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  1. Thank you for the great pics, they are very informative and inspiring. I understand what you are saying about the wet doughs, and will try to use your percentages for a dough to work with. Your time is appreciated, hopefully my prof/chef will have some experience with this type of work. I'll try to remember to bring a digital camera to class, just in case! Thanks again, Shawn <><
  2. I understand that typically this is done only for decor, but could you make a good crusty artisan bread wth this type of display? I am in an Advanced Yeast Class and would like to work on this type of project next week, any ideas? We have free range for this class and are encouraged to work on any new and challenging areas. Formulas are welcome, pictures even more! Thanks for bringing this topic up! Baking and Pastry Student- Shawn <><
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