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  1. Too bad you didn't get any answers as I would have loved to hear what is happening there now. My mom grew up in Carney's Point (as did Bruce Willis) and we drove down to see my grandmother regularly in the 50's and 60's. It was a VERY small town then and the highlight for me was the corner store which had TastyCakes, which were not available in northern NJ. The fanciest resturant was at the Colonial Motel right by the last exit on the Turnpike. Sometimes we drove somewhere up by Salem to a restaurant in what looked like an old house out in the middle of the fields. All I remember is the awesome coleslaw.
  2. I will be traveling to Boston this weekend to visit colleges with my son. Any suggestions for good but inexpensive food would be welcome. He loves Mexican, hates seafood, but I would like to get some chowder or fried clams if possible.
  3. Tell me more about the bridal tastings I'm planning my wedding tto, Dana
  4. It was this or the Garlic Festival in Saugerties. We went for the garlic! It was a gorgeous ride up the Thruway, only $5 to get in and we were stuffed with all the samples. If we hadn't been though, the food vender selection was awesome. Name it and they had it with garlic(even Ben & Jerry's had garlic waffle cones). There were also farmers with fresh produce. Crowded by not annoyingly so. We tasted several different varieties of garlic served in different ways(raw and roasted and pickled) plus sauces and dips and cheese and on and on. I learned more about garlic than I ever thought I would, even how to braid the stems together and was amazed at the number of small garlic farms in the Hudson Valley. Plus several stages with live music and other entertainment, cooking demos and garlic lectures. We ended up buying 5 lbs. of garlic (big fresh heads)and a bottle of garlic vinegar-yum. The ride down 9W was leisurely and we had a wonderful late lunch in Marlborough at a hidden gem called the Racoon Saloon. Great place looking out over a gorge with a waterfall and the Hudson. I started with a cup of delicious butternut squash soup. I don't usually order burgers but this was one awesome burger and they actually cooked it rare! Just the way I like it. The Cheese Festival sounded good, but I'm glad we chose the garlic.
  5. I've been out of the loop for a bit and will be in Montclair on Sunday and would like to find some great food at lunch time.I've been raving about Montclair to my friend who just moved to the area, but realized I have only been there for dinner. I'm not really picky about what kind of cuisine, as long as it's great food (and not really expensive; I'm not paying.) Dana
  6. We happened on Plantation in Harvey Cedars when looking for a nice dinner with more vegetarian options than just pasta. It's where the Owl Tree used to be and owned by the same people as Daddy-O's. It was fantastic. Great atmosphere great food and we were especially impressed by the servers. Very well trained and friendly. So my friend is vegetarian and they have an entire menu of vegetarian and gluten-free options. And they were wonderful. Ended up having lunch AND dinner there.
  7. I've heard good things about Pourqoui Pas? right in the middle of town, I've wanted to try it but never have. I actually like It's Greek To Me - a chain , but great fresh Greek food. Also there's a Japenese restaurant behind there that a friend told me is good....
  8. Also the Breezy Point Inn on the other side of Greenwood Lake. I seem to remember a Sports Bar in Carlstadt or Woodridge that had a nice bar out back.... In Suffern, Cafe Dolci's outdoor cafe is nice...
  9. This was our favorite place when we lived up that way. Not cheap, as I remember , but a great selection. SOme people go for the snow crab alone and my boys and their friends were big fans of the sushi and grill items. i agree - Grand Buffet in Ramsey in getting old with not much variety. Cheap though and there's always a coupon to be found somewhere. A bonus with teenagers. What about that place by WIllowbrook Mall (though it's probably under water right now)? People used to rave about it and we went about 2 years ago. I remember it was quite good, though the sushi was not replenished often .The place was so large that a walk back to the food was long and being in another room we couldn't see when they put out more sushi, so it was gone whenever we went to check!
