. Marc Fernandez the maitre d’hotel at The Inn at Erlowest was laid off the other day. This man became the heart and soul of the dining room after Crystal & Matthew Secich left this fall. They brought him from France to work with them. Marc has worked at Daniel and Payard in NYC. Among the eight or so Relais & Chateaux’s where he has worked, he also worked at The Inn at Little Washington and that is where he met Crystal & Matthew Secich. Does any one know if the restaurant is going out of business? If the key people that made The Inn at Erlowest special are gone what will come of it?
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