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  1. I do this all the time. I don't like to add oil to cakes because I don't think it adds any flavor ( moistness yes). But if you have a great recipe, make sure your ingredients( eggs, milk, butter) are room temp and your oven is callibrated it shouldn't be a problem. I replace it depending on the recipe by butter, apple sauce or coconut oil.Hope this helps!
  2. I used to be on this forum lmost everyday years ago then live got crazy busy after 2 more kids and I stopped visiting egullet This is where I heard of Trader Joe's. Fast forward to about a year ago they opened their first location in houston (We have 2 now) Both locations are about 25 min away. Living in Houston we have a variety of great grocey stores, Central market and HEB being my favoties. I love T Trader Joe's because of their quality, affordability and the size of the store. I shop their once a month for certain products . Here is my list: Coffee, great coffee and affordable price, Olive oil, Baking chocolate, they have great pastas, their produce, for this I wish I live closer because they're organic produce for better price than the leading grocey chain. I coudn't figure out how to post a pic.
  3. Such an elegant display ...btw my mouth is watering looking at the caramels( my weakness)
  4. sorry for being very late with my reply. Yes, koffiemelk is evaporated milk. if you see something labelled koffieroom, know that it's not the same as koffiemelk (and not evaporated). ← I was trying figure that one out myself because i loved my coffee with friesse vlag in holland .I tried a lot of different brands of evaporated milk in my coffee but they're not the same here. There is a little dutch store i discovered not too far from here so i have to try them. They're a lot of dutch here in houston to my (happy) surprise .
  5. Thanks klary, that exactly what i am planning on making.
  6. Hey Klary Is there another word for sugarchips and can you buy it at albert hein? My mom is coming next weekend so i can get some ingredients that 's hard to find or is not available here in houston at all. Ashiana
  7. I have made the apple spice bars twice in about two weeks and i love it. I don't know because i am pregnant that makes these taste better or a combination of my love for apple and cinnamon. The one thing i changed was using browned butter to deeepen the flavor . To my surprise these were not very popular for the group of people i baked it for (twice). I really do think it had a lot to do with most of these people love overly sugary sweets while i am the opposite.And no compaints here cause i was very happy with the leftovers. While my husband and son liked these a lot they absolutely loved the chocolate cinnamon bars.
  8. And how come i wasn't invited to this:))) I am glad to see surinamese food getting some recognition. I wanna eat some pom now.......drool !!!
  9. Down here in Florida, we have Checkers, which is part of Rally's I belive. Good batter dipped crunchy fries. Yummy! ← OOOOhhhhhh i love checkers fries and a big cup of their milkshakes!!!!!! Everytime we are down there we have to stop and get them . I used to go to school in baytown and saw and old checkers so i was hoping they would have them ...no such luck. They do sell them frozen at walmart .Is probably the only frozen prepackaged food you'll find in our freezer.We dip it in peanut sambal hmmmmmmm. Of course the best frieten (fries) i had was in holland.
  10. Oh i can believe i forgot to write about this place. Great place!!!!!! Great gelato and trufffles. I tried the blood orange chocolate gelato and it was amazing .We also tried some of thie truffles my absolute favorite was the chipotle one hmmm. Check out this place if you haven't. Thanks for telling us about it Morgan! Ashiana
  11. We past by there a couple of weeks ago and i thought they went out of business. Glad to hear they're still open , we'll head there one of these days. Do they sell pastries if so are they good?
  12. Thank you all for your reply! I went ahead and ordered locally (hopson's) and we are very pleased with it . I am gonna try some of the other ones during the rest of the winter. Has any one tried http://www.bocajava.com/. It popped up in my email......
  13. Anyone know of a website that sells great coffee. I am in houston and used to buy from cafe maison but i thiunk they went out of bussiness ( Thanks
  14. Wow!! Klary and Abra this is an amazing blog!! Great food, great friendship and beautiful place....I am so envious of both of you. AShiana
  15. kaneel

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    What is cornball?That actually looks good to me:)I love corn do you have a recipe?
  16. Is anyone familiar with this type of icing? Can you decorate a cake with it? Or is it basically 7 minute frosting? I appreciate any input!! Thanks
  17. The one that is on the top of my list to try is from baking from my home to yours. Do you need a perfectly decorated cake that says "happy birthday" or so or a pastry like cake as it is called . I made cake pineapple cake a while back that had layers of genoise brushed with simple syrup (some kind of alcohol in it sorry i forgot which one) and roasted pinapple folded into imbc as a filling.....it was amazing.
  18. Condensed milk straight from the fridge........what's leftover ofcourse!
  19. This is one of the reason why i love egullet!!!!
  20. Kathleen i have enjoyed your blog very much. I was in barcelona last month and i fell in love with the city. I told my husband i want to move to spain. I loved the relaxed and laid back lifestyle. It is hard to get back to the american lifestyle working working and more working. I don't know if Madrid is anything like Barcelona ,I am sure you get to travel alot with your singing carrier .
  21. We have been to The Woodlands' Farmers Market at Market Street and The Woodlands' Farmers Market at Market Street. There isn't much at the second one......The first was a little better ofcourse there is t'afia there and the breakfast club. Ashiana
  22. Mark i am really enjoying this blog from Breda !! No offense to other americans but i think u must be one of the few ones that know so much about Suriname. This is such a coincedence when i saw this pic i had to respond. Back in january i went to suriname......I went to visit my deceased grandparents house(in domburg) where my aunt and uncle live now. It's changed alot sice it's been 11 years since i was there. They build that pom taya company there and my aunt works there. I forgot but she did tell me they export it to holland.I need to get me some. I am visiting my mom and brother here in breda for the first time . We also went to the Kwakoe festival on 15th of july and had some great bamie met kip . I am in amsterdam on friday ...i would love to meet u and klary if possible Ashiana
  23. kaneel

    Unripe mangoes

    Pickle them !!!
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