  10. My current favorite is Koto in Suffern, just a hop over the border, up Franklin Tpk. from Mahwah. Fresh fish, nice atmosphere. friendly staff, good selection. Start with a bowl of edamame and order the live scallop. I also had a nice lunch at Tomo on Route 17 in Ramsey, but have only been there once and just ordered standard stuff.
  11. THis thread hasn't been active in a while and I am looking for a good THai restaurant in the Ridgewood/Wyckoff area. Is RIdge THai still there and is it good?
  12. Unfortunately that was the impression I got from their website. Thanks, Tommy. Any suggestions? We are looking for casual, nice atmosphere, low noise level so we can talk and bar (not BYO). It should be along the 17 corridor from above Paramus to Suffern, I guess. Not too far off since he doesn't know the area. Brady's in Ramsey? Roxanne's in Mahwah? It'll be on a weeknight. Dana
  13. A friend suggested meeting here for dinner next week. There is only one post (chefdavidrusso) from 2 years ago. I seem to remember someone from egullet recomending this place, but I can't remember much else. Can anyone give some idea of the place at dinner time? Thanks, Dana
  14. are you regulars at any local restaurants? i bet if you ask the chef if your son can spend a day in the kitchen as a birthday present or whatever you'll get a 'yes'. in my experience chefs get perverse amusement out of throwing an outsider into the kitchen for a 12 hour shift. then again that'll probably turn your son off of cooking forever. ← Actually, the chef where I work let him come in for a day. When I saw him washing dishes and peeling 200 bananas, I also thought this might turn him off his goal. But, no, he had a great time. so, he's not afraid of work. And he will be working at a friend's restaurant next summer. But I was thinking of somewhere he could do the "fun" stuff and learn some kitchen basics. ICE has some good "recreational" courses but I don't really want to have to truck him into the city.
  15. Anything suitable for an almost 16 y.o. aspiring chef? My youngest's goals include attending the CIA and I'd like to get him started with something besides what Mom has to offer. No kiddie stuff, but some classes have age cutoffs. Dana
  16. [Great! Iwas a member of that group (I may still be) but there were few meetings and most were in the Montclair area. Those of us in NorthernNorthern NJ usually miss out.....SO glad to see this is being taken over by someone who is also interested in good food. Dana
  17. [Great! Iwas a member of that group (I may still be) but there were few meetings and most were in the Montclair area. Those of us in NorthernNorthern NJ usually miss out.....SO glad to see this is being taken over by someone who is also interested in good food. Dana
  18. My kids have been to a couple at the Westmont Country club in W. Paterson/Totowa and had a great time. Also Seasons. but I don't know how big it is.
  19. I did mention the minivan full of teenagers, right? I'd let you know a time to meet us but I don't know when they'll be done throwing...er, picking apples. Actually, we were going to CIA to let Eric get a look at the campus, but they are closed today. Guess we'll have to plan another trip. Never too much great Q.
  20. I'm heading up tomorrow with a minivan full of teenagers. We are going apple picking in the area and I can' think of a better way to end the day. I have been telling my kids about this place since I went with Tracey and Karl last year and we are finally finding an excuse to go ( originally my vegetarian best friend was going and we would have had to make other lunch plans! lol!). Can't wait! Dana
  21. And they willl do special requests, which again is attractive to parents whose kids can often be picky. VEry kid friendly.
  22. I believe this is what is called merliton in New Orleans, so check some cajun/Creole recipes or just google merliton/ Dana
  23. Dana329


    I saw Giada DeLaurentis on the Today show and she halved the figs, spread them with goat cheese, wrapped them in proscuitto and ran them under the broiler. I have been thinking about them ever since. So simple, but I can taste the flavors in my mind!
  24. Wasn't there a Jade Fountain on 17 in Paramus at one time? And Chan's on Rt. 4!!! I remember going there with a large group of friends not that long ago, and having a terrific time (those drinks sure helped). And there was a place in Closter my parents used to take us to- Who can forget that pink gel that kept the PuPu Platter warm..... Dana
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